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Men in Uniform Adult Coloring Book

Author : M. G. Anthony
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Celebrate the men who keep us safe--and they're hot too! Spend some quality time coloring men in--and out of--uniform. From firefighters to policemen, from the navy to the marines, enjoy our civil servants and armed forces personnel in a new way. Thrill to 30 single-sided illustrations of the best our country has to offer-- whether they're fighting fires or saving kittens, they look good doing it!

Gotta Love a Man in Uniform

Author : Blush Design
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Men in uniform aren't sexy, said no women ever. Put good vibes and motivation back into your day with this book for adults. It includes a variety of relaxing designs to make your life more enjoyable. Suitable for adults and young people. Guaranteed hours of pleasure, relaxation and relief from stress. Each drawing is on a separate page, so you can share. This book is the perfect gift for friends, family, and anyone else you love. Join us in this special journey! It will inspire you and introduce you to the hidden artist found in all of us.

Homoerotic Color Therapy

Author : Colorful Coloring Books
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Welcome to this Color Therapy book, by Colorful Coloring Books. Each page is filled with a unique piece of art based around homoerotic images of sexy men. Have you had a hard day at work and just want to unwind by coloring some hunks? Do you have anxiety or depression and need help relaxing? Are you attracted to bears, twinks, muscle daddys, pretty boys or other attractive men? If that is the case, this Color Therapy book is ideal for you! This Color Therapy book will allow you to take out your daily and sexual frustrations by coloring in 20 images of beautiful men. We hope you enjoy yourself coloring and feel the burdens of stress ebb away! "Homoerotic Color Therapy: A Gay Coloring Book Full Of Hunks, Men In Uniform, Bears, Twinks, Muscle Daddys And Other Beautiful Men," by Colorful Coloring Books. Product Details: - Printed single-sided on bright white paper - Premium glossy cover finish - Soothing seamless patterns on reverse pages - Perfect for all coloring mediums - High quality 60 pound paper stock - Large format 8.5" wide x 11.0" tall pages - Anti Stress - Anti Anxiety - Anti Depression - Pro Happiness - Pro Relaxation - Pro Mindfulness - Pro Gay Rights - Pro LGBT ABOUT THE AUTHOR During my childhood and my teenage years, I found myself prone to taking 'action' to relieve my daily stresses, problems and grievances. Unfortunately, the 'actions' I took tended to be extremely self-destructive in nature. It wasn't until I was older that I realized how calming, stress relieving and relaxing colour therapy books can truly be - I guess the term 'therapy' should have made that obvious to me, oh well. I have always had an interest in things that have been considered to be 'socially unacceptable' and 'taboo,' and wanted my coloring books to reflect this. Hence the creation of 'Colorful Coloring Books,' a series of adult themed color therapy books that aim to give you both a relaxing and enjoyable experience, and to also, hopefully, make you laugh along the way. All forms of Feedback are greatly appreciated! This coloring book makes a perfect gift, stocking filler, secret santa or personal present for the Christmas period.

Marching with Soldiers

Author : Jupiter Kids
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This is the book for the young and the old. Composed of the strong images of soldiers, your children will be inspired to color these pages in honor of the men in uniform. Coloring is very helpful in molding your child's development. It has physical, mental, and emotional benefits that are difficult to ignore. Grab a copy today!

Civil War Fashions Coloring Book

Author : Tom Tierney
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For colorists of all ages 45 striking illustrations of officers in handsome military outfits, ladies in elegant daytime and evening dresses and children in apparel mirroring adult fashions. Captions. "

Nearly Man The Complete Second Series

Author : Henry Harding
File Size : 48.85 MB
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Altruist, spiritualist, pacifist, communist, philanthropist... Stan Turner thinks he is well on his way to becoming some kind of superman. Unfortunately for him, everyone else still just sees the Nearly Man. This volume contains all six scripts (plus the Christmas and New Year specials) from the second series of the greatest sitcom never seen on TV. Episodes - 1: Look Who's Stalking; 2: Play It Again, Stan; 3: O Brother, There Thou Art!; 4: Training Days; 5: Night Of The Missing Fred; 6: Solitary Stan; Xmas: It's A Glorious Death; New Year: Dead Stan Walking

Civil War Times Illustrated

Author :
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My First Colouring Book

Author : Lloyd Jones
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Love, angels, addiction and death; they're all here in My First Colouring Book, a collection of short stories from award-winning novelist Lloyd Jones. Themed on all the colours of the rainbow - and a few extra - these stories and essays paint a picture of criss-crossing lives. They are spoken by an unexpected variety of voices: a young girl has adventures in the night, a surgeion becomes a shepherd; a middle-aged man seeks love for the last time. And his travel essays, sent from the compass points of his home country, Wales, are not to be missed.

