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Mixed Media Color Studio

Author : Kellee Wynne Conrad
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"Discover innovative painting and mixed-media art techniques the most inspired way possible: through rainbows of color! In Mixed Media Color Workshop, learn color and design principles that will boost your creative intuition"--

Mixed Media Color Studio

Author : Kellee Wynne Conrad
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Discover innovative painting and mixed-media art techniques the most inspired way possible: through rainbows of color! In Mixed Media Color Studio you’ll learn color and design ideas that will boost your creative intuition. Based on Kellee Wynne Conrad's popular former online True Colors Art Program, the lessons in Mixed Media Color Studio include color explorations designed to strengthen skills and confidence. You’ll learn how to develop your own unique style using acrylic paint, pastels, graphite, ink, and more. See how to mix colors to make signature palettes and get inspired to try new, exciting combinations of colors, materials, and methods that will take your artwork and imagination further. The imaginative projects include expert information on how to work with colors to evoke moods, emotions, and energy for dynamic landscapes, calming seascapes, vibrant abstract florals, layered architectural pieces, and much more. Discover easy techniques that add texture, details, and interest to your artwork. As with the original True Colors program, guest artists contribute exciting artwork, creating an expanded artistic repertoire filled with fresh styles and ideas. Mixed Media Color Studio also includes: How to create texture with a variety of mediums and tools Ideas for creating your own decorate collage papers using gel plate printing techniques Simple techniques for mixing compelling color palettes Tips for overcoming the fear of the blank page How to expand creativity and boost confidence by making art in an array of styles Easy ways to create pleasing compositions Dive into this incredible world of color and allow your creativity to flow!

Mixed Media Portraits with Pam Carriker

Author : Pam Carriker
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Set your portraits apart from the rest! Portraits can be an intimidating subject. But not with Art At the Speed of Life author and workshop instructor Pam Carriker as your teacher. She helps you take on faces one quick sketch at a time for faster, easier, more enjoyable drawing and painting. Not your average book on drawing the face, Mixed Media Portraits With Pam Carriker shows easy ways to draw more realistic faces in your own signature style. The goal is not an immaculate finished portrait, but a continually growing collection of personal, expressive sketches that you can use and reuse in your mixed-media work. Inside you'll find: • An easy-to-learn face-mapping technique that allows you to draw faces from your imagination, without a model or photo in front of you • Mini-demonstrations breaking down each facial feature • Simple color combinations for mixing both realistic and out-of-the-ordinary skin tones • 15 step-by-step projects featuring original ways to use your portraits as starting points for mixed-media masterpieces • Tons of expert tips, from selecting the right pencil for the job to creating self-portraits, working with reference photos and using transfer techniques In the true spirit of mixed media, this book is all about combining, layering and experimenting in your pursuit of portrait nirvana. It will get you out of your comfort zone and into the habit of making faces that are truly and uniquely your own.

Margo Veillon

Author : Margo Veillon
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Margo Veillon, one of Egypt's best loved artists, here presents a sampling of her work from throughout her career, as represented in a legacy bequeathed to the American University in Cairo. The collection includes work from across the decades of her career as well as across a variety of media. Although Margo has lived part of her life in Europe, it is clearly Egypt that has held her imagination in all these long years of artistic innovation. One strand of her work is characterized by an ability to capture and depict the energy of a specific moment in time, be it a toss of wheat in the air to separate the chaff, the stoic bride in a wedding procession, or a horse dancing in a tent at a mulid. The stones, sands, and constantly changing light of the desert have been the inspiration for many years for another major line of artistic expression. And a third strand has been her exploration of all that can be seen, not seen, and sensed in one place, in her remarkable series of Global Perspectives. These threads and others no less individual and innovative make up the extraordinarily rich tapestry of Margo Veillon's artistic career, as brought together in the AUC Permanent Collection.

Color Lab for Mixed Media Artists

Author : Deborah Forman
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Color Lab for Mixed Media Artists has 52 exercises that explore color and cover a variety of art methods.

Acrylic Color Explorations

Author : Chris Cozen
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Discover your true color voice! Acrylic Color Explorations will have you seeing the world around you in a new way as color theory becomes engaging, easy-to-understand and fun. Not only will you achieve a basic understanding of color and pigments, but author Chris Cozen will also guide you through a personal exploration of color in 30 exercises using acrylic paint. Go beyond the red-yellow-blue understanding of the color wheel by exploring the work of several artists who work with color in unique ways. Determining when to introduce a calming color or when to turn the color volume up is a skill that can be developed through practice and intention, and with Acrylic Color Explorations you will learn how to do both! • Learn 33 techniques for incorporating and developing color in your paintings. • Explore practical color basics with exercises and color challenges that will help you determine your color "voice." • Discover secrets to mastering any creative color situation with 9 contributing artists! Embrace your true color voice today!

Happy Colors Happy Life

Author : Regis Silva
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Paintings, sculptures and projects of the Brazilian artist Regis Silva.

The New Color Mixing Companion

Author : Josie Lewis
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The New Color Mixing Companion is a modern, hands-on guide to working with color featuring approachable projects that each explore a different aspect of color mixing. In The New Color Mixing Companion, artist and popular Instagrammer Josie Lewis (@josielewisart) offers easy lessons and exercises on how to mix color and create exciting palettes. This comprehensive guide starts with a crash course in essential terminology and visual vocabulary, then shows you how to go beyond the wheel and basic theory with hands-on projects that illustrate and illuminate a variety of color elements and techniques. The materials used—including watercolor and acrylic paints, and found or purchased collage papers—are accessible, inexpensive, and readily available. Plus, this art guide includes easy-to-use templates featured in many of the projects; their modern geometric layouts yield stunning color arrangements. With The New Color Mixing Companion, artists, crafters, and designers of all skill levels will learn to take color in a whole new direction!

Red Grooms and the Heroism of Modern Life

Author : Red Grooms
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Red Grooms is a cross between Marcel Duchamp and P. T. Barnum. Working in a brash, freewheeling style, Grooms has explored the raucous spectacle of life around him since his career began in the 1950s. This catalogue, which accompanied an exhibition of the same name at the Palmer Museum of Art, brings together forty of his works to demonstrate that even his most whimsical creations have serious implications. Many of the mixed-media constructions in Red Grooms and the Heroism of Modern Life reflect upon America's love affair with sports, business, and celebrity. The mixture of parody and homage in Grooms's portraits of such stars as Pablo Picasso and Fats Domino charges all his depictions of American popular culture, from bulky football players and haggard shoppers to a brightly colored Ferris wheel. In her essay for this catalogue, Joyce Henri Robinson contends that Grooms should be should be considered a contemporary counterpart to Charles Baudelaire's Parisian flaneur. Much like this famed character, she observes, Grooms approaches the world around him as a spectacle filled with novel forms of heroism. In this regard, the key work in the catalogue is an installation centered upon a full-scale version of a New York City bus. Grooms's Bus tempers revelation of the gritty realities of urban life with humor and flashes of poetry.

Incite 2 Color Passions

Author : Tonia Jenny
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"109 artists share their zest for color through painting, collage, encaustic, art journaling, jewelry art and more. The 133 pieces of mixed-media art showcased in the second [sic] edition of Incite, The Best of Mixed Media will inspire you to add new shades and hues to your palette and new techniques to your toolbox"--Jacket.