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Memoirs Of The Red Queen

Author : Lady
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First Published in 2004. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Memoirs of the Red Queen

Author : Hyegyŏnggung Hong Ssi
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First Published in 2004. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Red Queen

Author : Margaret Drabble
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Set in 18th century Korea and the present day, Margaret Drabble's The Red Queen is a rich and atmospheric novel about love, and what it means to be remembered. 200 years after being plucked from obscurity to marry the Crown Prince of Korea, the Red Queen's ghost decides to set the record straight about her extraordinary existence - and Dr Babs Halliwell, with her own complicated past, is the perfect envoy. Why does the Red Queen pick Babs to keep her story alive, and what else does she want from her? A terrific novel set in 18th century Korea and the present day, The Red Queen is a rich and atmospheric novel about love, and what it means to be remembered 'Elegant . . . a seductive beguiling narrator . . . delicious history' Daily Express 'One of our foremost women writers' Guardian 'Carefully wrought and beautifully written The Red Queen is another fine addition to the Drabble oeuvre' Literary Review Margaret Drabble was born in 1939 in Sheffield, Yorkshire, the daughter of barrister and novelist John F. Drabble, and sister of novelist A.S. Byatt. She is the author of eighteen novels and eight works of non-fiction, including biographies of Arnold Bennett and Angus Wilson. Her many novels include The Radiant Way (1987), A Natural Curiosity (1989), The Gates of Ivory (1991), The Peppered Moth (2000), The Seven Sisters (2002) and The Red Queen (2004) all of which are published by Penguin. In 1980, Margaret Drabble was made a CBE and in 2008 she was made DBE. She is married to the biographer Michael Holroyd, and lives in London and Somerset.


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Mary Jane was lost within the darkness trying to find her way home to her daughter. Seemed as if she had been falling away for an eternity. Her battle to find the light within addiction, was not quite her biggest battle...

Memoirs of the Red Queen

Author : Hyegyŏnggung Hong Ssi
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Translated into English from the Korean script (han'gul), the memoir of Lady Hong (1735-1815) of Hyegyong Palace is an autobiographical memoir. Known as Hanjung nok and dated 1796, it was prepared over a period of about eleven years, in the twilight years of Lady Hong's life as a vivid account of her personal life and its great tragedy. It is a compelling story of a young girl's introduction into court life; of her selection as a royal consort at the early age of ten; and the various events of her life. Lady Hong tells of her early fears on entering the court and how she came to terms with the deprivations which existed within the palace walls. The memoir explores woman's subservience to male rulers who were moulded by Confucian ideology and Lady Hong's fortitude and resolution in trying to prevent, or at least delay, her husband's inevitable demise.

Memoirs of the Queensland Museum

Author : Queensland Museum
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Emerging Vectors of Narratology

Author : Per Krogh Hansen
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Narratology has been flourishing in recent years thanks to investigations into a broad spectrum of narratives, at the same time diversifying its theoretical and disciplinary scope as it has sought to specify the status of narrative within both society and scientific research. The diverse endeavors engendered by this situation have brought narrative to the forefront of the social and human sciences and have generated new synergies in the research environment. Emerging Vectors of Narratology brings together 27 state-of-the-art contributions by an international panel of authors that provide insight into the wealth of new developments in the field. The book consists of two sections. "Contexts" includes articles that reframe and refine such topics as the implied author, narrative causation and transmedial forms of narrative; it also investigates various historical and cultural aspects of narrative from the narratological perspective. "Openings" expands on these and other questions by addressing the narrative turn, cognitive issues, narrative complexity and metatheoretical matters. The book is intended for narratologists as well as for readers in the social and human sciences for whom narrative has become a crucial matrix of inquiry.

The Way We Write

Author : Barbara Baker
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This book is a unique collection of interviews with award-winning writers. Each writer discusses their process: why they write, whom they write for, where and how often they write, recurring themes, problems and achievements. The interviews are intimate, honest, informative and often humorous. Together they offer a fascinating insight into the experience and hard work behind successful writers. This engaging collection is sure to appeal to anyone who loves reading or has ever wanted to be a writer.

New Books on Women and Feminism

Author :
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Personalized Reading

Author : Michele Haiken
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Get practical strategies and classroom-ready ideas to incorporate technology in the 6–12 curriculum to improve skills in reading, critical thinking and digital literacy. Due to the diversity of readers in today’s classrooms, teachers are called upon to teach not reading, but readers. Personalized Reading highlights four different types of readers -- the struggling reader, the reluctant reader, English learners and advanced readers -- and presents ways to use technology tools to accommodate their different reading styles. With this book, you’ll get answers to questions like: How can teachers meet the needs of all learners to help them think critically and communicate effectively? How can teachers approach reading of visual, print and digital text? This book will: • Help teachers empower students with the skills and strategies they need for reading success, and to find joy in reading. • Inspire teachers to think beyond the text to help meet students where they are and raise the level of thinking about teaching readers. • Provide activities and lessons to help support the diverse learners that enter the classroom, and highlight a variety of technology tools to tap into the multifaceted texts students can access. With this book, secondary teachers will develop the skills they need to help students select their own texts, conduct reading workshops and teach students to read both print and visual texts, while identifying what works best for each student to maximize learning and potential.