The Mysterious Affair at Styles Illustrated Kids Colouring Book

Author : Agatha Christie
File Size : 66.10 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This edition features 11 unique illustrations throughout to colour in. A guest at Styles house witnesses the sudden and mysterious death of its owner, but a friend in the village, Poirot, is a brilliant, Belgian detective. Agatha Christie’s dapper dancing detective, Poirot, has delighted readers and film fans for many years. This version of the first Poirot story has been specially adapted for kids from nine to twelve years old. The language and vocabulary are easy, and emphasis is on action using past, present and future simple tenses. Punctuation meets UK or USA ESL/CEFR/IELTS Level B2. Lazlo Ferran is a fully qualified English teacher and teaches in London. He has also published more than twenty novels, making him the ideal choice to adapt Agatha Christie’s stories for children. Vocabulary Stretcher and UK or USA ESL/CEFR Level B2 editions are also available. Classics Adapted by a Qualified Teacher Categories: kids fiction, children's fiction, Ages 9-12, UK Key Stage 1, UK Key Stage 2, Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6, Grade 7 Keywords: preteen, detective, Agatha Christie, thriller, fun, age-group-9-12, classics, adaptations, crime, 1920s, Hercule Poirot, education, reading practice, classic, world war I, teaching materials, punctuation, sleuth, USA Grade-4, Grade-5, Grade-6, Grade-7, Grade-8, cozy, UK-Key-Stage-2, UK-Key-Stage-3, action, amateur, WWI, England, British, vocabulary, murder, small town, war

Fighting Melancholia

Author : Francoise Davoine
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Francoise Davoine has been investigating psychotic phenomena and trauma for over thirty years, in collaboration with Jean-Max Gaudilliere. In this book, she draws on her literary background to take the reader on a fascinating voyage with an unexpected but most helpful guide: Don Quixote. In her work, Davoine approaches madness not as a symptom, but rather as a place, the place where the symbolic order and the social link have ruptured. She sees the psychotic as a seeker, engaged in a form of exploration into the nature and history of this place. This brings us to the seeker Don Quixote. Davoine takes the reader into the world of the knight-errant, to describe his adventures in a fascinating new light.Cervantes, the survivor of war trauma, captivity, and all manner of misfortunes, created this hero, first and foremost, so that the tale be told.

Complete Catalog of Books in All Fields

Author : Dover Publications, Inc
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The Sportsman s British Bird Book

Author : Richard Lydekker
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Canadian Books in Print

Author :
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Canadian Books in Print 2002

Author : Marian Butler
File Size : 60.29 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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CBIP is the complete reference and buying guide to English-language Canadian books currently in print; consequently, the Author and Title Index, Subject Index and microfiche editions are indispensable to the book profession. With submissions from both small and large publishers, CBIP provides access to titles not listed anywhere else. Containing more than 48,000 titles, of which approximately 4,000 have a 2001 imprint, the Author and Title Index is extensively cross-referenced. The Subject Index lists the titles under 800 different subject categories. Both books offer the most complete directory of Canadian publishers available, listing the names and ISBN prefixes, as well as the street, e-mail and web addresses of more than 4,850 houses. The quarterly microfiche service provides updated information in April, July and October. CBIP is constantly referred to by order librarians, booksellers, researchers, and all those involved in book acquisition. In addition, CBIP is an invaluable record of the vast wealth of publishing and writing activity in the scientific, literary, academic and arts communities across Canada. A quarterly subscription service including the annual Author and Title Index (March 2001) plus quarterly microfiche updates (April, July, and October 2001) is also available. ISBN 0802049567 $220.00 NET.

Nine Character Traits Separating the Men from the Boys

Author : Nate Adams
File Size : 81.76 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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In this lighthearted yet insightful book, Adams looks at how men mature and why some don't. Using nine of life's arenas, the author shows the differences between the childish man who is stuck in self-oriented boyhood versus the childlike man who see things from a simple, godly perspective. A non-threatening, encouraging book to help men grow up . . . at least a little.

