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Micromachines as Tools for Nanotechnology

Author : Hiroyuki Fujita
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Addresses the use of MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) and micromachined devices for the investigation of nanoscience and technology, as well as biotechnology. Such micromachined tools for nanotechnology can enhance the sensitivity, spatial resolution, dexterity, selectivity, and parallel processing capability in measuring and manipulating nano-objects. The book covers state-of-the-art MEMS and NEMS devices for DNA molecular handling and analysis, cell handling and culture on a chip, chemical lab-on-a-chip, multi-probes for vacuum tunneling microscopy and AFM, and characterization of quantum semiconductor structures. Readers will gain deep insight into such developments and students will learn about the emerging field of MEMS and nanotechnology

Micro Machines

Author : David Jefferis
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Presents answers to such technology questions as "How do scientists make things that are too small to see?" and "What are the effects of nanotechnology on the environment?"


Author : Gregory L. Timp
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A survey of the machinery and science of the nanometer scale. Its twenty-two contributing authors, drawn from many different disciplines including atomic physics, microelectronics, polymer chemistry, and biophysics, delineate the course of current research and articulate a vision for the development of the nanometer frontiers in electronics, mechanics, chemistry, magnetics, materials, and biology. They reveal a world thirty years hence where motors are smaller than the diameter of a human hair; where single-celled organisms are programmed to fabricate materials with nanometer precision; where single atoms are used for computation, and where quantum chaos is the norm. Aimed at the level of at least a junior- or senior- level undergraduate in biology, chemistry, physics, or engineering.

Micro and Nanomanufacturing

Author : Mark J. Jackson
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This, the corrected second printing of Jackson’s authoritative volume on the subject, provides a comprehensive treatment of established micro and nanofabrication techniques. It addresses the needs of practicing manufacturing engineers by applying established and research laboratory manufacturing techniques to a wide variety of materials. Nanofabrication and nanotechnology present a great challenge to engineers and researchers as they manipulate atoms and molecules to produce single artifacts and submicron components and systems. The book provides up-to-date information on a number of subjects of interest to engineers who are seeking more knowledge of how nano and micro devices are designed and fabricated. They will learn about manufacturing and fabrication techniques at the micro and nanoscales; using bulk and surface micromachining techniques, and LiGA, and deep x-ray lithography to manufacture semiconductors. Also covered are subjects including producing master molds with micromachining, the deposition of thin films, pulsed water drop machining, and nanomachining.

Fundamentals of Microfabrication and Nanotechnology Three Volume Set

Author : Marc J. Madou
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Now in its third edition, Fundamentals of Microfabrication and Nanotechnology continues to provide the most complete MEMS coverage available. Thoroughly revised and updated the new edition of this perennial bestseller has been expanded to three volumes, reflecting the substantial growth of this field. It includes a wealth of theoretical and practical information on nanotechnology and NEMS and offers background and comprehensive information on materials, processes, and manufacturing options. The first volume offers a rigorous theoretical treatment of micro- and nanosciences, and includes sections on solid-state physics, quantum mechanics, crystallography, and fluidics. The second volume presents a very large set of manufacturing techniques for micro- and nanofabrication and covers different forms of lithography, material removal processes, and additive technologies. The third volume focuses on manufacturing techniques and applications of Bio-MEMS and Bio-NEMS. Illustrated in color throughout, this seminal work is a cogent instructional text, providing classroom and self-learners with worked-out examples and end-of-chapter problems. The author characterizes and defines major research areas and illustrates them with examples pulled from the most recent literature and from his own work.

The Age of Spiritual Machines

Author : Ray Kurzweil
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Ray Kurzweil is the inventor of the most innovative and compelling technology of our era, an international authority on artificial intelligence, and one of our greatest living visionaries. Now he offers a framework for envisioning the twenty-first century--an age in which the marriage of human sensitivity and artificial intelligence fundamentally alters and improves the way we live. Kurzweil's prophetic blueprint for the future takes us through the advances that inexorably result in computers exceeding the memory capacity and computational ability of the human brain by the year 2020 (with human-level capabilities not far behind); in relationships with automated personalities who will be our teachers, companions, and lovers; and in information fed straight into our brains along direct neural pathways. Optimistic and challenging, thought-provoking and engaging, The Age of Spiritual Machines is the ultimate guide on our road into the next century. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Nanophysics for Energy Efficiency

Author : Rui F. M. Lobo
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This book provides a succinct account of the ways in which nano technology is being applied to improve energy efficiency. The coverage includes current scanning probe techniques for electrical energy storage, energy harvesting systems and local electrochemistry as well as emerging techniques of relevance to diverse materials and devices, including advanced scanning probes for nano fabrication and nano tribology. The tools of nanotechnology, such as scanning probe microscopes and micro machines, can provide important information about the fundamental nature of space, especially the zero-point electromagnetic field. An exciting aspect of this subject is that a better understanding of the force that arises from the zero-point field, i.e., the Casimir force, may enable its control to some extent, impacting on the development of nano electromechanical systems. Readers will find this book to be a clear and concise summary of the state of the art in nanophysics and nanotechnology as they relate to energy efficiency.

Nano and Micromachining

Author : J. Paulo Davim
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This book provides the fundamentals and recent advances in nano and micromachining for modern manufacturing engineering. It begins by outlining nanomachining before discussing various advances in field and machining processes. The coverage concludes with an evaluation of subsurface damages in nano and micromachining and a presentation of applications in industry. As such, this book serves both as a useful classroom text for engineering and machining courses at the undergraduate and graduate level, and as a reference for academics and engineers in these areas.

