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Mission Mars

Author : Ajey Lele
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The objective of the book is to find an answer to the rationale behind the human quest for the Mars exploration. As a comprehensive assessment for this query is undertaken, it is realized that the basic question ‘Why Mars?’ seeks various responses from technological, economic and geopolitical to strategic perspectives. The book is essentially targeted to understand India’s desire to reach Mars. In the process, it also undertakes some implicit questioning of Mars programmes of various other states essentially to facilitate the setting up of the context for an assessment. The book is divided into two parts: Part I: This covers both science and politics associated with Mars missions in global scenario and discusses the salient features of various Mars Missions undertaken by various countries. Part II: This provides details in regards to India’s Mars Mission.

A Selected Listing of NASA Scientific and Technical Reports for

Author : United States. National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Scientific and Technical Information Division
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Scientific and Technical Aerospace Reports

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Monthly Catalog of United States Government Publications

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Future Survey Annual 1984

Author : World Future Society
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Mission to Mars

Author : Buzz Aldrin
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The history-making astronaut, aerospace engineer and respected advocate for space colonization outlines a plan for taking humans to Mars within the next quarter century, posing business-specific arguments while outlining practical strategies for travel and planetary homesteading.

The Politics and Perils of Space Exploration

Author : Linda Dawson
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This book examines the U.S. space program’s triumphs and failures in order to assess what constitutes a successful space policy. Using NASA and the space industry’s complex history as a guide, it draws global lessons about space missions and the trends we can expect from different nations in the next decade and beyond. Space exploration has become increasingly dependent on cooperation between countries as well as the involvement of private enterprise. This book thus addresses issues such as: Given their tenuous history, can rival countries work together? Can private enterprise fill NASA’s shoes and provide the same expertise and safety standards? Written by a former NASA Aerodynamics Officer at Houston Mission Control working on the Space Shuttle program, the second edition of this book provides updated information on U.S. space policy, including the new strategy to return to the Moon prior to traveling to Mars. Additionally, it takes a look at the formation of the Space Force as a military unit, as well as the latest developments in private industry. Overall, it is a thought-provoking resource for both space industry professionals and space enthusiasts.

Monthly Catalogue United States Public Documents

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The Facts on File Space and Astronomy Handbook

Author : Joseph A. Angelo
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Contains a referential glossary of astronomy-related terms, biographies of important astronomers and astronauts, and a chronology of notable events contributing to the science.

Diggersaurs Mission to Mars

Author : Michael Whaite
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Bigger than a digger...hungrier than a dinosaur...out of this's a DIGGERSAUR ON MARS! This rhyming mash-up of dinosaurs, trucks, and outer space will delight young readers! Roversaurs complete their chores on the planet Mars. Soaring, testing, and exploring, all among the stars! The Diggersaurs are hard at work building a Martian base! Read along with the dino-vehicles and discover the excitement of outer space. Truck and dinosaur lovers will devour this new adventure and love reading along with the rip-roaring sound effects! Don't miss the other books in this dino-truck series: Diggersaurs and Diggersaurs Explore!