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Mineral Resource Estimation

Author : Mario E. Rossi
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Mineral resource estimation has changed considerably in the past 25 years: geostatistical techniques have become commonplace and continue to evolve; computational horsepower has revolutionized all facets of numerical modeling; mining and processing operations are often larger; and uncertainty quantification is becoming standard practice. Recent books focus on historical methods or details of geostatistical theory. So there is a growing need to collect and synthesize the practice of modern mineral resource estimation into a book for undergraduate students, beginning graduate students, and young geologists and engineers. It is especially fruitful that this book is written by authors with years of relevant experience performing mineral resource estimation and with years of relevant teaching experience. This comprehensive textbook and reference fills this need.

Applied Mineral Inventory Estimation

Author : Alastair J. Sinclair
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Applied Mineral Inventory Estimation presents a comprehensive applied approach to the estimation of mineral resources/reserves with particular emphasis on the geological basis of such estimations, the need for and maintenance of a high quality assay data base, the practical use of a comprehensive exploratory data evaluation, and the importance of a comprehensive geostatistical approach to the estimation methodology. Practical problems and real data are used throughout as illustrations: each chapter ends with a summary of practical concerns, a number of practical exercises and a short list of references for supplementary study. This textbook is suitable for any university or mining school that offers senior undergraduate and graduate student courses on mineral resource/reserve estimation. It will also be valuable for professional mining engineers, geological engineers and geologists working with mineral exploration and mining companies.

Mineral Resource and Ore Reserve Estimation

Author : A. C. Edwards
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Mineral Resource Estimation

Author : B. L. Chatterji
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The process of estimating a Mineral Resource can only take place after the estimator is convinced of the soundness of the fundamentals underlying the estimation process. Thus the database of sampling, density, and other quality data for both estimation and geological interpretation must have integrity and robustness ; the geological data must be sufficiently complete for the definition of a geological model; the geological model itself must have internal consistency, should explain the observed arrangement of lithological and mineralogical domains, and should represent the estimator's best knowledge of the genesis of the mineral deposit; and the geological model should support the distribution of mineralisation seen in the sampling. It is only at this stage that a resource model may be generated.

Mineral Resources

Author : Manuel Bustillo Revuelta
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This comprehensive textbook covers all major topics related to the utilization of mineral resources for human activities. It begins with general concepts like definitions of mineral resources, mineral resources and humans, recycling mineral resources, distribution of minerals resources across Earth, and international standards in mining, among others. Then it turns to a classification of mineral resources, covering the main types from a geological standpoint. The exploration of mineral resources is also treated, including geophysical methods of exploration, borehole geophysical logging, geochemical methods, drilling methods, and mineral deposit models in exploration. Further, the book addresses the evaluation of mineral resources, from sampling techniques to the economic evaluation of mining projects (i.e. types and density of sampling, mean grade definition and calculation, Sichel’s estimator, evaluation methods – classical and geostatistical, economic evaluation – NPV, IRR, and PP, estimation of risk, and software for evaluating mineral resources). It subsequently describes key mineral resource exploitation methods (open pit and underground mining) and the mineral processing required to obtain saleable products (crushing, grinding, sizing, ore separation, and concentrate dewatering, also with some text devoted to tailings dams). Lastly, the book discusses the environmental impact of mining, covering all the aspects of this very important topic, from the description of diverse impacts to the environmental impact assessment (EIA), which is essential in modern mining projects.

Quantifying the Economic Potential of Undiscovered Mineral Resources

Author : Loring P. White
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U S Geological Survey Professional Paper

Author :
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Evaluation of Uncertainties and Risks in Geology

Author : György Bardossy
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High levels of uncertainty are a trademark of geological investigations, such as the search for oil, diamonds, and uranium. So business ventures related to geology, such as mineral exploration and mining, are naturally associated with higher risks than more traditional entrepreneurial ventures in industry and economy. There are also a number of dangerous natural hazards, e.g. earthquakes, volcanic activities, and inundations, that are the direct result of geological processes. It is of paramount interest to study them all, to describe them, to understand their origin and - if possible - to predict them. While uncertainties, geological risks and natural hazards are often mentioned in geological textbooks, conferences papers, and articles, no comprehensive and systematic evaluation has so far been attempted. This book, written at an appropriately sophisticated level to deal with complexity of these problems, presents a detailed evaluation of the entire problem, discussing it from both, the geological and the mathematical aspects.

Mineral Resources Economics and the Environment

Author : Stephen Kesler
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Written for students and professionals, this revised textbook surveys the mineral industry from geological, environmental and economic perspectives. Thoroughly updated, the text includes a new chapter on technology industry metals as well as separate chapters on mineral economics and environmental geochemistry. Carefully designed figures simplify difficult concepts and show the location of important deposits and trade patterns, emphasising the true global nature of mineral resources. Featuring boxes highlighting special interest topics, the text equips students with the skills they need to contribute to the energy and mineral questions currently facing society, including issues regarding oil pipelines, nuclear power plants, water availability and new mining locations. Technical terms are highlighted when first used, and references are included to allow students to delve more deeply into areas of interest. Multiple choice and short answer questions are provided for instructors online at to complete the teaching package.

