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Mixing it Up with Football

Author : Owen Smith
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12 group sessions that use football to help young people connect with key Christian beliefs. Suitable for use with 9- to 13-year olds. Ideal for Sunday schools and mid-week groups.

Mixing it Up With Harry Potter

Author : Owen Smith
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Fact 1... The seven Harry Potter books have sold more than 350 million copies in 200 countries and the films are one of the highest grossing film series of all time. It is a cultural phenomenon in which our young people are greatly immersed. Fact 2... Young people aged 9-13 are a massively under-resourced age group in churches. Spanning the ‘tweenager’ and ‘tweenie’ age zones young people of this age are increasingly fashion-aware, media-savvy and worldly-wise. They don’t regard themselves as children but are not yet adults. This new book addresses both the need and the cultural interest.In 12 sessions, Mixing it up with Harry Potter draws parallels between events in the Harry Potter world, and the world in which our young people live. These parallels allow you to explore Christian concepts with your young people and engage with the Christian faith through the themes demonstrated – from complex subjects such as Sacrifice and Mercy, to everyday issues such as Fitting in and Boasting – with an introduction to the book covering all you need to consider in terms of health and safety, child protection, and how to handle the aspects of Harry Potter that are not always very godly.Mixing it up with Harry Potter will help young people to delight in their faith and encourage them to see that a relationship with God is even more enchanting than a visit to Hogwarts!Each session is divided into five parts and includes photocopiable material: · Beforehand (to help leaders prepare the session)· Opening Activity (introducing the session to the young people in an interactive and fun format)· Film Clip (a short clip from one of the Harry Potter films)· Taking It Further (developing the theme and exploring it in greater depth)· Bible Focus (a Bible verse that deals with the Christian perspective of the theme)· Prayer Response (prayer activity drawing on the theme and giving space for response)

Baily s Magazine of Sports and Pastimes

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Mixing It Up

Author : Ishmael Reed
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A new collection of essays first published in The New York Times and Playboy. Reed tackles subjects including Oakland, eugenics, and domestic violence,

Mixing It Up

Author : SanSan Kwan
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The United States Census 2000 presents a twenty-first century America in which mixed-race marriages, cross-race adoption, and multiracial families in general are challenging the ethnic definitions by which the nation has historically categorized its population. Addressing a wide spectrum of questions raised by this rich new cultural landscape, Mixing It Up brings together the observations of ten noted voices who have experienced multiracialism first-hand. From Naomi Zack's "American Mixed Race: The United States 2000 Census and Related Issues" to Cathy Irwin and Sean Metzger's "Keeping Up Appearances: Ethnic Alien-Nation in Female Solo Performance," this diverse collection spans the realities of multiculturalism in compelling new analysis. Arguing that society's discomfort with multiracialism has been institutionalized throughout history, whether through the "one drop" rule or media depictions, SanSan Kwan and Kenneth Speirs reflect on the means by which the monoracial lens is slowly being replaced. Itself a hybrid of memoir, history, and sociological theory, Mixing It Up makes it clear why the identity politics of previous decades have little relevance to the fluid new face of contemporary humanity.

ESPN NFL Football

Author : Mojo Media
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He . . . could . . .go . . . all . . . the . . . way! - Discover advanced techniques for rushing and passing - Play better defense and shut down your opponent - Score more points with our can't-miss play calling advice - Get to know this year's teams with our roster and rookie updates - Learn the secrets of how to be competitive in every game

Coaching Youth Football

Author : John Mccarthy
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Handbooks in "The Parent's Guide" series serve as the perfect step-by-step introductory primers for parents and coaches. Written in an easy, conversational style, these books cover all the basic skill-building techniques, rules of the games, proper equipment, and first aid. in addition to the physical skills of the game, these guides focus on team spirit, the importance of fair play and overall fun. Special attention is paid to developing a child's confidence and self-esteem, as well. All books are heavily illustrated to help both the coach and child visualize the plays, drills and proper techniques. Filled with creative tips for working with children and personal anecdotes and suggestions, these books offer sound advice for all coaches.

Running Tough

Author : Tony Dorsett
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Football great Tony dorsett speaks candidly about his career, his Teammates, racism in professional sports, the power of the media, and the Dallas Cowboys

A Parent s Guide to Coaching Football

Author : John P. McCarthy
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Emphasizes the importance of developing confidence in children's sports while explaining the game of football to inexperienced parents and offering coaching suggestions to those who want to get involved with their child's team

Football by the Numbers 1987

Author : Allen Barra
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West Coast Review of Books

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American Football

Author : Charles Dudley Daly
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Sport in Contemporary Society

Author : D. Stanley Eitzen
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This text has been renowned and widely used in courses for its accessible articles by scholars and journalists about many controversial dimensions of sport, including overzealous competition, inequalities of gender and race, the role of the media, and the influence of money in both professional and school athletics. Nearly half the articles presented here are new to this edition, reflecting the latest trends and analysis. The seventh edition is essential reading in courses on sociology of sport and on the foundations of physical education.

The Big Match

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"Lightning" provides: 32 books with 3 levels of differentiation per book; NLS genre coverage; linked themes across fiction, non-fiction and the wider curriculum; teaching support for each book including comprehension and writing; and a teaching and practice CD providing opportunities for ICT.

The Outsports Revolution

Author : Jim Buzinksi
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Download » is a gay sports website which receives over two million hits a month. Now, the founders of this groundbreaking website offer an in-depth and entertaining compendium on the issues surrounding gays and lesbians in the sporting world. It chronicles the development and rise of the Outsports brand and outlines its impact on the world of gay sports. The book also introduces readers to athletes who have come out of the closet, charts the proliferation of gay sporting leagues and tackles the myth the gay men can't play sports!

The Washington Post Index

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Red Barrister

Author : Peter S. Cook
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A biography of Ted Laurie, Australia's leading communist QC. It explores his career as student and sportsman, the comfortable middle class background, the communist ideals and the aspirations to serve the Party. Laurie appeared on the Party's behalf in a number of crucial cases, including the Lowe Royal Commission on Communism, the High Court case on the Communist Party Dissolution Act and the Petrov case.

The Boston Globe Index

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The Emmitt Zone

Author : Emmitt Smith
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With candor, detail, and insight, star running back of the two-time Super Bowl champion Dallas Cowboys Emmitt Smith takes us onto the field and into his life. From Escambia High School to Texas Stadium, from the rough and tumble on the field to the down and dirty at the contract table, The Emmitt Zone vividly recounts the accomplishments and frustrations that follow this NFL celebrity.

It s Never Easy

Author : Jean F. Capron
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Nothing is easy for Jody her fourteenth summer. To begin with, her busybody friend May ALice suggests it's time she quit being a tomboy and find a boyfriend - a real one, not Jeremy who's been her best for friend for years. So Mary Alice sets up a date fro Jody, but it's a disaster. And Jeremy finds a girlfriend of his own!