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Metallic Modern

Author : Nira Wickramasinghe
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Everyday life in the Crown colony of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) was characterized by a direct encounter of people with modernity through the consumption and use of foreign machines – in particular, the Singer sewing machine, but also the gramophone, tramway, bicycle and varieties of industrial equipment. The 'metallic modern' of the 19th and early 20th century Ceylon encompassed multiple worlds of belonging and imagination; and enabled diverse conceptions of time to coexist through encounters with Siam, the United States and Japan as well as a new conception of urban space in Colombo. Metallic Modern describes the modern as it was lived and experienced by non-elite groups – tailors, seamstresses, shopkeepers, workers – and suggests that their idea of the modern was nurtured by a changing material world.

Forming Processes of Modern Metallic Materials

Author : Tomasz Trzepiecinski
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The plastic forming of metallic materials is the most efficient and an important manufacturing technology in today's industry. Lightweight materials, such as titanium alloys, aluminum alloys, and ultra-high-strength steels, are used extensively in the automotive, aerospace, transportation, and construction industries, leading to increased demand for advanced innovative forming technologies. Today, numeric simulations are highly focused and provide a better understanding of the innovative forming processes. Computational methods and numerical analysis coupled with the modelling of the structural evolution allow us to reduce time costs and eliminate experimental tests. The subjects of research articles published in this nook are multidisciplinary, including friction and lubrication in sheet metal forming, hot strip rolling and tandem strip rolling, application of numeric methods to simulate metal forming processes, development of new creep performance materials, the single point incremental forming process, and the fatigue fracture characteristics of Alclad 7075-T6 aluminum alloy sheets joined by refill friction stir spot welding. Review articles summarize the approaches on the innovative numerical algorithms, experimental methods, and theoretical contributions that have recently been proposed for sheet metal forming by researchers and business research centers.

Handbook of Modern Ferromagnetic Materials

Author : Alex Goldman
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The Handbook of Modern Ferromagnetic Materials is an up-to-the-minute compendium of all ferromagnetic materials, metallic and ceramic, intended for electrical and electronic applications. Coverage of the newest and most economically important materials (soft ferrites, the rare-earth magnet alloys, amorphous and nanocrystalline alloys) is extensive. The distinctive feature of this book is its correlation of basic material properties (metallurgical and ceramic) with their magnetic characteristics and eventually to the choice in an application. Unique to this work is information on the many magnetic components into which these materials can be formed and the pertinent design data. Another useful feature is the criteria (quality, stability and economic) for selection of a particular material. Included are the mechanical, thermal and physical properties of these materials. The author not only presents the latest information from suppliers and magnetism conferences but includes a section on new materials (e.g. colossal magnetostriction materials) being developed but not yet available. The format is arranged according to frequency of operation, which turns out to be almost concurrent with the application. Thus, direct current applications are considered first, then low frequency line power, followed by applications at increasing frequencies up to microwave uses. This anthology of ferromagnetic materials is an essential reference work for electrical and electronic designers and materials scientists. It may also serve as a text for a magnetic materials course and as a materials guide for purchasing agents and technical executives.

Revisiting the Basis of Modern Science

Author : Ajmal Beg
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Modern Physical Metallurgy and Materials Engineering

Author : R. E. Smallman
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For many years, various editions of Smallman's Modern Physical Metallurgy have served throughout the world as a standard undergraduate textbook on metals and alloys. In 1995, it was rewritten and enlarged to encompass the related subject of materials science and engineering and appeared under the title Metals & Materials: Science, Processes, Applications offering a comprehensive amount of a much wider range of engineering materials. Coverage ranged from pure elements to superalloys, from glasses to engineering ceramics, and from everyday plastics to in situ composites, Amongst other favourable reviews, Professor Bhadeshia of Cambridge University commented: "Given the amount of work that has obviously gone into this book and its extensive comments, it is very attractively priced. It is an excellent book to be recommend strongly for purchase by undergraduates in materials-related subjects, who should benefit greatly by owning a text containing so much knowledge." The book now includes new chapters on materials for sports equipment (golf, tennis, bicycles, skiing, etc.) and biomaterials (replacement joints, heart valves, tissue repair, etc.) - two of the most exciting and rewarding areas in current materials research and development. As in its predecessor, numerous examples are given of the ways in which knowledge of the relation between fine structure and properties has made it possible to optimise the service behaviour of traditional engineering materials and to develop completely new and exciting classes of materials. Special consideration is given to the crucial processing stage that enables materials to be produced as marketable commodities. Whilst attempting to produce a useful and relatively concise survey of key materials and their interrelationships, the authors have tried to make the subject accessible to a wide range of readers, to provide insights into specialised methods of examination and to convey the excitement of the atmosphere in which new materials are conceived and developed.

