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Meditation Without Gurus

Author : Clark Strand
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Begin to meditate--or renew your practice--with this straightforward guide that is free from pretension and complication. Is there a way you can learn to slow down and experience yourself more fully, your life more deeply, and other people in the present moment without adopting a new religious or philosophical ideology? Clark Strand answers with a clear and simple "yes!" Short, compelling reflections show you how to make meditation a part of your daily life, without the complication of gurus, mantras, retreats, or treks to distant monasteries. What is the proper way to breathe? Where should I meditate? What should I sit on? How often should I practice? You'll find the answers surprising as Strand breaks down modern-day stereotypes about meditation and leaves the one thing a successful meditation practice truly needs: you.

Buddhahood Without Meditation

Author : B. Alan Wallace
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Dudjom Lingpa (1835-1904) was one of the foremost tantric masters of his time. Buddhahood without Meditation is his most widely taught visionary text. In a series of fourteen visionary encounters with wisdom beings and historical figures in the Great Perfection lineage, Du¨djom Lingpa's transcendent teachers emphasize the view of cutting through to the original purity of pristine awareness. This view is developed via four themes: nonexistence, oneness, uniform pervasiveness, and spontaneous actualization, which are known as the four special samayas, or pledges, of the Great Perfection. At each stage of his spiritual progress, Dudjom Lingpa's doubts are dispelled and his realizations enhanced by pithy advice. Also included here are two complementary works by Dudjom Lingpa's charismatic female disciple, Sera Khandro, who is accomplished and well loved in her own right. Her short composition Fine Path to Liberation establishes the necessary motivation and conduct for receiving teachings such as Buddhahood Without Meditation. This sublime Dharma is to be seen in the context of the five perfections of the sambhogakaya: the teacher, place, time, disciples, and Dharma are fully perfected and must not be reified as ordinary. Sera Khandro's Garland for the Delight of the Fortunate fills in the gaps of Buddhahood Without Meditation, explaining the metaphors, and spelling out the implications of the root text's highly condensed verses. This extensive commentary is liberally supported with quotations from seminal sutras, tantras, and commentaries. Unless one has already reached a very high level of realization, this commentary is an essential key for unlocking the profound wisdom contained in Buddhahood Without Meditation.

The Great Gurus of the Sikhs Banda Bahadur Asht Ratnas etc

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Spiritual Perspectives on Globalization

Author : Ira Rifkin
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Surveys the religious landscape, explaining in clear and nonjudgmental language the beliefs that motivate spiritual leaders, activists, theologians, academics, and others involved on all sides of the issue.

The Sikh Gurus and Sikhism

Author : Harbans Singh Bhatia
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Dynamics of Meditation

Author : Osho
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Philosophy of Sikh Gurus

Author : Gurbachan Singh Makin
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Philosophical interpretation of Sikh hymns.

The Maha Bodhi

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Meditation Revolution

Author : Douglas Renfrew Brooks
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The Philosophy of Guru Nanak

Author : Ishar Singh
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Prabuddha Bharata

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Gurus of Modern Yoga

Author : Mark Singleton
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Gurus of Modern Yoga explores the contributions that individual gurus have made to the formation of the practices and discourses of yoga in today's world.

An Easy Way to Meditation

Author : Durga C. Sharma
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Yogic Perception Meditation and Altered States of Consciousness

Author : Eli Franco
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The volume presents seventeen papers by different scholars that examine, from an interdisciplinary perspective, questions concerning meditation and yogic perception. The contributions focus on various aspects, such as the nature of consciousness, the relation of body and mind, and health, and bind together the perspectives and approaches of disciplines such as South Asian, Buddhist and Tibetan studies, religious studies, philosophy and the history of philosophy, medieval European history, anthropology and psychology. In contrast to recent interdisciplinary studies on meditation that take the natural sciences as their focal point (notably, quantum mechanics and neurophysiology), this volume uses methods established in the social sciences and humanities as tools for understanding meditative traditions, especially those found in Buddhism and Hinduism.

Gurus Godmen and Good People

Author : Khushwant Singh
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On some religious leaders and social workers of INdia; compilation of writings by various disciples.

The Sikh Religion

Author : Max Macauliffe
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Gur N nak and the Sikh Religion

Author : W. H. McLeod
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Body Soul Watertown Mass

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The Voice of the Gurus

Author : Daljeet Singh
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Guru the Search for Enlightenment

Author : John E. Mitchiner
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