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Mindful Flatulence

Author : Gus T. Blooms
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Containing mindful lessons and motivations, learn how to be present when you parp. The follow-up to the smash hit, The History of Farting.

Mindful Chef

Author : Myles Hopper
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30-minute meals. Gluten free. No refined carbs. Maximum of 10 ingredients. Healthy eating has never been easier. 'We don’t believe in meticulous calorie counting or following strict diets. We simply like good, wholesome food that benefits you and your body.' Myles Hopper and Giles Humphries, a nutritional coach and health food duo from Devon are the founders of Mindful Chef, the UK’s favourite healthy recipe box service. Each week they deliver delicious ingredients and recipes to thousands of households, including sporting stars Victoria Pendleton and Andy Murray. Here, in their first book, Myles and Giles share 70 delightful and easy-to-make dishes that are nutritionally proven to boost your health and wellness. · Each meal can be made in 30 minutes and has a maximum of 10 ingredients. · All recipes are gluten-free and contain no refined carbs or sugars. · From breakfast through to dinner – with some guilt-free snacks in between.

I Love You Sign Here

Author : Roy Pierson
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Everyone signs prenups, but now there's an encyclopaedia of contracts for every bump in the road and occasion for potential conflict in your relationship. With over 60 hilarious, totally realistic contracts, I Love You, Sign Here is the essential book for couples (young, old, married, living together, haven't really had 'the talk') to navigate every possible scenario they could possibly face in their lives together, from money and sex, to in-laws and home decor.

Mindful Coaching

Author : Liz Hall
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Mindfulness is a way of paying attention to the present moment, helping us become more aware of our thoughts and feelings so that instead of being overwhelmed by them, we are better able to manage them. Mindful Coaching is a comprehensive guide to using mindfulness effectively in coaching. It enables coaches to work closely with their clients on a range of issues, including work-life balance, stress management, decision making, coping with ambiguity, dealing with crises, employee engagement, heightening focus and clarity, improving listening and communication, and increasing presence. Mindful Coaching includes a range of real-life examples and practical exercises to enable coaches to become more resilient in their practice, something that is of particular importance at a time where coaches are facing increasing challenges in defining clarity in their work.

Teaching Mindfulness

Author : Amoneeta Beckstein, PhD
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Children today face an unprecedented amount of stress due to our fastpaced society, the influence of social media, and the threat of climate change and global pandemicss. Instructors also face new challenges with helping kids focus on what they need to learn. Including mindfulness as part of the curriculum has been shown to help students improve both their academic and social skills. With greater awareness of their feelings and surroundings, children will be more relaxed, creative, and self-confident. Psychologist Amoneeta Beckstein and mindfulness educator Jana York pooled their knowledge and experience to compile this time-friendly program that both teachers and caregivers can implement easily. Designed for kids aged five to eleven, the program can be readily adapted for younger children or teens and is applicable in the classroom or in homeschool settings. Lesson plans are based on the use of vowels (including Y for You) as a mnemonic device. Each letter represents an idea that helps students develop present-moment awareness: Attention, Experience, Investigate, Observe, and Understand. Empirically based exercises include discussion questions that enhance critical thinking skills, and engaging activities and games help children put into practice the concepts they learn. Mindfulness education fosters a new skill set that can last a lifetime. And, as a bonus, it is equally beneficial for instructors!

