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Mentoring and Diversity

Author : David Clutterbuck
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These cases illustrate "diversity in action" in mentoring relationships, and provide guidance for developing effective mentoring programmes and diverse mentoring relationships in organizations. The book is composed of four sections that reflect theory, research and practice: * An overview of the theory and research on diversified mentoring relationships, followed by an applied model of diversity in mentoring relationships. * Some empirically based and pragmatic observations of "best practices" that are used by diversified mentoring programmes in various international contexts. * A collection of international case studies of diversity in both mentoring programmes and individual mentoring relationships. These cases illustrate the challenges and benefits associated with diversity in mentoring relationships. Organizational cases are drawn from such companies as Procter & Gamble, Volvo and World Bank. These cases provide practical guidance on how to develop effective mentoring programmes.-

Mentoring in Education

Author : Cedric Cullingford
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Mentoring has become a hot topic in a number of professional spheres in recent years, but its most important and longest-established location is in education. However, this volume is the first wide-ranging academic critique of the concept and its application. Offering both a critical and a practical stance, the authors examine the historical and cultural aspects of mentoring and the motivations behind it. They also explore the effects on the individuals involved and on the system, and examine the different approaches to the idea and implementation of mentoring. Drawing contributions from Europe, the USA and the Middle East, this work considers a wide range of empirical studies of mentoring from those countries that have invested in it, including case studies and analyses of current practice. The book makes a major contribution, not only on account of the international perspective it provides but also through analysis of cases in order to establish the difference between the much-vaunted theoretical advantages promoted by policy makers and the everyday realities and complexities that arise in a scheme entirely dependent on personal relationships.

Mentoring Today s Nurses A Global Perspective for Success

Author : Susan M. Baxley, Kristina S. Ibitayo and Mary Lou Bond
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Mentoring Today's Nurses: A Global Perspective for Success provides guidance to faculty on how to mentor today's students at all levels of the educational system. Authors Baxley, Ibitayo, and Bond provide a road map for educators struggling to successfully understand the patterns and expectations of students at all levels within a global society.

The Wiley International Handbook of Mentoring

Author : Beverly Irby
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The first collection in the area of mentoring that applies theory to real-world practice, research, programs, and recommendations from an international perspective In today’s networked world society, mentoring is a crucial area for study that requires a deep international understanding for effective implementation. Despite the immense benefits of mentoring, current literature on this subject is surprisingly sparse. The Wiley International Handbook of Mentoring fills the need for a comprehensive volume of in-depth information on the different types of mentoring programs, effective mentoring practices, and emerging practical and applicable theories. Based on sound research methodologies, this unique text presents original essays by experts from over ten different countries, demonstrating the ways mentoring can make a difference in the workplace and in the classroom; these experts have an understanding of mentoring worldwide having worked in mentoring in over forty countries. Each of the Handbook’s four sections—mentoring paradigms, practices, programs, and possibilities—include a final synthesis chapter authored by the section editors that captures the essence of the lessons learned, applies a global context, and recommends research avenues for further exploration. This innovative volume demonstrates how mentoring in any culture can help employees to complete tasks and advance in their positions, aid in socialization and assimilation in various settings, provide diverse groups access to resources and information, navigate through personalities, politics, policies, and procedures, and much more. Offers an inclusive, international perspective that supports moving mentoring into a discipline of its own and lays a theoretical foundation for further research Shows how emerging practical theories can be implemented in actual programs and various scenarios Examines a wide range of contemporary paradigms, practices, and programs in the field of mentoring, including a panorama of introspections on mentoring from international scholars and practitioners Includes historical and epistemological content, background information and definitions, and overviews of fundamental aspects of mentoring The Wiley International Handbook of Mentoring is an essential volume for a global readership, particularly teachers of mentoring courses, trainers, and researchers and practitioners in a variety of fields such as business, education, government, politics, sciences, industry, or sports.

Can Global Mentoring be Applied Successfully when Considering the Contrasting National Views of Mentoring

Author : Miriam Mennen
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Seminar paper from the year 2006 in the subject Business economics - Personnel and Organisation, grade: 62 % - B, University of Sunderland, course: Managing International Personnel, language: English, comment: bewertet nach dem UK Bewertungssystem: 60 - 70% entspricht der Note 2, demnach sind 62% ungefahr 2.8, abstract: Purpose - The aim of this study is to investigate the role of mentoring in a global context. It points out different views of mentoring and its difficulties when applying a global mentoring programme. Design/ Methodology/ Approach- Data from secondary mentoring literature, like books and management journals, was collected and analysed whereas primarily qualitative was used. This comparative approach looks at mentoring from different national (Western and Japanese mentoring) and a global perspective. Literature Review - A general overview about mentoring will be given, including its benefits to the company, the mentor and the individual. Furthermore, formal and informal mentoring will be outlined. Findings - Results indicate that affective mentoring is most likely related to a relationship bond between a mentor and a mentee but cannot be completely informal. The Japanese mentoring style supports mentoring as a relationship whereas the Western society favours a strategic approach. Depending on cultural characteristics, a mentoring approach should be conformed in an appropriate way in order to achieve effective and successful organisational results."

