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America s Top Military Careers

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This book provides solid, accurate, and important information on all majoy careers in the armed forces.

For the Common Defense

Author : Allan Reed Millett
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Traces the competing strategies and goals, and struggles for manpower and material that have shaped American military institutions

Central America Report

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The Iraq Wars and America s Military Revolution

Author : Keith L. Shimko
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Many saw the United States' decisive victory in Desert Storm (1991) as not only vindication of American defense policy since Vietnam but also confirmation of a revolution in military affairs (RMA). Just as information-age technologies were revolutionizing civilian life, the Gulf War appeared to reflect similarly profound changes in warfare. A debate has raged ever since about a contemporary RMA and its implications for American defense policy. Addressing these issues, The Iraq Wars and America's Military Revolution is a comprehensive study of the Iraq Wars in the context of the RMA debate. Focusing on the creation of a reconnaissance-strike complex and conceptions of parallel or nonlinear warfare, Keith L. Shimko finds a persuasive case for a contemporary RMA while recognizing its limitations as well as promise.

Court Martial How Military Justice Has Shaped America from the Revolution to 9 11 and Beyond

Author : Chris Bray
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A timely, provocative account of how military justice has shaped American society since the nation’s beginnings. Historian and former soldier Chris Bray tells the sweeping story of military justice from the earliest days of the republic to contemporary arguments over using military courts to try foreign terrorists or soldiers accused of sexual assault. Stretching from the American Revolution to 9/11, Court-Martial recounts the stories of famous American court-martials, including those involving President Andrew Jackson, General William Tecumseh Sherman, Lieutenant Jackie Robinson, and Private Eddie Slovik. Bray explores how encounters of freed slaves with the military justice system during the Civil War anticipated the civil rights movement, and he explains how the Uniform Code of Military Justice came about after World War II. With a great eye for narrative, Bray hones in on the human elements of these stories, from Revolutionary-era militiamen demanding the right to participate in political speech as citizens, to black soldiers risking their lives during the Civil War to demand fair pay, to the struggles over the court-martial of Lieutenant William Calley and the events of My Lai during the Vietnam War. Throughout, Bray presents readers with these unvarnished voices and his own perceptive commentary. Military justice may be separate from civilian justice, but it is thoroughly entwined with American society. As Bray reminds us, the history of American military justice is inextricably the history of America, and Court-Martial powerfully documents the many ways that the separate justice system of the armed forces has served as a proxy for America’s ongoing arguments over equality, privacy, discrimination, security, and liberty.

Military Uniforms in America

Author : Company of Military Historians
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The National Military Strategy of the United States of America 2011

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American Military History

Author : Brad D. Lookingbill
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American Military History: A Documentary Reader presents a comprehensive collection of primary documents relating to America's armed forces from the colonial period to the present. Features documents which introduce key people, events, and turning points in American military history Explores the importance of events not only in terms of military history, but also on a social and cultural level for the country at large Includes an ancillary website featuring an online resource center, links to additional material, maps, and a glossary to aid instructors and students, available upon publication

American Military Technology

Author : Barton C. Hacker
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How have Americans made war? This volume provides a concise history of the science and technology of American military might.

State and Military in Latin America

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