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Missing Presumed Alive

Author : Gary Wasson
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Detective Paul Hanley relocated to Chesapeake, Virginia from Connecticut under a dark cloud that cost him his marriage. During a freak snowstorm in Tidewater a young girl is found frozen and brutally murdered. Hanley, while fighting a shattered personal life, must piece together the facts surrounding the murder of Jane Doe. Hanley and his partner find themselves moving through an investigation filled with politics and personal secrets. As local headlines scream for action, Paul turns the investigation into a personal quest for justice in his search for the truth that takes him to Washington and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. His search leads him into a maze of intrigue that goes back seventeen years.

Missing Presumed Alive

Author : Janet Banks
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A man, working for GCHQ Chelenham, walks away from his wife and young daughter and disappears. A set of diaries and a link with Europe give three people a reason to search for him, and an excuse to look for more than their present lives offer. Katherine needing distraction from a relationship more imaginary than real, Peter who worked for GCHQ and left sonner than expected and Charles, living a lonely life in London, the missing man's brother. They embark on the 'European City Break' with a difference and far-reaching consequences.

Missing Presumed Alive

Author : Dennis Talbot
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It's 1936 in the UK. A car crash leaves an unidentified body, later claimed by the local Member of Parliament to be that of his missing wife. A tragic accident, or so it seems, until she is recognised by a reliable witness several days later in a town ten miles away. If she is alive, which he denies, then who does the body belong to, and why is the MP adamant that it is his wife. DC Will Dexter and the rest of DI Brierly's CID team are faced with a crime that goes back 25 years, a crime that requires at least one murder and a dozen twists and turns, including a dead miner and some pink bed-linen, before the real reason behind it all comes to light.

Handbook of Missing Persons

Author : Stephen J. Morewitz
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This ambitious multidisciplinary volume surveys the science, forensics, politics, and ethics involved in responding to missing persons cases. International experts across the physical and social sciences offer data, case examples, and insights on best practices, new methods, and emerging specialties that may be employed in investigations. Topics such as secondary victimization, privacy issues, DNA identification, and the challenges of finding victims of war and genocide highlight the uncertainties and complexities surrounding these cases as well as possibilities for location and recovery. This diverse presentation will assist professionals in accessing new ideas, collaborating with colleagues, and handling missing persons cases with greater efficiency—and potentially greater certainty. Among the Handbook’s topics: ·A profile of missing persons: some key findings for police officers. ·Missing persons investigations and identification: issues of scale, infrastructure, and political will. ·Pregnancy and parenting among runaway and homeless young women. ·Estimating the appearance of the missing: forensic age progression in the search for missing persons. ·The use of trace evidence in missing persons investigations. ·The Investigation of historic missing persons cases: genocide and “conflict time” human rights abuses. The depth and scope of its expertise make the Handbook of Missing Persons useful for criminal justice and forensic professionals, health care and mental health professionals, social scientists, legal professionals, policy leaders, community leaders, and military personnel, as well as for the general public.

Daughters of Night

Author : Laura Shepherd-Robinson
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'The best historical crime novel I will read this year' – The Times 'Spectacularly brilliant . . . One of the most enjoyable and enduring stories I have ever read' – James O'Brien, journalist, author and LBC Presenter 'This is right up there with the best of C. J. Sansom and Andrew Taylor' – Amanda Craig, author of The Golden Rule From the pleasure palaces and gin-shops of Covent Garden to the elegant townhouses of Mayfair, Laura Shepherd-Robinson’s Daughters of Night follows Caroline Corsham as she seeks justice for a murdered woman whom London society would rather forget . . . London, 1782. Desperate for her politician husband to return home from France, Caroline ‘Caro’ Corsham is already in a state of anxiety when she finds a well-dressed woman mortally wounded in the bowers of the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens. The Bow Street constables are swift to act, until they discover that the deceased woman was a highly paid prostitute, at which point they cease to care entirely. But Caro has motives of her own for wanting to see justice done, and so sets out to solve the crime herself. Enlisting the help of thieftaker Peregrine Child, their inquiry delves into the hidden corners of Georgian society, a world of artifice, deception and secret lives. But with many gentlemen refusing to speak about their dealings with the dead woman, and Caro’s own reputation under threat, finding the killer will be harder, and more treacherous, than she can know . . .

