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Mind And Reality The Space time Window

Author : Schommers Wolfram
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The relationship between mind and reality is usually perceived as an event that takes place in reality and producing simultaneously an internal image in the mind. So it takes place twice, so to speak, and there is a one-to-one correspondence between the two events. Within this conception, matter is embedded in space and time, and can be designated as “container-principle”. This monograph emphasizes that the well-known philosopher Immanuel Kant denied this principle and he stated that reality is principally not recognizable to a human being, and modern biological evolution seems to lead exactly to Kant's point of view. Within the theory of evolution, man's image about reality in mind does not have to be complete and true in the sense of a precise reproduction, and it is relatively easy to recognize that even space and time should not be elements of reality outside. Within this conception, only a certain part of reality, which the human being needs for mastering life, is projected onto space and time, and we come to the so-called “projection principle”. Then, spacetime defines the window to reality, leading to a number of exciting and essential questions, some of which are discussed in this monograph.As is known, current physics is mainly based on the container-principle. But this monograph proposes that the projection principle is obviously more suitable and could help to solve open-ended questions as, for example, in connection with the nature of time, the particle-wave duality, the cosmological constant, etc. Regarding the statistical behavior of matter, Einstein's statement “God does not play dice” has to be seen in a new light, but also Feynman's general viewpoint on quantum theory that it cannot be understood by man. However, conventional quantum theory is obviously not a consistent framework as per the projection principle. The term “world equation” is critically probed in this monograph.

Voyages in Mind and Space

Author : James C. Glass
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Here are six long stories of mystery, fantasy, and science fiction to entertain you, and a rare poem by the author. A woman and her daughter discover there is more to death than biology, a young student bullied at school finds power in a poster, and a hog farmer begins a journey to his destiny in a rainstorm. A grandson finds himself in danger for suspecting that his grandmother is doing a “bad thing” in her basement. A creature from mythology is reunited with her lover from a distant past, and an astronaut dreams of a love unbounded by space or time. Great reading from a master storyteller!

Mind and Body Spaces

Author : Ruth Butler
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Mind and Body Spaces highlights new international research from Britain, USA, Canada and Australia, on bodily impairment, mental health and disabled peoples social worlds. The contributors discuss a variety of current issues including: * historical conceptions of the body and behaviour * contemporary political activism * matters of identity and employment * accessible housing * parenthood and child carers * psychiatric medication use * masculinity and sexuality * autobiography * social exclusion and inclusion. The contributors are: Hester Parr, Ruth Butler, Rob Imrie, Michael L. Dorn, Deborah Carter Park, John Radford, Brendan Gleeson, Isabel Dyck, Edward Hall, Pamela Moss, Gill Valentine, Christine Milligan, Flora Gathorne-Hardy, Jane Stables, Fiona Smith and Vera Chouinard.

God Mind and Logical Space

Author : I. Aranyosi
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The book offers a novel approach to the idea of divinity in guise of a philosophical doctrine called 'Logical Pantheism', according to which the only way to establish the existence of God undeniably is by equating God with Logical Space.

Mind Over Matter

Author : K. C. Cole
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“Ruminations on every scientific subject over the sun—and plenty beyond it”—from the bestselling author of The Universe and the Teacup (The Boston Globe). A San Jose Mercury News Best Book of the Year A recipient of the American Institute of Physics Award for Best Science Writer, K. C. Cole offers a wide-ranging collection of essays about the nature of nature, the universals in the universe, and the messy playfulness of great science. In witty and fresh short takes, she explores some of the world’s most intriguing scientific subjects—from particle physics to cosmology to mathematics and astronomy—and introduces a few of science’s great minds. Revealing the universe to be elegant, intriguing, and, above all, relevant to our everyday lives, this book is “an absolute delight [that] belongs on the bedside bookshelf of every science enthusiast” (San Jose Mercury News). “Cole seeks the wondrous in the stuff we mistake for just ordinary.” —Publishers Weekly K. C. Cole, the Los Angeles Times science writer and columnist, always has a fresh take on cutting-edge scientific discoveries, which she makes both understandable and very human. Reporting on physics, cosmology, mathematics, astronomy, and more, Cole's essays, culled from her popular Mind Over Matter columns, reveal the universe as simple, constant, and complex—and wholly relevant to politics, art, and every dimension of human life.

Brain Mind and Consciousness

Author : Petr Bob
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Neuropsychological research on the neural basis of behavior generally asserts that brain mechanisms ultimately suffice to explain all psychologically described phenomena. This assumption stems from the idea that the brain consists entirely of material particles and fields, and that all causal mechanisms relevant to neuroscience can be formulated solely in terms of properties of these elements. Contemporary basic physical theory differs from classic physics on the important matter of how consciousness of human agents enters into the structure of empirical phenomena. The new principles contradict the older idea that local mechanical processes alone account for the structure of all empirical data. Contemporary physical theory brings directly into the overall causal structure certain psychologically described choices made by human agents about how they will act. This key development in basic physical theory is applicable to neuroscience. This book explores this new framework.

Holism in Philosophy of Mind and Philosophy of Physics

Author : M. Esfeld
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The topic of this book is a comparison between holism in the philosophy and language and social holism on the one hand and holism about space-time and quantum systems on the other hand. The main claim is that holism in the humanities and holism in fundamental physics come under the same substantial, general conception of holism. That is to say: arguments to the effect that the holism of the mental is unscientific or that the mental is separated from the physical owing to holism are not sound. The holism of the mental fits into a world-view that bases itself on scientific realism. The addressees of this book are all those who care about our view of the world and ourselves in the spirit of an argumentative examination of different positions. No familiarity with physics is presupposed.