A Hand book to the Birds of Great Britain

Author : Richard Bowdler Sharpe
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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Coloring Book and Poster Collection

Author : GaminghEY Coloring
File Size : 58.93 MB
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COLORING BOOK COMBINE WITH POSTER COLLECTION (FULL COLOR PHOTO BOOK): 20 pages for coloring + 20 removable postersContent included:1/ Gaming The Grind Gaming2/ Gaming Recharging Mode Gaming3/ Gaming A New Move Gaming4/ Gaming The Cake Is A Lie Gaming5/ Gaming A Path To The Heart Gaming6/ Gaming Kingdom Storm Gaming7/ Gaming Kingdom Trio Gaming8/ Gaming Leaving Rapture Gaming9/ Gaming Garden Of Wisdom Gaming10/ Gaming Triforce Storm Gaming11/ Gaming A Key To The Heart Gaming12/ Gaming The Boy And The Balloon Gaming13/ Gaming Legendary Shield Gaming14/ Gaming League Of Legends Gaming15/ Gaming Come To Daddy Gaming16/ Gaming Triforce Storm V2 Gaming17/ Gaming Kingdom Stormblue Version Gaming18/ Gaming Gaming Mashup Ink Paint Gaming19/ Gaming For Shovelry Gaming20/ Gaming Appetite For Salvation GamingTAGs: carbine skateboard space man bokien stars astronaut moon fantasy joe java roast ground caffeine but first s latte cute quotes hipster funny popular trending cappuccino laptop dorm college sorority fraternity travel word text food tea girls boys children milk hot sugar healthy student molecule brew espresso americano vanilla dark barista decaf addict book relax balr baller hustle hustler startup and balls balsy bold work hard the margaret atwood handmaids tale feminism dystopia fiction fanart fandom politics typography feminist quote literature books reading bibliophile language latin faith can move highest mountain sun orange snow pinterest white grey blue sky love god is lover jesus hope bible verse verses christian christianity religion religious typographic calligraphy calligraphic lettering lettered letters things lord savior cool awesome new fun church bethel store lilac gone now album cover bleachers songs rollercoaster jack antonoff dream mickey mantle goodmorning goodbye hate that you know me lets get married take money everybody lost somebody all my heroes i mis those days nothing u im ready to on foreign rca record 2017 playlist alternative sony entertainment terrible thrills simon red dot marching band uniform jersey pop rock alt strange desires wanna better aesthetic cardi b exercise like bodak yellow moves cardio recent invasion of privacy handlettering stickers boss bitch bartier gaming games aperture science labs laboratories cake lie game video videogame videogames bar code barcode tal 1 2 glados fan art a steam valve chell half life hl2 gordon freeman alyx gamer nerd nerdy geek gaben cave johnson mesa scientist experiment xbox ink room kingdom hearts key keyblade vintage kharmazero artistic artsy sora culture heart kids geeky path pathway secret cornwall penwith magic magical woodland forest sacred mysterious pagan celtic ancient spring hawthorn guitar wood walkway grain walk ukulele air fly traffic symbol route transt airplane transtation elegance aircraft valentine silhouette flight wings concept icon aviation airline plane romantic trip hike hiking trek boot activity nature outdoors camp camping adventure trail climb follow map guide way inspiration globe direction intention feeling duirwaigh throne glass sarah j maas crown midnight heir fire queen shadows empire storms tower dawn assassins blade ash fangirl booknerd read aelin ashryver galathynius celaena sardothien watercolor shadow fireheart sjm bookish rowan court thorns roses mist fury ruin frost starlight acomaf acotar original t mash up six crows soc crooked kaz inej nina leigh bardugo jesper ravka wylan matthias bone siege storm ya young adult birds castle gift tog rowaelin terrasen teen fae dorian chaol acowar xion axel roxas 358 riku kairi aqua terra ventus paopu trio destiny island sea salt wayfinder birth by sleep wayfinders kh1 kh2 kh bbs khbbs fruit ice cream sweets pattern islands star bee garden honey bumblebee leaf flower jucy wild inse

Russell Wilson and the Seahawks

Author : Anthony Curcio
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Hours of fun for grown-up's and kids alike with this detailed Seahawks coloring book full of Seattle stars from past and present. Player statistics, an exciting and creative 'design your own' logo, helmet and uniform section and much more! Full of players from the 2016-17 season including: Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, Doug Baldwin, Russell Wilson, Jimmy Graham, Kam Chancellor, Tyler Lockett and more! This book will bring a smile to any true 12th Man/Woman/Child with Seahawks greats from the past, including: Marshawn Lynch, Shaun Alexander, Brian Blades, Cortez Kennedy, Steve Largent, Matt Hasselbeck, Jim Zorn, Dave Krieg, Jacob Green, Joey Galloway, Curt Warner and more! Go Hawks!

The Feathered World Year Book and Poultry Keepers Guide for 1910 1937

Author :
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An Essay Concerning Human Understanding

Author : John Locke
File Size : 82.43 MB
Format : PDF
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