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Minding the Marginalized Students Through Inclusion Justice and Hope

Author : Jose W. Lalas
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While the issue of advancing equity occupies the pages of many education journals across the world and pursuing it in schools and classrooms is a common instructional goal, there is an obvious absence of established school policies combined with pedagogies on how to achieve educational equity.

Instructional Collaboration in International Inclusive Education Contexts

Author : Sarah R. Semon
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Instructional Collaboration in International Inclusive Education Contexts looks at the instructional collaboration between special education and general education in international educational contexts and the role this plays in enabling inclusive education.

Transition Programs for Children and Youth with Diverse Needs

Author : Kate Scorgie
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Providing a focus on meaningful involvement and participation in communities and activities of choice, that secure benefits for all, the chapter authors examine both innovative evidence-based practices that facilitate transition, and potential barriers, supplemented by informative case studies.

Inclusion and Diversity in Education

Author : Peter P Hick
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This set brings together key articles on the theme of inclusion and diversity in education. The collection takes disability and special education needs as a starting-point from which to develop a broader view of a range of themes relating to learners who may be marginalized from educational communities.

Transformative Teaching

Author : Nadia Kellam
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The journey to becoming an exemplary engineering educator is one that is rarely simple and straightforward. Simply being exposed to active learning strategies or innovative pedagogies rarely leads to a transformation of one's own teaching. In this book, we present a collection of stories from exemplary engineering educators that are told in their own voices. These stories are shared to enable readers to immerse themselves in first-person recollections of transformation, involving engineering educators who changed their teaching strategies from the ways that they were taught as engineering undergraduate students to ways that more effectively fostered a conducive learning atmosphere for all students. It is our hope that providing stories of successful engineering educators might stimulate thoughtful and productive self-reflection on ways that we can each change our own teaching. These stories are not simple, linear stories of transformation. Instead, they highlight the complexities and nuances inherent to transforming the way that engineering faculty teach. Through our strategy of narrative storytelling, we hope to inspire future and current engineering educators to embark on their own journeys of teaching transformations. We conclude the book with some lessons that we learned during our readings of these stories, and invite readers to extract lessons of their own.

Multicultural Education 2000 2001

Author : Fred Schultz
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This volume of public press readings offers samples from contemporary journal literature in which the knowledge bases for multicultural education are developed.

Multicultural Education 2001 2002

Author : Fred Schultz
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This volume of public press readings is intended to address the need for an annually published anthology that offers samples from the most recent journal literature. The articles include topics on teacher education in multicultural perspective; the social contexts of multicultural education and curriculum and instruction in multicultural perspective. Visit Dushkin Online ( for additional support of Annual Editions titles.

International Journal of Educational Reform

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Abstracts of the Annual Meeting

Author : American Anthropological Association
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Record of Proceedings International Labour Conference

Author :
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