Mind Over Ship

Author : David Marusek
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The year is 2135, and the international program to seed the galaxy with human colonies has stalled as greedy, immoral powerbrokers park their starships in Earth's orbit and begin to convert them into space condos. Ellen Starke's head, rescued from the fiery crash that killed her mother, struggles to regrow a new body in time to restore her dead mother's financial empire. And Pre-Singularity AIs conspire to join the human race just as human clones, such as Mary Skarland and her sisters, want nothing more than to leave it. Welcome to Mind Over Ship, the sequel to Marusek's stunning debut novel, Counting Heads, which Publishers Weekly called "ferociously smart, simultaneously horrific and funny." At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Of Space and Mind

Author : Patrick L. Hamilton
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Based on author's doctoral thesis (University of Colorado, 2006): Reading space.

Space in Mind

Author : Daniel R. Montello
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The current "spatial turn" in many disciplines reflects an emerging scholarly interest in space and spatiality as central components in understanding the natural and cultural worlds. In Space in Mind, leading researchers from a range of disciplines examine the implications of research on spatial thinking and reasoning for education and learning. Their contributions suggest ways in which recent work in such fields as spatial cognition, geographic information systems, linguistics, artificial intelligence, architecture, and data visualization can inform spatial approaches to learning and education.After addressing the conceptual foundations of spatial thinking for education and learning, the book considers visualization, both external (for example, diagrams and maps) and internal (imagery and other mental spatial representations); embodied cognition and spatial understanding; and the development of specific spatial curricula and literacies. ContributorsKinnari Atit, John Bateman, Ruth Conroy Dalton, Ghislain Deslongchamps, Bonnie Dixon, Roger M. Downs, Daniel R. Montello, Christian Freksa, Michael F. Goodchild, Karl Grossner, Mary Hegarty, Scott R. Hinze, Christoph Hölscher, Alycia M. Hund, Donald G. Janelle, Sander Lestrade, Evie Malaia, Nora S. Newcombe, David N. Rapp, Thomas F. Shipley, Holger Schultheis, Mary Jane Shultz, Diana Sinton, Mike Stieff, Thora Tenbrink, Basil Tikoff, Dido Tsigaridi, David Waller, Ranxiao Frances Wang, Ronnie Wilbur, Kenneth C. Williamson, Vickie M. Williamson

Mind and Life

Author : Pier Luigi Luisi
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Scientists, philosophers and Buddhist scholars discuss the nature of reality in a book that goes inside a Mind and Life Institute conference. For over a decade, members of the Mind and Life Institute have gathered to discuss questions that are both fundamental and profound: can physics, chemistry, and biology explain the mystery of life? How do our philosophical assumptions influence science and the ethics we bring to biotechnology? And how does an ancient spiritual tradition throw new light on these questions? In Mind and Life, Pier Luigi Luisi reproduces this stimulating cross-cultural dialogue in which world-class scientists, philosophers, and Buddhist scholars develop a holistic approach to the exploration of reality. He also adds scientific background to their presentations, as well as supplementary discussions with prominent participants and attendees. Interviews with His Holiness the Karmapa, the Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard, and the actor and longtime human rights advocate Richard Gere further enrich the material with personal viewpoints. Conversation topics range from the origin of matter to the nature of evolution, the ethics of genetic manipulation, and the question of consciousness and ethics.

Time and Space in Chinese Culture

Author : Junjie Huang
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The central theme of this volume is notions of time and space in Chinese culture. Seventeen scholars of various disciplinary backgrounds have treated topics within this general perspective.

An essay concerning human understanding With the notes and illustrations of the author and an analysis of his doctrine of ideas Thirty first edition Carefully revised and compared with the best copies etc

Author : John Locke
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Language Space and Mind

Author : Paul Chilton
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A new approach to linguistic meaning and grammatical constructions based on simple geometric principles.

The Perception of Space and Matter

Author : Johnston Estep Walter
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Author :
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An essay concerning human understanding The twentieth edition etc

Author : John Locke
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Cultivating the Mind of Love

Author : Thich Nhat Hanh
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Korea's premier poet, the former Buddhist monk Ko Un, presents 108 Zen poems. Ko Un, who is affectionately called "the great mountain peak" by his friends, is a traveler on the Way. Throughout his eventful life as monk, poet, novelist, political dissident, husband and father, Ko Un has dashed like a galloping horse, always moving and searching. When this volume first appeared in 1997 with the title Beyond Self, Ko Un and the translators were not very happy with it. In addition to now receiving a title which more accurately reflects the the original Korean, the translations have been slightly revised to bring them closer to the originals. Also added were eleven original brush painting by the author. It is a joy to re-introduce Ko Un, a compassionate poet, who said that "A poet should cry many days before becoming a poet. A poet must have cried for others when he was three or four years old." The poems in this volume offer 108 glimpses of Ko Un. His poems are also 108 ways to look at ourselves. Forewords by Thich Nhat Hanh and Allen Ginsberg. 11 new brush-painting illustrations by the author.

Mind and Body

Author :
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Philosophical Works

Author : John Locke
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