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Millions Like Us

Author : Visiting Senior Fellow Department of Psychology Nicky Hayes
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This collection of essays brings together the latest historical research on cultural production and reception during the Second World War. It covers the way in which cultural provision was viewed by the labour movement and industry.

Millions Like Us

Author : Virginia Nicholson
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In 1942 Cora Johnston is grieving over the death of her young husband, torpedoed in the Atlantic; Aileen Morris is intercepting Luftwaffe communications during the siege of Malta - and Clara Milburn, whose son was captured after Dunkirk, is waiting, and waiting ... We tend to see the Second World War as a man's war, featuring Spitfire crews and brave deeds on the Normandy beaches. But in conditions of "Total War" millions of women - in the Services and on the Home Front - demonstrated that they were cleverer, more broad-minded and altogether more complex than anyone had ever guessed. In Millions Like Us Virginia Nicholson tells the story of the women's war, through a host of individual women's experiences. She tells how they loved, suffered, laughed, grieved and dared; how they re-made their world in peacetime. And how they would never be the same again ...

Millions Like Us

Author : Jenny Hartley
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The Second World War saw women fully involved and experiencing work outside the home; the temporary nature of their new role was echoed in the fiction of the era, where the heroine's work remained a prelude to her return to domesticity. Their relative freedom is also reflected in wartime fiction that saw women fulfil a range of roles at one time -mother, worker, home-maker. From the blitz to secret surveillance, from film and radio to letter-writing, women wrote about it all and here Jenny Hartley offers a fascinating and enlightening criticism, discussing a range of authors including: Elizabeth Bowen, OliviaManning, Rosamond Lehmann, Rose Macaulay and Stevie Smith.

Launder and Gilliat

Author : Bruce Babington
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Analyses the achievement of one of the central partnerships in British film history


Author : Kristin Bluemel
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This collection of original critical essays, newly available in paperback, launches an ambitious, long-term project marking out a new period and style in twentieth-century literary history.

The Galilee Story

Author : Lowell Tarling
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A State of Play

Author : Steven Fielding
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A State of Play explores how the British have imagined their politics, from the parliament worship of Anthony Trollope to the cynicism of The Thick of It. In an account that mixes historical with political analysis, Steven Fielding argues that fictional depictions of politics have played an important but insidious part in shaping how the British think about their democracy and have helped ventilate their many frustrations with Westminster. He shows that dramas and fictions have also performed a significant role in the battle of ideas, in a way undreamt of by those who draft party manifestos. The book examines the work of overtly political writers have treated the subject, discussing the novels of H.G. Wells, the comedy series Yes, Minister and the plays of David Hare. However, it also assesses how less obvious sources, such as the films of George Formby, the novels of Agatha Christie, the Just William stories and situation comedies like Steptoe and Son, have reflected on representative democracy. A State of Play is an invaluable, distinctive and engaging guide to a new way of thinking about Britain's political past and present.

Movie Greats

Author : Philip Gillett
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Why are some films regarded as classics, worthy of entry into the canon of film history? Which sorts of films make the cut and why? Movie Greats questions how cinema is ranked and, in doing so, uncovers a history of critical conflict, with different aesthetic positions battling for dominance. The films examined range across the history of cinema: The Battleship Potemkin, The 39 Steps, Modern Times, Citizen Kane, It's a Wonderful Life, Black Narcissus, The Night of the Hunter, Lawrence of Arabia, 8 1/2, 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Godfather, Raging Bull, The Piano and Kill Bill: Vol. 1.Each chapter opens with a brief summary of the film's plot and goes on to discuss the historical context, the key individuals who made the film, and initial and subsequent popular and critical responses. Students studying the history of film, canon formation or film aesthetics will find this book relevant, provocative and absorbing.

Did I Say That

Author : John L. McKenzie
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He did indeed say the acerbic, insightful, original, candid and frequently seemingly outrageous things in this long-awaited book. For this is one of America's top theologians come down from the ivory tower of scholarship to deal with the moral and ecclesiastical problems of everyday life in the crisp, colorful, and jargon-free style that have made John L. McKenzie one of the most widely read and highly regarded Catholic writers of our day. One of the few things Father McKenzie is not famous for is pulling his punches. When he talks about the problems of evil in modern life his indictments shy away from no sacred cows. His outspoken criticism of authority in the church, of ecclesiastical repression of personal and academic freedom have not necessarily made him friends in high places but they have influenced many. His tremendous depth of scriptural knowledge illuminates all his writing without ever slipping over to the pedantic. Best of all, his passionate concern for people and for the authentic message of the Gospels, is converted and focused onto the major moral problems which openly or covertly subvert the quality of contemporary Christian life--as it is lived very much in this world.


Author : Gary Brosch
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I have stated before that the world is not your friend. Nations have little interest in the United States other than what they may gain from her dead or alive; pick her pockets, or pick her bones, it matters little to rag-picking nations. However, America, your danger has become far more profound than ever before. Your external enemies pale in comparison to the beast that currently is consuming you alive from within. Your deadliest enemy is to be found within your own borders now. This enemy is multi-faceted, and relentless. It is your own government. Your own government, at all levels, is at war with the American culture, the American economic and military superiority, the American identity, American citizenship, American education literally everything that has made America unique for three hundred years is under assault from within. Unless this trend is immediately rectified, any attempt to protect your country from external enemies will be useless. What are you prepared to do about that?