Missing Presumed

Author : Alan Bailey
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Between 1993 and 1998, six Irish women, ranging in age from eighteen to twenty eight, disappeared. The area in which these disappearances occurred became publicly referred to as 'The Vanishing Triangle'. To date, none of the missing females have ever been located. These six unsolved cases resulted in the creation of the specialist Garda task force 'Operation Trace', set up in the hope of finding a connection between the missing women. None was found. The task force investigated dozens of unsolved cases of women gone missing in Ireland. Alan Bailey served as the National Coordinator for the task force for thirteen years, and the revealing stories in Missing, Presumedall come from his personal experiences in this role. Missing, Presumed details, and reports on, the Garda investigations into the case studies of fifteen women who disappeared over a time span of twenty years. In almost half of the cases, the women's badly mutilated bodies were recovered, sometimes months later, buried in shallow graves. Each chapter focuses on one woman's story, and details the timeline of events that led to her disappearance, beginning on the day of her disappearance through to the ensuing investigation, and up to - when lucky - a conviction. These stories are haunting, terrifying, and true. 'It is now sixteen years since Trace was established. The families and friends of both the disappeared and those whose bodies were found still await closure.'

Chitty s Statutes of Practical Utility

Author : Great Britain
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Usul al Fiqh

Author : Recep Dogan
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This book deals with the sources of Islamic jurisprudence and their importance in deducing the religious rulings. It covers the concept of ijtihād (independent reasoning), its conditions and application and illustrates why it is a practice for experts rather than laymen. It also explains the differences in the levels of expertise of the mujtahids. In fact, there are seven distinct classifications of mujtahid. The book also covers the communication of God as Lawgiver with regard to the conduct of liable persons. It details the difference in probative value of communication based on the extent to which it binds an individual be it absolutely binding, a recommendation or mere permissibility. The reader will be able to understand the difference between fiqh (law) and Usūl al-Fiqh (methodology of law). Fiqh is the law itself whereas Usūl al-Fiqh is the methodology utilized to extract the law. The relationship between the two disciplines resembles that of the rules of grammar to a language, or of logic to philosophy. Usūl al-Fiqh in this sense provides the standard criteria for the correct deduction of the rulings of fiqh from the sources of Shari’ah (the Qur’an and Sunnah).

What The Tide Brings Back

Author : Rob Starr
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Jesse is drawn to the sea off Brighton Beach. Having newly joined a local sea swimming club he has at last found a way to clear his head from the nightmares that have terrorised him since birth. But what Jesse doesn’t see, what lies beneath him as he swims around the Brighton Palace Pier each morning, is a mystery from the past that will once again come to the surface with deadly consequences. Lilly Baker died in 1834 during a terrible storm that ravaged the old Brighton Chain Pier and sent it crashing into a raging sea. But Lilly’s need for revenge was too strong to die with her and has haunted the Brighton Sea Swimming Club for nearly two hundred years. Lilly won’t rest until everyone pays the ultimate price for her loss. Jesse can’t rest until the terrible nightmares stop haunting him.

Don t Let Him In

Author : Howard Linskey
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There's a killer on the loose. They say a locked door can't stop him. And you're in a big, old house, all alone. That is, you think you're alone . . . 'Dark, creepy and compelling, with the claustrophobic sense of a killer waiting around every corner' T.M. LOGAN, bestselling author of The Holiday 'I COULDN'T TURN THE PAGES FAST ENOUGH' 5***** Reader Review _______ Rebecca has come back home to the small town of Eriston to bury her father, Sean. Sean was always obsessed with the town's urban legend, of a killer who supposedly comes in the night. Rebecca's never had time for the rumours. Except, as she reads through his notes, it's clear he was sure he was about to uncover the truth. And then she hears that there are unanswered questions about his death. It's unnerving, reading through his theories alone in their tall, creaking family house on the seafront. If she didn't know better, she'd swear she thought she heard someone outside her door... So gripping you can't stop reading, so chilling you won't sleep afterwards, discover this summer's most gripping psychological thriller. _______ 'An absolute belter of a thriller. Dark, sinister, clever and creepy' Neil Lancaster 'A triumph - yet another in a long line of his top class thrillers' Trevor Wood 'Tense, chilling & refreshingly original, I devoured it in two wide-eyed gulps' Isabel Ashdown 'One of those books where you can be sitting with your back against the wall and still feel there is someone behind you' 5***** Reader Review 'A tightly and expertly plotted, gripping tale that held me captive throughout' 5***** Reader Review