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Memories Are Made of This

Author : June Francis
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Is she prepared for the answers she might find? Jeanette Walker’s mother disappeared without a trace during a wartime bombing raid and for twelve years she has been left to wonder what happened to her. Was she killed outright, or did she choose to leave? Determined to find out the truth, Jean embarks on a mission to discover what really happened to her mother, but she is not prepared for the web of family secrets and lies that her investigation uncovers. Will she find any answers? And will they be the ones she was hoping for? An enthralling saga of love and heartache in 1950s Liverpool, perfect for fans of Pam Howes and Kitty Neale.

The Funny Farm

Author : Jackie Ellis
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How often have you thought you might like to chuck it all in, leave the steaming metropolis and its noise and dirt behind and make for pastures new, to begin your life again? We often talk about it but people rarely do it. Jackie Moffat is one of those who did. In 1982 she and her family - armed with a bucketload of optimism, stout boots and a highly developed sense of the ridiculous - upped sticks from London (where she'd lived all her life) and went North, to Cumbria. Their destination was the Eden Valley, and a small stock-rearing and dairy farm called Rowfoot, and there they have spent the past twenty years getting to grips with the practice of running a working farm, keeping sheep, cattle, pigs and horses, becoming part of the (often eccentric) community, coping with the ups and downs (Foot and Mouth devastated them) of farming life. For the past ten years, the author's written a regular column for the Cumbria and Lake District Life magazine, and it was this that inspired her to write about her life in rural England and the trials, tribulations and pleasures of running a farm.

An American Woman in Pakistan Memories of Mangla Dam

Author : Irene Aylworth Douglass
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In 1962, Irene Aylworth Douglass's husband burst in the door with incredible news. His company had won a bid to build Mangla Dam … in West Pakistan! This would be the world's largest compacted earth dam, in a remote location far from the source of supply. With images of exotic locales and visions of travel in her head, Irene welcomed the opportunity to embark on an adventure. Nothing could have prepared her for the reality of life in Pakistan. Most of the women covered themselves with burqas and did not appear in public. Male superiority and male dominance were so ingrained that Irene couldn't discipline her two-year-old son without repercussions. Children begged in the street while those who needed a servant class to maintain their lifestyle opposed universal education. And yet, despite the clash of cultures, Irene was overwhelmed by the warmth, friendship, and hospitality of the individuals she and her family encountered. An American Woman in Pakistan: Memories of Mangla Dam is a fascinating account that takes us behind the veil of an enigmatic, complex society.

Mediated Memories in the Digital Age

Author : José van Dijck
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This book studies how our personal memory is transformed as a result of technological and cultural transformations: digital photo cameras, camcorders, and multimedia computers inevitably change the way we remember and affect conventional forms of recollection.

FDA Consumer

Author :
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Do Overs

Author : Bill Munn
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Ever wonder if you could relive part of your life, to experience again the innocence of childhood or to correct a grievous mistake that has haunted you? Mack McCoy may have done just that unwittingly. Mack is a good man, captain in the Dallas Police Department who would describe his career as "in the weeds," thanks mainly to an incident in which he shot and killed two unarmed teenagers in the act of robbing a pizza restaurant. Though cleared of wrongdoing, he has become a pariah, busted back to captain from deputy chief. Mack is paired with a fire captain for a project they both perceived as dead-end with no potential growth for either of them and more importantly, no redemption for Mack. Just as it seems things couldn't get any worse, they do. A violent traffic accident kills Mack's best friend and leaves Mack fighting for his life. Through recovery, Mack begins to realize there are certain realities in his life that are quite different from the way he remembers them. People begin walking into his life that had passed or played a completely different roll in his life in the past. New people such as a homeless man and other unknowns that come and go in the shadows and call themselves "advocates" also become a part of his new reality. What happened to Mack while in surgery, and what childhood event could be a gateway that changed everything? No one expects a "Do-Over" in life. Mack didn't expect it. The question is, did he take it?

Letter To Grandson Jun I Found Myself Hiking

Author : Anthony Soon Chye Teo
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Raised on a farm near Changi (visited by Albert Einstein in the 1920s), Anthony Teo attended Singapore's 19th century St Anthony's Boys School and St Joseph's Institution. Having completed a course at the 330-year-old Harvard at new Cambridge in Massachusetts, USA, Anthony then went in search of America, driving across country from New York to San Francisco, through the mile-high Jackalopean landscape of Wyoming. His co-driver was his friend Leo Soong in his classic 1,000-mile-a-day steed of the 1960s — BMW 2002 ti. Leo, who unbeknownst to Anthony at the time, was Madame Chiang Kaishek's favourite nephew.Years later, Anthony was at old Cambridgeshire's 800-year-old University of Cambridge, UK as a Visiting Fellow to complete his hunt for the origins of the two univer-cities (Harvard-Cambridge and Cambridge-Cambridge Market Town).

Sound Of Memories The Recordings From The Oral History Centre Singapore

Author : Suk-wai Cheong
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The Sound of Memories: Recordings from the Oral History Centre, Singapore features the happy, funny, poignant and bittersweet — but always heartwarming and unforgettable — stories, memories and anecdotes of Singaporeans from all walks of life. Distilled from almost 5,000 interviews that the National Archives of Singapore's Oral History Centre has collected since 1979, these recordings describe the experiences of everyman, from tycoons and tailors to chief executive officers and chief cooks.Relive the significant moments that have unfolded in Singapore's history through the eyes of people who personally bore witness to these events. Their recollections are vividly captured in chapters on communities, schooldays, popular pastimes, the Japanese Occupation, food, national tragedies, medicine, economy, women, the performing arts and sports.

Rock Star Movie Star

Author : Landon Palmer
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During the mid-1950s, when Hollywood found itself struggling to compete within an expanding entertainment media landscape, certain producers and studios saw an opportunity in making films that showcased performances by rock 'n' roll stars. Rock stars eventually found cinema to be a useful space to extend their creative practices, and the motion picture and recording industries increasingly saw cinematic rock stardom as a profitable means to connect multiple media properties. Indeed, casting rock stars for film provided a tool for bridging new relationships across media industries and practices. From Elvis Presley to Madonna, this book examines the casting rock stars in films. In so doing, Rock Star/Movie Star offers a new perspective on the role of stardom within the convergence of media industries. While hardly the first popular music culture to see its stars making the transition to screen, the timing of rock's emergence and its staying power within popular culture proved fortuitous for a motion picture business searching for its place in the face of continuous technological and cultural change. At the same time, a post-star-system film industry provided a welcoming context for rock stars who have valued authenticity, creative autonomy, and personal expression. This book uses illuminating archival resources to demonstrate how rock stars have often proven themselves to be prominent film workers exploring this terrain of platforms old and new - ideal media laborers whose power lies in the fact that they are rarely recognized as such. Combining star studies with media industry studies, this book proposes an integrated methodology for writing media history that combines the actions of individuals and the practices of industries. It demonstrates how stars have operated as both the gravitational center of media production as well as social actors who have taken on a decisive role in the purposes to which their images are used.


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In its 114th year, Billboard remains the world's premier weekly music publication and a diverse digital, events, brand, content and data licensing platform. Billboard publishes the most trusted charts and offers unrivaled reporting about the latest music, video, gaming, media, digital and mobile entertainment issues and trends.