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Miracle in the Cornfield

Author : Joseph Trombello
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It s A God Thing Miracle In A Cornfield

Author : Alan Scott
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God will use the most unlikely people in the most unlikely places to show His indisputable glory and power. In those times all we can say is, "Yea, God! It's a God thing." Alan Scott has served local churches since 1986 when he took the reins of the youth ministry at his home church, the Ferry Church of Christ, in Waynesville, Ohio. During his ministry, Alan has traveled full-time in an evangelistic/music ministry for Operation Evangelize, served as a youth minister in Indiana and Georgia, ministered as campus minister at Vincennes University in Vincennes, Indiana, led churches as worship leader in Georgia, and planted a church in Kennesaw, Georgia. Alan has an English Bible degree from Cincinnati Christian University (formerly Cincinnati Bible College) in Cincinnati, Ohio. In 1987, Alan married Sherry McCracken. Alan and Sherry have four children: Brooklynn (13), Lauren (10), Morgan (6), and Michael (3).

Fruit of the Almond Tree

Author :
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The Miracle Landing

Author : Harold Gifford
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It was a rough couple of years for the NBA's Minneapolis Lakers. But at least the 1959-60 season had a promising start. Team owner Bob Short had drafted college standout Elgin Baylor the year before and was rebuilding his team around this future superstar. Adding a new coach in the form of Jim Pollard along with a dose of hometown enthusiasm had fans looking up. The team even bought an airplane so they could play teams further away in the newly expanding NBA. Then something happened, completely out of anyone's control, that almost changed everything. On January 17, 1960 after a game in St. Louis, the Lakers boarded their DC-3 for the flight home. Perhaps the memory of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper perishing in an Iowa cornfield only 11 months earlier had faded. In any case, this flight would be like no other. For the first time in print, the co-pilot of that flight, Harold Gifford, tells the real, full story of what happened that almost wiped out the Lakers before that NBA dynasty even had a chance to really get started.

Letters to the Cornfield

Author : Alipio Baldi
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Letters to the Cornfield is a book of thought-provoking ideas. Its purpose is to inspire people to think critically about the existential choices they make in their everyday lives. It is the author's contention that our materialistic culture is in dire need of a spiritual renewal and that such choices are not without moral consequence. This book should appeal to the serious reader with broad interests in a variety of important topics, including moral and social issues, religion and philosophy, economics and business, political and current affairs.

Lost In a Cornfield Never Losing Faith

Author : Dr. Bob Stowers
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Have you ever felt so lost in your life that it seems like you are unsure of finding the right path for you? Well, let Buddy guide you to redirect your life back to where it belongs. Using his five principles, first, action, instinct, trust, and home (FAITH), Buddy achieved his goal of finding his way home and successfully faced the challenges that he encountered. Lost in A Cornfield: Never Losing Faith is not an ordinary story about a lost dog. Narrated by Buddy himself, he shares his experiences on his rough, eight-day journey as he endures difficulties and reaches his goal. Buddy’s five principles offer valuable lessons that can be used in facing the unpredictable, and sometimes unfair, challenges of life. So go ahead, read on, be inspired by Buddy’s journey, and be confident in the path you choose.

The Cornfield

Author : David A Welker
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The Civil War battle in western Maryland that killed 22,000 men—and served no military purpose. For generations of Americans, the word Antietam—the name of a bucolic stream in western Maryland—held the same sense of horror and carnage that the date 9/11 does for Americans today. But Antietam eclipses even this modern tragedy as America’s single bloodiest day, on which 22,000 men became casualties in a war to determine our nation’s future. Antietam is forever burned into the American psyche as a battle bathed in blood that served no military purpose and brought no decisive victory. This much Americans know was true. What they didn’t know was why the battle broke out at all—until now. The Cornfield: Antietam’s Bloody Turning Point tells for the first time the full story of the struggle to control “the Cornfield,” the action on which the costly battle of Antietam turned. Because Federal and Confederate forces repeatedly traded control of the spot, the fight for the Cornfield is a story of human struggle against fearful odds, men seeking to do their duty, and a simple test of survival. Many of the firsthand accounts included in this volume have never before been revealed to modern readers or assembled in such a comprehensive, readable narrative. At the same time, The Cornfield offers fresh views of the battle as a whole, arguing that two central facts doomed thousands of soldiers. This new, provocative perspective is certain to change our modern understanding of how the battle of Antietam was fought and its role in American history.

The Miracle of Life

Author : John Harvey Kellogg
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Life Its Mysteries and Miracles

Author : John Harvey Kellogg
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Iconography of Christian Art Christ s Incarnation Childhood Baptism Temptation Transfiguration Works and miracles

Author : Gertrud Schiller
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Death in a Cornfield and Other Stories from Contemporary Taiwan

Author : Ching-Hsi Perng
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The past decade has brought dramatic changes to Taiwan: more sophisticated industry, increased political freedoms, and greater challenges to traditional social relations. All the while, a new order has yet to be firmly established. Taiwan's writers have not ignored these transformations, and have addressed their work to the new situation with wit and ingenuity. The thirteen short stories collected here serve as witness to the changes that have gripped Taiwanese society. Whether exposing assumptions about the gulf between rural and urban islanders, examining the aftermath of the island's Cultural Revolution, sex roles, the newly rich, or disentangling the effects of modernization, the author of each story presents the reader with a fully realized fiction that builds on and adds to our understanding of today's Taiwan. Translated from the Chinese by the staff of the National Institute of Translation and Compilation, Taipei, these stories will appeal to all readers intrigued by the fictive portrait of a culture in transition.

Folk Music Journal

Author :
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Giants in the Cornfield

Author : Wilbur D. Jones
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This human interest story captures the mental, emotional, and social environment within which these 1,181 men served and fought. Utilizing thousands of letters, official and family records, diaries, and memoirs, Jones weaves a special regimental personality, character, profile, and history by examining their family and love life, morale, discipline, religion, morals, health and medical care, internal politics, interpersonal relationships, camp life, bravery, guard duty, and prisoner of war experiences.

Promise in the Cornfield

Author : Madlyn Hamblin
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From Cornfield to Press Gallery

Author : Louis Ludlow
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Foreshadows Or Lectures on Our Lord s Miracles as Earnests of the Age to Come

Author : John Cumming
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Woods Beyond a Cornfield

Author : Stanley Cook
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Around a Cornfield

Author : Mordecai Cubitt Cooke
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Brer Rabbit Uncle Remus and the Cornfield Journalist

Author : Walter M. Brasch
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Brasch defends the accuracy of Harris's literary depiction of both American Black English and Reconstruction Georgia. Brasch also examines the nature of fame and places a variety of other social and political issues in the context of this major American writer.

Miracles on the Poke A No

Author : James Preston Hardison
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Miracles On The Poke-A-No is a heart-warming, tear-dropping love story about a young teenage boy, Danny Johnson, and his admiration and affection for three girls. Danny wants to fulfill his dream of floating down a dangerous river near his hometown. At only fourteen years old, Danny is faced with life or death decisions. His only hope to save his friend's life is to navigate an aluminum boat many miles down the notorious river in almost total darkness. His life is further complicated when his father buys the Sadie Watkins farm which is shrouded with deep dark secrets. This novel will leave you spellbound from one chapter to the next as it introduces a host of interesting characters that will soften your heart and test your emotions. Miracles On The Poke-A-No takes place in rural America, 2009. This novel is packed with action, suspense, love, drama, and mystery. It is written in an audacious manner, yet intended for young and older readers alike.