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Microspheres and Regional Cancer Therapy

Author : Neville Willmott
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Microspheres and Regional Cancer Therapy takes an interdisciplinary approach to the subject of microspheres and regional cancer therapy. It synthesizes laboratory and clinical data to demonstrate the utility of microsphere-based strategies in the treatment of localized solid tumors (particularly in the liver) not amenable to surgery and as a component of strategies for treatment of disseminated disease. Using the same techniques that show the deficiencies of delivery strategies involving antibodies, liposomes, and synthetic polymers, clear evidence is presented describing how microspheres of appropriate size can be localized in solid tumor deposits in the liver with little exposure to other organs. To exploit this phenomenon, the extent and nature of the incorporation of active agents within microspheres is discussed in relation to release, pharmacokinetics, and tumor response achieved by intensification of therapy in the manner described. This book will benefit laboratory-based scientists and clinicians in pharmaceutics, pharmacology, physiology, surgical oncology, and nuclear medicine. In addition, cancer clinicians interested in the value of regional therapy will be able to evaluate the underlying theory and learn the necessary methodology.

Progress in Regional Cancer Therapy

Author : Raimund Jakesz
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Present knowledge in regional cancer therapy is presented in this volume. The latest research addresses the questions of optimal drug development, the best galenic form and schedule to control tissue distribution at the tumor site and efficient treatment of specific anatomical regions.

Locoregional Tumor Therapy

Author : Eric Van Cutsem
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This book presents, in condensed form, the clinical results achieved by means of various locoregional tumor therapies employed for different indications. In so doing, it will allow the reader to rapidly retrieve the information on indications and effectiveness that is required for optimal integration of these highly effective therapies into modern, complex treatment strategies. The renaissance in locoregional tumor therapies is an ongoing process. New chemotherapeutic schedules, especially for liver and lung tumors, have been developed during the past few years. Other targeted therapies, such as radioembolization, microwave ablation, and HIFU techniques, and new pharmaceuticals for intra-arterial therapy have been developed and implemented in clinical practice. Furthermore, the advantages of unlimited combination of starch microspheres with various antitumor agents, supported by effective ischemia, have been increasingly exploited. The second edition of this book reflects these advances and includes entirely new chapters on the role of intraperitoneal perfusion in treating peritoneal carcinomatosis and the use of limb perfusion. Locoregional Tumor Therapy will be invaluable for all practitioners who work with cancer patients.

Targeted Radionuclide Therapy

Author : Tod W. Speer
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Radioimmunotherapy, also known as systemic targeted radiation therapy, uses antibodies, antibody fragments, or compounds as carriers to guide radiation to the targets. It is a topic rapidly increasing in importance and success in treatment of cancer patients. This book represents a comprehensive amalgamation of the radiation physics, chemistry, radiobiology, tumor models, and clinical data for targeted radionuclide therapy. It outlines the current challenges and provides a glimpse at future directions. With significant advances in cell biology and molecular engineering, many targeting constructs are now available that will safely deliver these highly cytotoxic radionuclides in a targeted fashion. A companion website includes the full text and an image bank.

Regional Cancer Therapy

Author : Peter M. Schlag
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This volume provides a biological and pharmacological background for regional cancer therapy, strategies and techniques for regional therapies, and specific indications and results for different tumor entities. Clinical trial concepts and detailed treatment protocols are also presented. This book is essential reading for researchers and clinicians engaged in seeking advanced therapeutic options for cancer patients worldwide.

Locoregional Radionuclide Cancer Therapy

Author : Franklin C.L. Wong
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This book reviews locoregional radionuclide cancer therapies (LRCT). Proving an increasingly viable alternative to radiotherapy, radionuclide therapy includes a diversity of choices of well characterized biochemical and physiologic target molecules. The delivery and retention of radionuclides may be monitored by advanced imaging for exact tissue localization and for real-time dosimetry to enable personalized precision medicine. Radiopharmaceuticals in human cancer therapies are typically delivered in systemic routes but can also be designed for locoregional routes to harness pharmacokinetic advantages of higher payload and lower systemic toxicities. This book explores the latest advancements and clinical considerations of the locoregional approach. Throughout the chapters, the clinical and scientific bases of cancer treatment and the locoregional use of radionculides are explored. Mathematical models of radiation dosimetry of locoregional radionculdies on tissues are studied using common models for multiple commercially available radionuclides. Rodent and canine tumor models of LRCT are compared for selected radionuclides and radiopharmaceuticals. The practical aspects of radiopharmaceuticals production, marketing, transport, as well as radiation protection are reviewed. Finally, the combination of LRCT with immunotherapy and other cancer therapies and prospective future use of LRCT are discussed. This is a guide for practicing nuclear physicians, interventional radiologists, radiation oncologists, radiation scientists, veterinarians and oncologists to expand their knowledge base and to prepare for designing locoregional radionuclide cancer therapies in animals and in humans.

Cancer Treatment An Update

Author : P. Banzet
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This book gathers the educational lectures and the texts of the main presenta tions given at the 4th International Congress on Anticancer Chemotherapy which took place in February 1993 in Paris and was attended by 5 000 oncologists from all continents, physicians, students and nurses. This book aspires to give update of the most scientific and clinical aspects of modern oncology. It aims also at showing the prospects that are opened by the rapid progress of cancer biology. The editors are grateful to the authors whose scholarship de fines the quality of the book. Educational lectures The pathogenesis of human cancer metastasis I] Fidler Cancer is a collection of malignancies with each cancer of each organ consist ing of numerous subsets. This biologic and clinical heterogeneity is probably due to the different etiologies, origins, and selection pressures. Despite this heterogeneity, all malignant neoplasms have a uniform characteristic : the ability to invade host tissues and produce metastases. Clinical observations of cancer patients and studies with experimental rodent tumors have revealed that cer tain tumors produce metastasis to specific organs independent of vascular anat omy, rate of blood flow, and number of tumor cells delivered to each organ. The distribution and fate of hematogeneously disseminated, radiolabelled tumor cells in experimental rodent systems amply demonstrate that tumor cells reach the microvasculature of many organs.

Liver Radioembolization with 90Y Microspheres

Author : José Ignacio Bilbao
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This vital text for oncologists and radiotherapists provides an in-depth account of all aspects of radioembolization, a relatively novel technique based on the efficacy of radiotherapy for the treatment of liver tumors. Radioembolization combines embolization (intravascular deployment of particles – microspheres loaded with yttrium-90) and brachytherapy (local administration of radiotherapy), thereby allowing delivery of high doses of beta-radiation specifically to the tumoral area.

Developmental Pharmacology and Therapeutics

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Cancer Treatment Reports

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