Mineral Resource Potential of the Stillwater Complex and Adjacent Rocks in the Northern Part of the Mount Wood and Mount Douglas Quadrangles Southwestern Montana

Author : Benjamin Franklin Leonard
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Quantitative Mineral Resource Assessments

Author : Donald Singer
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Policy makers, mineral exploration experts, and regional planners decide how public lands, which may contain undiscovered resources, should be used or whether to invest in exploration for minerals on a regular basis. Decisions are also made concerning mineral resource adequacy, national policy, and regional development. This book makes explicit the factors that can affect a mineral-related decision so that decision-makers can clearly see the possible consequences of their decisions. Based on work done at the US Geological Survey, the authors address the question of the kinds of issues decision-makers are trying to resolve and what forms of information would aid in resolving these issues. The goal of the process discussed is to offer unbiased quantitative assessments in a format needed in decision-support systems so that consequences of alternative courses of action can be examined with respect to land use or mineral-resource development. An integrated approach focuses on three assessment parts and the models that support them. Although the concepts presented are straightforward and understandable, in assessments, carefully listening to the experts in other disciplines leads to better products. Navigating through and making sense of QRA requires not just learning rules and equations, but life experiences and common sense. The judgment required to understand which tools to apply are best learned by example and experience. This will be useful to governmental or industrial policy makers, managers of explorations, planners of regional development, and similar decision-makers.

Mineral Resource Assessment for National Planning and Policy Formulation

Author : Allen L. Clark
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Computer Applications in Resource Estimation

Author : G. Gaal
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Quantitative resource assessment methods play an increasing role in exploration for petroleum, water and minerals. This volume presents an international review on the state-of-the-art of the computerized methodology in resource exploration. The papers taken from those presented at the symposium are classified to either techniques, i.e., trend analysis; classification techniques; geostatistics; image analysis; expert systems/artificial intelligence; inventories; tomography and others, or to resources, i.e., petroleum, water, metals and non-metals.

Information Technologies in the Minerals Industry

Author : Michalakopoulos
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The conference is organized by the Department of Mining Engineering and Metallurgy of the National University of Athens, Greece and its purpose is to promote technology transfer and identify future courses of action in research and development via the Internet. The topics covered include applications in a wide spectrum of mining related fields: Mineral exploration; Orebody modelling; Mine planning and operations; Mine equipment; Rock mechanics; Mine safety and training; Reclamation and environmental issues; Mineral processing. The complete proceedings are published on a CD-ROM with an accompaying book which contains the full texts of keynote papers and the abstracts (including full title, author's names and e-mail addresses as well a keyword index) of all papers.


Author :
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This document provides the comprehensive list of Chinese National Standards and Industry Standards (Total 17,000 standards).

Corporate Reporting

Author : Geoff Everingham
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The realm of corporate reporting has shifted significantly since the 7th edition of this book was published. With the world becoming an ever smaller place, the need for a set of global reporting standards has become all the more pressing. To this end two major frameworks have emerged as the flag bearers of global financial reporting standards viz International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and US GAAP. The former has been mandatory for all companies listed on the JSE Securities Exchange Limited (JSE) since 2005. The differential framework ties in well with the recent amendments to the Companies Act in the form of the Corporate Laws Amendment Act (CLAA). The CLAA marks the first phase of Corporate Law reform in South Africa and aims to introduce, amongst other reforms, differential reporting for limited interest companies as defined, to ease the burden of financial reporting on entities where external use of financial information is limited. It will be followed by the new Companies Act which is currently at the Bill stage. The CLAA has an effective date of 14 December 2007. The disclosure requirements set out in this book apply to South African enterprises. They can therefore be applied to companies, close corporations, trusts and partnerships, irrespective of differences in capital structure. Enterprises which are subsidiaries of foreign parent companies may also be required to prepare their financial statements in a format, and with disclosure, that complies with reporting standards abroad. This could lead to disclosure additional to that required in South Africa as set out in this book.

Ore Deposits in an Evolving Earth

Author : G.R.T. Jenkin
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Ore deposits form by a variety of natural processes that concentrate elements into a volume that can be economically mined. Their type, character and abundance reflect the environment in which they formed and thus they preserve key evidence for the evolution of magmatic and tectonic processes, the state of the atmosphere and hydrosphere, and the evolution of life over geological time. This volume presents 13 papers on topical subjects in ore deposit research viewed in the context of Earth evolution. These diverse, yet interlinked, papers cover topics including: controls on the temporal and spatial distribution of ore deposits; the sources of fluid, gold and other components of orogenic gold deposits; the degree of oxygenation in the Neoproterozoic ocean; bacterial immobilization of gold in the semi-arid near-surface environment; and mineral resources for the future, including issues of resource estimation, sustainability of supply and the criticality of certain elements to society.

Mineral Resources Development Series

Author :
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Geostatistics Banff 2004

Author : Oy Leuangthong
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The return of the congress to North America after 20 years of absence could not have been in a more ideal location. The beauty of Banff and the many offerings of the Rocky Mountains was the perfect background for a week of interesting and innovative discussions on the past, present and future of geostatistics. The congress was well attended with approximately 200 delegates from 19 countries across six continents. There was a broad spectrum of students and seasoned geostatisticians who shared their knowledge in many areas of study including mining, petroleum, and environmental applications. You will find 119 papers in this two volume set. All papers were presented at the congress and have been peer-reviewed. They are grouped by the different sessions that were held in Banff and are in the order of presentation. These papers provide a permanent record of different theoretical perspectives from the last four years. Not all of these ideas will stand the test of time and practice; however, their originality will endure. The practical applications in these proceedings provide nuggets of wisdom to those struggling to apply geostatistics in the best possible way. Students and practitioners will be digging through these papers for many years to come. Oy Leuangthong Clayton V. Deutsch ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We would like to thank the industry sponsors who contributed generously to the overall success and quality of the congress: De Beers Canada Earth Decision Sciences Maptek Chile Ltda. Mira Geoscience Nexen Inc. Petro-Canada Placer Dome Inc.

Mineral Resource Assessment of the Northland Region New Zealand

Author : A. B. Christie
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