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Medieval Economic Thought

Author : Diana Wood
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This book is an introduction to medieval economic thought, mainly from the twelfth to the fifteenth centuries, as it emerges from the works of academic theologians and lawyers and other sources - from Italian merchants' writings to vernacular poetry, Parliamentary legislation, and manorial court rolls. It raises a number of questions based on the Aristotelian idea of the mean, the balance and harmony underlying justice, as applied by medieval thinkers to the changing economy. How could private ownership of property be reconciled with God's gift of the earth to all in common? How could charity balance resources between rich and poor? What was money? What were the just price and the just wage? How was a balance to be achieved between lender and borrower and how did the idea of usury change to reflect this? The answers emerge from a wide variety of ecclesiastical and secular sources.

Ancient and Medieval Economic Ideas and Concepts of Social Justice

Author : S. Todd Lowry
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13 scholars contribute to this survey of past discussions of the workings of economic structures and of justice in interpersonal relations, cultural institutions and the social order. They investigate the sources in each historic period from the world of the Old Testament and the ancient Greeks through to Spanish scholasticism and its offshoots in the Spanish Americas of the 18th century and relate the ideas of writers from the past to modern discussions.

The Contained Economy

Author : Werner Stark
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Medieval Islamic Economic Thought

Author : S.M. Ghazanfar
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This book is a collection of papers on the origins of economic thought discovered in the writings of some prominent Islamic scholars, during the five centuries prior to the Latin Scholastics, who include St. Thomas Aquinas. This period of time was labelled by Joseph Schumpeter as representing the 'great gap' in economic history. Unfortunately, this 'gap' is well embedded in most relevant literature. However, during this period the Islamic civilization was one of the most fertile grounds for intellectual developments in various disciplines, including economics, and this book attempts to fill that blind-spot in the history of economic thought.

Business Banking and Economic Thought in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe

Author : Raymond De Roover
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Founders of American Economic Thought and Policy

Author : Virgle Glenn Wilhite
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History of Economic Thought Newsletter

Author :
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History of Economic Thought

Author : Shri Krishna Srivastava
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Landmarks of Economic Thought

Author : John Maxwell Ferguson
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An Austrian Perspective on the History of Economic Thought Economic thought before Adam Smith

Author : Murray Newton Rothbard
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This is a treatment, from a modern Austrian perspective, of the history of economic thought up to Adam Smith, and as such takes into account the profound influence of religious, social and political thought upon economics.

A Social and Economic History of Medieval Europe

Author : Gerald Augustus John Hodgett
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This excellent summary of the social and economic history of Europe in the Middle Ages examines the changing patterns and developments that took place between the fall of the Roman Empire and the discovery of the New World.

American Economic Thought in the Seventeenth Century

Author : Edgar Augustus Jerome Johnson
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A History of Economic Thought

Author : John Fred Bell
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The History Development of Economic Thought

Author : Gurmukh Ram Madan
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Money Commerce and Economics in Late Medieval English Literature

Author : Craig E. Bertolet
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This is the first collection of essays dedicated to the topics of money and economics in the English literature of the late Middle Ages. These essays explore ways that late medieval economic thought informs contemporary English texts and apply modern modes of economic analysis to medieval literature. In so doing, they read the importance and influence of historical records of practices as aids to contextualizing these texts. They also apply recent modes of economic history as a means to understand the questions the texts ask about economics, trade, and money. Collectively, these papers argue that both medieval and modern economic thought are key to valuable historical contextualization of medieval literary texts, but that this criticism can be advanced only if we also recognize the specificity of the economic and social conditions of late-medieval England.

Methodology Psychology and Valuation in Economic Theory

Author : Wayne A. Leeman
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Divine Providence in Early Modern Economic Thought

Author : Joost Hengstmengel
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In this important volume, Joost Hengstmengel examines the doctrine of divine providence and how it served as explanation and justification in economic debates in the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries throughout Western Europe. The author discusses five different areas in which God was associated with the economy: international trade, division of labour, value and price, self-interest, and poverty and inequality. Ultimately, it is shown that theological ideas continued to influence economic thought beyond the Medieval period, and that the science of economics as we know it today has theological origins. Interdisciplinary in nature, this book will be of interest to advanced students and researchers in the history of economic thought, the history of theology, philosophy and intellectual history.

Evolutionary Economic Thought

Author : Jürgen G. Backhaus
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This book will appeal to those with an interest in evolutionary economics, economic development and the history of economic thought.

Islamic Civilization

Author : Shaikh M. Ghazanfar
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Review: "Islamic Civilization: History, Contributions, and Influence - A Compendium of Literature is a window to literature pertaining to Islamic history and Islam's contributions to knowledge and its influence in medieval Europe. The book is unique in that it presents more than mere annotations - it is a collection of "literature briefs," detailed and focused descriptions of each of the more than six hundred books and articles covered." "In the post-9/11 environment, there has been a surge of interest regarding all things Islamic. While much of the new literature is refreshingly positive, some works demonstrate a revival of centuries-old misconceptions about the Islamic world. Islamic Civilization examines that dichotomy through literature that the author has accumulated over the past twenty years in connection with other research endeavors concerning early Islamic social thought; thus, most references have a social-science/humanities orientation. Students, research scholars, and professionals will find this bibliography full of useful resources and a stimulus for further reading."--BOOK JACKET

A Survey of Western Civilization

Author : Harry Elmer Barnes
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