The Family and Family Therapy in International Perspective

Author : Uwe Peter Gielen
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Handbook of Youth Mentoring

Author : David L. DuBois
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The Handbook of Youth Mentoring provides the first scholarly and comprehensive synthesis of current theory, research, and practice in the field of youth mentoring. Editors David L. DuBois and Michael J. Karcher, along with leading experts in the field, offer critical and informative analyses of the full spectrum of topics that are essential to advancing our understanding of the principles for effective mentoring of young people. The Handbook explores not only mentoring that occurs within formal programs such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, but also examines natural mentoring relationships that youth establish with adults outside of such programs.

Mentoring from a Positive Psychology Perspective

Author : Ann M. Brewer
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This book examines the concept and practice of mentoring, as well as the wider scope and diversity of the mentoring that people can experience in their own life time. With each chapter dedicated to a specific level of mentoring, the book makes clear the impact and value of mentoring not only for the participants themselves but also on the situations in which mentoring occurs and the reverberations, positive and negative, on others outside this relationship. It shows the importance of relationships for people, individually and collectively and clarifies how relationships form the DNA for an inspiring, creative and professional life for the person and the community in which they engage. The book is about how support and skills can be transferred through mentoring to rebuild resilience through positive relationships and community; reconstructing them as we go.

The Situational Mentor

Author : Gill Lane
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Because the mentoring process involves a number of distinct stages, a wide range of skills are needed throughout the process and these skills are situational. In other words, a skilled mentor understands the principles of mentoring, but is also able to use appropriate skills according to the person with whom they are working and the stage they have reached in the relationship. In addition, different types of mentoring programme will demand a skills set particular to each. As with many other areas of development, a mix of the theoretical and the practical is needed to ensure that programmes and relationships achieve their potential. In The Situational Mentor: An International Review of Competences and Capabilities in Mentoring, David Clutterbuck and Gill Lane have brought together contributions from leading international academics and practitioners to define the key skills involved in mentoring and explore how these may be tailored to ensure a successful outcome in all instances.

Uncovering the Cultural Dynamics in Mentoring Programs and Relationships

Author : Frances K. Kochan
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A volume in the series: Mentoring Perspectives (formerly listed as Perspectives in Mentoring) Series Editor(s): Frances K. Kochan, Auburn University Although cultural issues have a powerful influence on the failure and success of mentoring programs and relationships, there is scant research on this area and little in the way of guidelines that practitioners can use to help assure mentoring success. This book seeks to expand our knowledge and understanding of this topic and to foster the use of this information to enhance practice and research. The book is unique in a number of ways and will be an important resource for all those engaged in mentoring endeavors and for those conducting research in this area. First, it presents research findings on the cultural impact of mentoring at the individual relational level, at the organizational level, and within the structures of the society. Secondly, the chapters describe mentoring from an international perspective including programs from Africa, Australia, Canada, Finland, India, Ireland, Korea, Scotland, Sweden and the United States. Third, the book is research based and yet, can be easily applied to practice. Chapters provide information on lessons learned and also include reflective questions to enable the reader to delve more deeply into the constructs and findings in order to apply them to their own practice and research. This makes the book an ideal resource for training mentors and mentees, for designing mentoring programs, for teaching about mentoring, and for establishing and maintaining mentoring relationships. It also will be of value to those who are engaged in conducting research on how to create and maintain successful mentoring relationships and programs.

Mentoring in Physical Education

Author : Michael Mawer
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As teacher training has become more school based in recent years, the role of teachers acting as mentors to trainees has become a very important aspect of partnership training schemes jointly planned and implemented by both school and university. Although a number of texts have looked at the more general aspects of mentoring, very little is known about the issues that influence the design of partnership schemes in specific subject areas. This book, however, does just this by addressing these issues with regard to physical education. The issues raised by the highly regarded contributors to this book contribute to the knowledge of, and ongoing debate about, the complex and difficult task of mentoring in physical education. They will also help those who are responsible for the design of partnership schemes to create coherent, meaningful and relevant programmes of teacher preparation based on close collaboration and carefully structured school-based support. Clearly written and based on recent research from the UK, Australia, and the USA, this book is essential reading for primary and secondary PE teacher trainers, for school-based physical education mentors and their students, and for lecturers running mentor training programmes as part of postgraduate course modules.