Surface Engineered Surgical Tools and Medical Devices

Author : Mark J. Jackson
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This book examines the interaction between nano tools and nano materials. It explains the use of appropriate tools in surgery for a variety of applications and provides a complete description of clinical procedures accompanied by photographs. Coverage also presents the latest developments in surface coatings technology such as chemical vapor deposition for use on complex cutting tools for biomedical applications.

Handbook of Microscopy for Nanotechnology

Author : Nan Yao
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Nanostructured materials take on an enormously rich variety of properties and promise exciting new advances in micromechanical, electronic, and magnetic devices as well as in molecular fabrications. The structure-composition-processing-property relationships for these sub 100 nm-sized materials can only be understood by employing an array of modern microscopy and microanalysis tools. Handbook of Microscopy for Nanotechnology aims to provide an overview of the basics and applications of various microscopy techniques for nanotechnology. This handbook highlights various key microcopic techniques and their applications in this fast-growing field. Topics to be covered include the following: scanning near field optical microscopy, confocal optical microscopy, atomic force microscopy, magnetic force microscopy, scanning turning microscopy, high-resolution scanning electron microscopy, orientational imaging microscopy, high-resolution transmission electron microscopy, scanning transmission electron microscopy, environmental transmission electron microscopy, quantitative electron diffraction, Lorentz microscopy, electron holography, 3-D transmission electron microscopy, high-spatial resolution quantitative microanalysis, electron-energy-loss spectroscopy and spectral imaging, focused ion beam, secondary ion microscopy, and field ion microscopy.


Author : Iwao Fujimasa
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Micromachine technology and development is very recent in the long history of mechanical engineering. Yet as new microscopes make the miniature realms of micromechanisms accessible it is at this tiny scale that the biggest opportunities and challenges are to be found.Fujimasa, a leading Japanese researcher in this field, examines the brief history of the subject as well as the technologies that make micromachine fabrication possible. By examining the workings of life, and cells in particular, as good exemplars of micromachines, he is able to develop ideas fornew applications and working principles.There is, in Feynman's famous words about the limits of miniaturization, "Plenty of room at the bottom".

BioMEMS and Biomedical Nanotechnology

Author : Tejal Desai
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Volume 3 of the multi-volume reference, BioMEMS and Biomedical Nanotechnology, will be the first comprehensive treatment of the emerging area of therapeutic micro- and nanotechnology. Subjects covered include: cell-based therapeutics, regenerative medicine - merging cells with micro- and nanosystems, and integrating MEMS with cells and tissues; Drug delivery - intravascular nanoparticles for drug targeting and nonvascular delivery (implantable, oral, inhalable); and, molecular surface engineering for the biological interface, biomolecule patterning and cell patterning. This volume is very well illustrated with many of the figures in color.

Critical Technologies and Competitiveness

Author : D. Malana
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School Library Journal

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Popular Science

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Dekker Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

Author : James A. Schwarz
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The Bulletin

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Intelligent Production Machines and Systems 2nd I PROMS Virtual International Conference 3 14 July 2006

Author : Duc T. Pham
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I*PROMS 2005 is an online web-based conference. It provides a platform for presenting, discussing, and disseminating research results contributed by scientists and industrial practitioners active in the area of intelligent systems and soft computing techniques (such as fuzzy logic, neural networks, evolutionary algorithms, and knowledge-based systems) and their application in different areas of manufacturing. Comprised of 100 peer-reviewed articles, this important resource provides tools to help enterprises achieve goals critical to the future of manufacturing. I*PROMS is an European Union-funded network that involves 30 partner organizations and more than 130 researchers from universities, research organizations, and corporations. * State-of-the-art research results * Leading European researchers and industrial practitioners * Comprehensive collection of indexed and peer-reviewed articles in book format supported by a user-friendly full-text CD-ROM with search functionality

Micro Cutting

Author : Dr. Dehong Huo
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Micro-Cutting: Fundamentals and Applicationscomprehensively covers the state of the art research andengineering practice in micro/nano cutting: an area which isbecoming increasingly important, especially in modernmicro-manufacturing, ultraprecision manufacturing and high valuemanufacturing. This book provides basic theory, design and analysis ofmicro-toolings and machines, modelling methods and techniques, andintegrated approaches for micro-cutting. The fundamentalcharacteristics, modelling, simulation and optimization ofmicro/nano cutting processes are emphasized with particularreference to the predictabilty, producibility, repeatability andproductivity of manufacturing at micro and nano scales. The fundamentals of micro/nano cutting are applied to a varietyof machining processes including diamond turning, micromilling,micro/nano grinding/polishing, ultraprecision machining, and thedesign and implementation of micro/nano cutting process chains andmicromachining systems. Key features • Contains contributions from leading global experts • Covers the fundamental theory of micro-cutting • Presents applications in a variety of machiningprocesses • Includes examples of how to implement and applymicro-cutting for precision and micro-manufacturing Micro-Cutting: Fundamentals and Applications is an idealreference for manufacturing engineers, production supervisors,tooling engineers, planning and application engineers, as well asmachine tool designers. It is also a suitable textbook forpostgraduate students in the areas of micro-manufacturing,micro-engineering and advanced manufacturing methods.

Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Nanotechnology

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