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Mind Matters

Author : David M. Steier
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Based on a symposium honoring the extensive work of Allen Newell -- one of the founders of artificial intelligence, cognitive science, human-computer interaction, and the systematic study of computational architectures -- this volume demonstrates how unifying themes may be found in the diversity that characterizes current research on computers and cognition. The subject matter includes: * an overview of cognitive and computer science by leading researchers in the field; * a comprehensive description of Allen Newell's "Soar" -- a computational architecture he developed as a unified theory of cognition; * commentary on how the Soar theory of cognition relates to important issues in cognitive and computer science; * rigorous treatments of controversial issues in cognition -- methodology of cognitive science, hybrid approaches to machine learning, word-sense disambiguation in understanding material language, and the role of capability processing constraints in architectural theory; * comprehensive and systematic methods for studying architectural evolution in both hardware and software; * a thorough discussion of the use of analytic models in human computer interaction; * extensive reviews of important experiments in the study of scientific discovery and deduction; and * an updated analysis of the role of symbols in information processing by Herbert Simon. Incorporating the research of top scientists inspired by Newell's work, this volume will be of strong interest to a large variety of scientific communities including psychologists, computational linguists, computer scientists and engineers, and interface designers. It will also be valuable to those who study the scientific process itself, as it chronicles the impact of Newell's approach to research, simultaneously delving into each scientific discipline and producing results that transcend the boundaries of those disciplines.

Your Mind Matters

Author : John Stott
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"Knowledge is indispensable to Christian life and service," writes John Stott. "If we do not use the mind which God has given us, we condemn ourselves to spiritual superficiality." While Christians have had a long heritage of rigorous scholarship and careful thinking, some circles still view the intellect with suspicion or even as contradictory to Christian faith. And many non-Christians are quick to label Christians as anti-intellectual and obscurantist. But this need not be so. In this classic introduction to Christian thinking, John Stott makes a forceful appeal for Christian discipleship that engages the mind as well as the heart.

Her Mind Matters

Author : Manbeen Grover
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Manbeen Grover is a Life Coach and a Relationship Counsellor. She is also a certified NLP master, Silva Graduate, Tarot Card Reader and Numerologist. She combines various techniques to help people become aware of their emotional blocks and encourages them to be empowered. She has been married for more than two decades and lives with her husband, son and daughter in New Delhi, India. She believes that everyone has the inbuilt courage and power to make a difference; it's just that we don't believe it, the reason being our emotions, reactions, limiting belief, lack of clarity come in the way. She works on empowering people to overcome the barriers they are facing to create the life they want.

Mind Matters Self Esteem

Author : Marilyn Harvey
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Focusing on self-esteem this title is designed to raise awareness among young people of caring for their own mental health and encouraging them to support others experiencing mental health problems. It is a resource bank containing: exploration of the nature of self-esteem; 10 activities you can use or adapt to a range of situations to increase young people's understanding of self-esteem; and case study illustrating a successful project. It supports young people's learning of factors affecting their self-esteem. It includes tips on how to boost levels of self-confidence.

Mind Matters in SLA

Author : Dr. Clare Wright
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This book examines key issues in theories of what language is and what happens in the mind during second language acquisition (SLA), inspiring readers to think in new and exciting ways about language learning and teaching. Chapters, written by both established and rising star scholars, provide cutting-edge insights and new empirical findings on major topics of formal and cognitive linguistics, psycholinguistics and second language development, and offer a coherent, wide-ranging, reader-friendly examination of learner-internal factors in SLA. The first section of the book focuses on issues that are pertinent to our understanding of language acquisition, particularly in relation to syntax. The second section comprises empirical chapters on syntax, the lexicon, phonetics/phonology and language production in English and other languages. These chapters refer to theories and frameworks from within SLA to enable the reader to grasp the key questions and issues that are currently relevant. The final section focuses on research relating to how second language (L2) learners make transitions from one stage of development to the next; it covers state-of-the-art psycholinguistic research concerning how L2 acquisition occurs in real time, and includes discussion of models of L2 development both in and out of the classroom.