Modern Technologies of Thin Films Deposition

Author : Andrei Victor Sandu
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Thin phosphate coatings are very attractive technologically; in terms of reliability, manufacturing cost and environmental impact. For one thing, the book presents research aimed at obtaining thin phosphate layers that offer good corrosion protection of finished parts. The other aim was to develop techniques that result in coatings with good lubricating properties, as they are required in plastic deformation processing. Presented are alternatives to obtain and characterize phosphate layers by means of the co-precipitation of cations and surfactants in acidic aqueous solutions; resulting in the production of dendritic structures with optimal chemical, physical-structural and mechanical properties. Decisive here are the processes of nucleation and the formation of compact layers that are uniform and well adherent to the substrate. Another general aim was the development of phosphating technologies with high reliability, minimal use of materials and energy and with minimal impact on the environment and operator.

Modern Plasmonics

Author : Alexei A. Maradudin
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Plasmonics is entering the curriculum of many universities, either as a stand alone subject, or as part of some course or courses. Nanotechnology institutes have been, and are being, established in universities, in which plasmonics is a significant topic of research. Modern Plasmonics book offers a comprehensive presentation of the properties of surface plasmon polaritons, in systems of different structures and various natures, e.g. active, nonlinear, graded, theoretical/computational and experimental techniques for studying them, and their use in a variety of applications. Contains material not found in existing books on plasmonics, including basic properties of these surface waves, theoretical/computational and experimental approaches, and new applications of them. Each chapter is written by an expert in the subject to which it is devoted. Emphasis on applications of plasmonics that have been realized, not just predicted or proposed.

Modern Physical Metallurgy

Author : R. E. Smallman
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Modern Physical Metallurgy, Third Edition discusses the fundamental principles of physical metallurgy and demonstrates how the application of the principles leads to a clearer understanding of many technologically important metallurgical phenomena. This book covers the substantial developments in the microstructural examination of metals using X-ray microanalysis, strengthening of metals, and surface and interface behavior. Numerical problems on crystallography, constitution and microstructure, diffraction, diffusion, defect theory, and thermodynamics are also provided in this publication. This edition is useful for all undergraduate degree courses in metallurgy and materials in both universities and polytechnics. The large range of topics included, from superconductivity to superplasticity and from macroscopic plasticity to fracture toughness, gives students sufficient background to the fundamental principles and practical details for examination requirements.

Modern Theories of Chemistry

Author : Lothar Meyer
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Handbook of Modern Chemistry

Author : Charles Meymott Tidy
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Music and Modern Art

Author : James Leggio
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Music and Modern Art adopts an interdisciplinary approach to the relationship between these two fields of creative endeavor.

Modern Thermodynamics for Chemists and Biochemists

Author : Dennis Sherwood
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Thermodynamics is fundamental to university and college curricula in chemistry, physics, engineering and many life sciences around the world. It is also notoriously difficult for students to understand, learn and apply. What makes this book different, and special, is the clarity of the text. The writing style is fluid, natural and lucid, and everything is explained in a logical and transparent manner. Thermodynamics is a deep, and important, branch of science, and this book does not make it "easy". But it does make it intelligible. This book introduces a new, 'Fourth Law' of Thermodynamics' based on the notion of Gibbs free energy, which underpins almost every application of thermodynamics and which the authors claim is worthy of recognition as a 'law'. The last four chapters bring thermodynamics into the twenty-first century, dealing with bioenergetics (how living systems capture and use free energy), macromolecule assembly (how proteins fold), and macromolecular aggregation (how, for example, virus capsids assemble). This is of great current relevance to students of biochemistry, biochemical engineering and pharmacy, and is covered in very few other texts on thermodynamics. The book also contains many novel and effective examples, such as the explanation of why friction is irreversible, the proof of the depression of the freezing point, and the explanation of the biochemical standard state.