Macrobiotics For Dummies

Author : Verne Varona
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Learn to: Understand the central dietary principles, nutrition, and foods of a macrobiotic lifestyle Prepare macrobiotic menus and recipes Reduce your cravings for unhealthy foods Prevent or relieve numerous ailments with a macrobiotic diet The definitive guide to incorporating a macrobiotic diet into your daily life Do you want to make the most of macrobiotics? This practical guide uses a body, mind, and spirit approach to introduce you to the basics of this popular diet. You'll see how to use macrobiotic principles to enhance your health and happiness; prepare the right foods to increase your energy and fight off disease; and make lifestyle changes to support your new way of eating. Begin on the path to healthy living — understand the science behind macrobiotics and how to apply the principles to your daily life Heal the macrobiotic way — discover the foods and nutrients that influence good health and heal common diseases Plan for successful, non-stressful change — create a macro-friendly kitchen, shop smart, and introduce new foods to the family diet Make marvelous macrobiotic meals — prepare delicious,easy-to-follow recipes from breakfast to dessert and plan your weekly menu Take it on the road — make healthy restaurant choices Round out your macrobiotic lifestyle — get tips for exercise, creating a more nourishing environment, and developing a self-healing personality Open the book and find: The basics of macrobiotic nutrition How to marshal your body, mind, and spirit to renew your health Ten tips for prompt, permanent weight loss Practical ways to eliminate cravings for unhealthy food More than 50 healthy, tasty recipes Time-saving cooking techniques Tips on managing your blood sugar with macrobiotic foods The right tools and equipment to stock a healthy kitchen A sample macrobiotic menu

Handbook of Mindfulness

Author : Kirk Warren Brown
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"While we have learned a great deal about mindfulness in the past 30 years, unquestionably the field of mindfulness science is still maturing, and in the chapters herein the authors have taken pains to point out how the current research is limited in its methods and conclusions, and have pointed to specific ways in which future research studies can overcome these limitations. That said, the work represented in this Handbook is among the best conducted to date, measured in terms of scientific creativity, sophistication, and insight. Our hope is that this volume offers readers both a panoramic view of the current science of mindfulness and a compass to help guide its ongoing evolution"--

The Buddhist Deception

Author : Ben Blijleven
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Buddhism is a cult religion like any other religion and was invented for the sake of exploiting people, to dominate, imprison and exercise power over them. Religions are the cause of retarding our world by thousands of years in spiritual development and are to blame for the fact that many people are misled, thereby preventing them from ever finding the truth of all truth. Although religions will still flourish on Earth for a very long time, slowly but surely, more and more people are waking up thereby renouncing the 'must believe' and side with the 'wanting to know'. A book for the spiritual advanced and seeker of truth, refreshing the consciousness of the reader, who is taken on a journey through Buddhism, while being introduced to the Creational truth. Truth alone will endure; all the rest will be swept away before the tide of time.

Psychotherapy Mindfulness and Buddhist Meditation

Author : Tullio Giraldi
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This book critically examines the development of mindfulness, tracing its development from Buddhist meditation to its variety of popular applications today, including the treatment of mental disorders, wellbeing and improvement of performance. The book begins with a chapter on the meaning of mindfulness, then moves on to chart the spread of Buddhism into the western world and examine the development of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). The second half of the book considers some of the growing concerns related to mindfulness such as the loss of the moral and communitarian values of Buddhism, and the psychologicization and medicalization of existential problems into a capitalist society.

Reading Sounds

Author : Sean Zdenek
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The work of writing closed captions for television and DVD is not simply transcribing dialogue, as one might assume at first, but consists largely of making rhetorical choices. For Sean Zdenek, when captioners describe a sound they are interpreting and creating contexts, they are assigning significance, they are creating meaning that doesn t necessarily exist in the soundtrack or the script. And in nine chapters he analyzes the numerous complex rhetorical choices captioners make, from abbreviating dialogue so it will fit on the screen and keep pace with the editing, to whether and how to describe background sounds, accents, or slurred speech, to nonlinguistic forms of sound communication such as sighing, screaming, or laughing, to describing music, captioned silences (as when a continuous noise suddenly stops), and sarcasm, surprise, and other forms of meaning associated with vocal tone. Throughout, he also looks at closed captioning style manuals and draws on interviews with professional captioners and hearing-impaired viewers. Threading through all this is the novel argument that closed captions can be viewed as texts worthy of rhetorical analysis and that this analysis can lead the entertainment industry to better standards and practices for closed captioning, thereby better serve the needs of hearing-impaired viewers. The author also looks ahead to the work yet to be done in bringing better captioning practices to videos on the Internet, where captioning can take on additional functions such as enhancing searchability. While scholarly work has been done on captioning from a legal perspective, from a historical perspective, and from a technical perspective, no one has ever done what Zdenek does here, and the original analytical models he offers are richly interdisciplinary, drawing on work from the fields of technical communication, rhetoric, media studies, and disability studies."