Mind Matters A Psychiatrist s Narrations

Author : Dr. Amresh Shrivastava, MD
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This book is narration by a psychiatrist. The purpose of this book is to provide education, information and knowledge about mental health and prevention of psychological illnesses. For this reason, Dr Shrivastava, a long time psychiatrist, has compiled stories of problems faced by patients and treatments they received with frank discussion and academic facts. One out of five people in our society suffer from a mental disorder. The experience of psychological illness disconnects them from their own selves. Though it is a treatable condition, patients seldom receive treatment. One of the main barriers is the stigma which is a clinical risk factor. We are unable to deal with stigma because people do not speak up about their experiences. We are unable to project examples of successful treatment. This limitation increases stigma.

Translating Mind Matters in Twenty First Century French Women s Writing

Author : Claire Ellender
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Attitudes towards, and strategies for treating, those who suffer from abnormal mental states have evolved considerably over the centuries, and these are reflected in the various literary genres of all eras. In its introduction, this book provides a concise, yet thorough, overview of this phenomenon, citing key examples taken from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century. Each of the eight chapters which constitute Part One of this study then focuses on representations of a particular mental health issue in a work of literature produced by a twenty-first-century French woman writer. Considering the causes and symptoms of the given condition, it situates the representation of its treatment in relation to current attitudes and practices in the West. Inspired by the concept that reading literature which concentrates on mental health problems can be both informative and of comfort to those affected by such issues, Part Two provides detailed textual analyses, and discusses the English-language versions, of four works examined in Part One which already exist in translation. Suggesting how these may be of benefit to an Anglophone readership, it recommends that the four remaining texts, which may be equally helpful, are suitable for translation into English.

Your Mind Matters

Author : John Stott
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While Christians have had a long heritage of rigorous scholarship and careful thinking, some circles still view the intellect with suspicion or even as contradictory to Christian faith. And many non-Christians are quick to label Christians as anti-intellectual and obscurantist. But this need not be so.

Mind Matters

Author : Cary J. Nederman
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Marcia Colish is one of the most influential scholars of the history of medieval and early modern thought, the author of numerous books and scores of articles in the field, as well as a pioneering President of the Medieval Academy of America. This volume honours her accomplishments with papers by her many colleagues, friends, and former students, who are themselves prominent scholars from across a range of disciplines. The chapters are diverse chronologically and topically, yet they are all stimulated by themes that Prof. Colish has explored during her long and distinguished career. They address the richness of European intellectual history between the twelfth and the sixteenth centuries, treating the multiple heritages of philosophy, theology, political theory, historiography, classical reception, and many other subjects to which her scholarship extends. The volume demonstrates the power of ideas in the development of European history generally, revealing that the careful study of the works of the 'mind' does indeed 'matter'.

Brain Matters

Author : Patricia Wolfe
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Everyone agrees that what we do in schools should be based on what we know about how the brain learns. Until recently, however, we have had few clues to unlock the secrets of the brain. Now, research from the neurosciences has greatly improved our understanding of the learning process, and we have a much more solid foundation on which to base educational decisions. In this completely revised and updated second edition, Patricia Wolfe clarifies how we can effectively match teaching practice with brain functioning. Encompassing the most recent and relevant research and knowledge, this edition also includes three entirely new chapters that examine brain development from birth through adolescence and identify the impact of exercise, sleep, nutrition, and technology on the brain. Brain Matters begins with a "mini-textbook" on brain anatomy and physiology, bringing the biology of the brain into context with teaching and learning. Wolfe describes how the brain encodes, manipulates, and stores information, and she proposes implications that recent research has for practice—why meaning is essential for attention, how emotion can enhance or impede learning, and how different types of rehearsal are necessary for different types of learning. Finally, Wolfe introduces and examines practical classroom applications and brain-compatible teaching strategies that take advantage of simulations, projects, problem-based learning, graphic organizers, music, active engagement, and mnemonics. These strategies are accompanied by actual classroom scenarios—spanning the content areas and grade levels from lower elementary to high school&mdashthat help teachers connect theory with practice.