Modern Crystallography 2

Author : Boris K. Vainshtein
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The four-volume treatment Modern Crystallography presents an encyclopaedic exposition of problems concerning the structure of crystals, their growth and their properties. Structure of Crystals deals with crystal structures in inorganic and organic compounds, polymers, liquid crystals, biological crystals and macromolecules.

Elements of Modern Chemistry

Author : Adolphe Wurtz
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The New and Improved Practical Gardener and Modern Horticulturist

Author : Charles McIntosh
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Modern Ceramic Engineering

Author : David W. Richerson
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Since the publication of its Third Edition, there have been many notable advances in ceramic engineering. Modern Ceramic Engineering, Fourth Edition serves as an authoritative text and reference for both professionals and students seeking to understand key concepts of ceramics engineering by introducing the interrelationships among the structure, properties, processing, design concepts, and applications of advanced ceramics. Written in the same clear manner that made the previous editions so accessible, this latest edition has been expanded to include new information in almost every chapter, as well as two new chapters that present a variety of relevant case studies. The new edition now includes updated content on nanotechnology, the use of ceramics in integrated circuits, flash drives, and digital cameras, and the role of miniaturization that has made our modern digital devices possible, as well as information on electrochemical ceramics, updated discussions on LEDs, lasers and optical applications, and the role of ceramics in energy and pollution control technologies. It also highlights the increasing importance of modeling and simulation.

Metallic Films for Electronic Optical and Magnetic Applications

Author : Katayun Barmak
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Metallic films play an important role in modern technologies such as integrated circuits, information storage, displays, sensors, and coatings. Metallic Films for Electronic, Optical and Magnetic Applications reviews the structure, processing and properties of metallic films. Part one explores the structure of metallic films using characterization methods such as x-ray diffraction and transmission electron microscopy. This part also encompasses the processing of metallic films, including structure formation during deposition and post-deposition reactions and phase transformations. Chapters in part two focus on the properties of metallic films, including mechanical, electrical, magnetic, optical, and thermal properties. Metallic Films for Electronic, Optical and Magnetic Applications is a technical resource for electronics components manufacturers, scientists, and engineers working in the semiconductor industry, product developers of sensors, displays, and other optoelectronic devices, and academics working in the field. Explores the structure of metallic films using characterization methods such as x-ray diffraction and transmission electron microscopy Discusses processing of metallic films, including structure formation during deposition and post-deposition reactions and phase transformations Focuses on the properties of metallic films, including mechanical, electrical, magnetic, optical, and thermal properties

Modern Theory of Magnetism in Metals and Alloys

Author : Yoshiro Kakehashi
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This book describes theoretical aspects of the metallic magnetism from metals to disordered alloys to amorphous alloys both at the ground state and at finite temperatures. The book gives an introduction to the metallic magnetism, and treats effects of electron correlations on magnetism, spin fluctuations in metallic magnetism, formation of complex magnetic structures, a variety of magnetism due to configurational disorder in alloys as well as a new magnetism caused by the structural disorder in amorphous alloys, especially the itinerant-electron spin glasses. The readers will find that all these topics can be understood systematically by means of the spin-fluctuation theories based on the functional integral method.


Author : Jeff Kinard
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The development of the pistol helped bring the age of the armored knight to an end, provided the elite with a status symbol of dangerous glamour, and inspired both artisans and industrialists to reach new heights of invention. * Provides complete technical details of exemplary pistols from the first working models to the present * In-depth coverage of the three major pistol designs—single-shot, revolver, and automatic—and their production and issuance in the United States, Europe, and Asia

Principles of Geology Or The Modern Changes of the Earth and Its Inhabitants Considered as Illustrative of Geology

Author : Sir Charles Lyell
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