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Miracle at St Andrews

Author : James Patterson
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Travis McKinley's golfing career is over.After a string of poor performances he crashes out of the US Senior Tour and faces a future of watching the game he loves from the sidelines.In a bid to escape; Travis decides to take his family on a long-awaited trip to the UK - a pilgrimage to the world-renowned golf courses of Scotland. Travis dreams of treading the hallowed fairways of St Andrews; where the game began.But when an opportunity to play in the Scottish Open unexpectedly presents itself; Travis can't believe his luck.Could he have one last shot at the big time on the most famous course of all?

Medieval St Andrews

Author : Michael Brown
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First extended treatment of the city of St Andrews during the middle ages.

Saints and Their Miracles in Late Antique Gaul

Author : Raymond Van Dam
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Saints' cults, with their focus on miraculous healings and pilgrimages, were not only a distinctive feature of Christian religion in fifth-and sixth-century Gaul but also a vital force in political and social life. Here Raymond Van Dam uses accounts of miracles performed by SS. Martin, Julian, and Hilary to provide a vivid and comprehensive depiction of some of the most influential saints' cults. Viewed within the context of ongoing tensions between paganism and Christianity and between Frankish kings and bishops, these cults tell much about the struggle for authority, the forming of communities, and the concept of sin and redemption in late Roman Gaul. Van Dam begins by describing the origins of the three cults, and discusses the career of Bishop Gregory of Tours, who benefited from the support of various patron saints and in turn promoted their cults. He then treats the political and religious dimensions of healing miracles--including their relation to Catholic theology and their use by bishops to challenge royal authority--and of pilgrimages to saints' shrines. The miracle stories, collected mainly by Gregory of Tours, appear in their first complete English translations.

St Andrew and Scotland

Author : Ursula Hall
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Whatever Happened to Tory Scotland

Author : David Torrance
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Explores the history and ideas of the Scottish Conservative Party since its creation in 1912

The Cross of St Andrew

Author : Ursula Hall
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Saint Andrew, Scotland's patron saint, was reputedly crucified at Patras on a cross of X shape, now the well-known white cross on blue of the Saltire flag. However, the association of the saint with the X-shaped cross is not a feature in the early cult of Saint Andrew and does not appear in any of the apocryphal material describing his martyrdom. Using both literary and iconographical evidence, Ursula Hall attempts to determine when, where and how this development in the popular tradition and in the depiction of Saint Andrew's death might have taken place. In a clear, captivating style, Hall examines various written accounts of St Andrew's life and death, along with an analysis of the traditions and procedures of crucifixion at the time. Pictorial representations of Saint Andrew, in mediums such as embroidery, seals, paintings, sculptures and glass work are abundant compared to literary evidence about his tradition. Hall examines a variety of these works to uncover the development of iconography and legends surrounding Saint Andrew in Europe, England and Scotland. Through these studies, and in conjunction with an analysis of the functions and context of the X-shaped cross in Christian tradition, she offers fascinating explanations for the association between the distinctive cross and Scotland's patron saint.

St Andrew s Cross

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Sunday school exercises collected and ed by the bishop of st Andrews

Author : William Brudenell Barter
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Publications 1 12 Row J The history of the Kirk of Scotland 1558 to August 1637 with a continuation to July 1639

Author : Wodrow Society
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1 Samuel

Author : David Jobling
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1 Samuel is a national autobiography of the Hebrew people. David Jobling reads 1 Samuel as a story that is complete in itself, although it is part of a much larger narrative. He examines it as a historical document in a double sense: (1) as a document originating from ancient Israel and (2) as a telling of the past. Organizing the text through the three interlocking themes of class, race, and gender, Jobling asks how this historical - and canonical - story relates to a modern world in which these themes continue to be of crucial importance. While drawing on the resources of biblical narratology," Jobling deviates from mainstream methodology. He adopts a "critical narratology" informed by such cultural practices as feminism and psychoanalysis. He follows a structuralist tradition which finds meaning more in the text's large-scale mythic patterns than in close reading of particular passages, and seeks methods specific to 1 Samuel rather than ones applicable to biblical narrative in general. David Jobling, PhD, is a professor of Old Testament language and literature at St. Andrews College in Saskatoon. He is a co-chair of the Ideological Criticism section of the Society of Biblical Literature and a member of The Bible and Culture Collective. "