The Handbook of Mentoring at Work

Author : Belle Rose Ragins
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...a comprehensive overview of the current state of research, theory and practice drawn from the leading scholars and practitioners who have advanced our understanding of mentoring in the workplace... The Handbook of Mentoring at Work; Research, Theory, and Practice, provides a definitive guide that not only informs the field, but also extends it in three critical ways: Chronicles the current state of knowledge of mentoring and identifies important new areas of research: The Handbook begins with offering an extensive, cutting-edge and in-depth review of core topics in mentoring research, such as diversity in mentoring relationships, learning processes in mentoring relationships, formal mentoring, peer mentoring, socialization and mentoring, leadership and mentoring, dysfunctional mentoring, personality and mentoring, and electronic mentoring. Extends the theoretical horizon of mentoring: The theoretical section of the Handbook builds and extends mentoring theory by drawing on a diverse and rich literature of related theories, such as network theory, adult development theory, relational theory, communication theory, personal change theory, work-family theory and theories of emotional intelligence. Builds a bridge between the practice and study of mentoring: The Handbook includes chapters that address not only formal mentoring programs, but also mentoring practices that relate to leadership development programs, diversity programs and international perspectives. The Handbook is a "must-have" reference for understanding the key debates and issues facing mentoring scholars and practitioners, and provides a theory-driven road map to guide future research and practice in the field of mentoring.

Learning Mentors in Schools

Author : Lynda Cruddas
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"The case studies in this book show that learning mentors are indispensable to supporting school improvement. Thirty five studies of best practice illustrate the day to day experience of learning mentors and how they improve children's learning, participation, personal development and well-being. They are contextualised within theories of child development, learning and notions of educational equality and take account of school management and multi-agency working." "This is the first book on learning mentors to present case studies and offer such detailed guidance for good practice, and it will be indispensable in both primary and secondary schools."--BOOK JACKET.

Encyclopedia of Gender and Information Technology

Author : Trauth, Eileen M.
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"This two volume set includes 213 entries with over 4,700 references to additional works on gender and information technology"--Provided by publisher.

Success Strategies for Women in Science

Author : Peggy A. Pritchard
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Success Strategies for Women in Science: A Portable Mentor focuses on a wealth of knowledge and years of experience of successful female scientists from industry, government, research institutes, and academe. This book, through practical advice and real-life stories, presents what knowledge and skills are needed to make the transition from trainee to scientist that, if practiced, will help beginners become successful. This book, in particular, describes the essential skills required of every researcher, such as networking, communicating, coping with the demands of a research career, time management, and the most difficult of skills, saying ""no"" to excessive demands on time. This text also explores the issues relating to career development and the importance of the examination of alternate career paths. While much of the advice in this mentoring manual is aimed at women new in their careers, experienced readers will also find the book of value. This material will fill the gap and help women to pursue excellence and achieve success in their chosen scientific careers. * Details skills complementing scientific training and expertise that are proven to enhance potential for success, including networking and mental toughness * Provides insights into balancing professional and personal responsibilities * Written by outstanding female scienctists representing diverse scientific backgrounds and interests * Offers pracical advice and real-life stories that address currrent issues and concerns * A professional resource with international perspective

Comparison Understanding and Teacher Education in International Perspective

Author : Shenkeng Yang
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Comparison, Understanding and Teacher Education in International Perspective presents an analysis of some methodological issues in educational research. Based on the comparisons of various understandings of human rationality in eastern and western philosophical traditions, this book attempts to discuss time, value, causal explanation, meaning, comparison and nature of knowledge in educational research. With reference to the discussed methodological reflections, a comparison of teacher education in Germany, the United States, Britain and Taiwan, R.O.C. is presented against their respective cultural backgrounds.

Ottawa Law Review

Author :
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Symposium on Adult Education Policy Performance and International Perspective

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Dissertation Abstracts International

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Intelligent Mentoring

Author : Audrey J. Murrell
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Drawing on IBM's experience, the authors show how to quickly build mentoring programs that strengthen organisational intelligence, improve retention, and promote innovation, link mentoring to business strategy, and learn better ways to overcome the obstacles to mentoring in today's enterprise.