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Modern Korean Drama

Author : Richard Nichols
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Showcasing both the fantastic and realistic innovations of Korean dramatists during a time of rapid social and historical change (1962 to 2004), the seven plays in this collection tackle major subjects, such as the close of the Choson dynasty and the aftermath of the Korean War, while delving into trenchant cultural issues, such as the marginalization of students who rebel against mainstream education and the role of traditional values in a materialistic society. Richard Nichols opens with a general overview of modern Korean drama since 1910 and concludes with an appendix describing theater production and audience attendance in Seoul. He situates each work critically, historically, and culturally, including brief biographies of playwrights and extensive notes. A bibliography also provides alternative readings and the titles of additional plays currently available in English. Primed for production, these skillful translations provide Western directors with exciting new material for the stage, while offering students and scholars a sophisticated survey of the modern Korean dramatic tradition.

K Drama

Author : Korean Culture and Information Service South Korea
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This book, the third volume in the K-Culture series intended to promote contemporary Korean culture overseas, introduces foreign audiences to Korean dramas. K-Drama and Hallyu K-Drama: The Beginning of Hallyu K-Drama Reaches into Asia and Beyond Why K-Drama? The Appeal of K-Drama Foreign Media Respond to K-Drama History of K-Drama 1960s: The Age of Enlightenment 1970s: Entering the Era of True Entertainment 1980s: Portraits of a Modern Korea 1990s: More Ideas, Better Results 2000s to the Present: K-Drama Goes Global Top K-Dramas and Stars Top 10 K-Dramas Top K-Drama Stars From Little Acorns

The Making of Modern Korea

Author : Adrian Buzo
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This fully updated third edition of The Making of Modern Korea provides a thorough, balanced and engaging history of Korea from 1876 to the present day. The text is unique in analysing domestic developments in the two Koreas in the wider context of regional and international affairs. Key features of the book include: • Comprehensive coverage of Korean history. • Expanded coverage of social and cultural affairs. • A new chapter covering the end of the Choson Dynasty in the context of Japanese imperialist expansionism. • Up-to-date analysis of important contemporary developments in both Koreas, including assessments of the Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Un administrations and the North’s nuclear weapons program. • Comparative focus on North and South Korea. • An examination of Korea within its regional context. • A detailed chronology and suggestions for further reading. The Making of Modern Korea is a valuable one-volume resource for students of modern Korean history, international politics and Asian Studies.

Korean Drama Under Japanese Occupation

Author : Chʻi-jin Yu
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From 1910 to 1945, Japan occupied Korea and controlled every aspect of the Korean life. This book presents three plays by two prominent Korean writers who ventured to voice anti-Japanese sentiments in their plays despite the harsh censorship of the time.

Modern Asian Theatre and Performance 1900 2000

Author : Kevin J. Wetmore, Jr.
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Modern Asian Theatre and Performance 1900 � 2000 is a ground-breaking survey, tracking the advent of modern drama in Japan, India, China, Korea and Southeast Asia. It considers the shaping power of realism and naturalism, the influence of Western culture, the relationship between theatrical modernisation and social modernisation, and how theatre operates in contemporary Asian society. Organised by period, nation and region, each chapter provides: ·a historical overview of the culture; ·an outline of theatre history; ·a survey of significant playwrights, actors, directors, companies, plays and productions. With contributions from an international team of scholars, this authoritative introduction will uniquely equip students and scholars with a broad understanding of the modern theatre histories of Asia.

Understanding Korean Literature

Author : Hŭng-gyu Kim
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Understanding Korean Literature (Han'guk munhak ui ihae) introduces the development and characteristics of the various historical and contemporary genres of Korean literature in a refreshingly clear way. It also presents detailed explanations of the development of a literary Korean language and of literacy and a reading public in Korea. A brief history of literary criticism, both traditional and modern, is included to give the discussion historical context. This translation provides a long-overdue source on Korean literature that can be used as a reference or text in Korean and Asian studies courses and as a general introduction to Korean literature for students of literature.

Three Kingdoms and Chinese Culture

Author : Kimberly Ann Besio
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A multi-disciplinary exploration of China’s first great classical novel, Three Kingdoms, and its influence on Chinese culture.

Korean Drama Locations Travel Guide My Love From The Star Seoul Day1

Author :
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Korean Drama Tour Guide Book 1. Korean Drama Filming Locations Travel Guide. The drama : "My love from the star" also known as "You who came from the star" or "You from another star" This book provide only 1 day travel guide of Seoul, Korea. This book will enable the readers to get to "You who came from the starts" filming locations. This is must have guide for the worldwide drama fans of "You who came from the starts". With this guide in hand, you'll be navigating Seoul in Korea without risking where to go, where to eat. Writer's experiences and backgrounds, and every efforts was done to this book to share everything from the perspective of native Korean writer. And it's all about the things people traveling to Seoul should know, regarding the most needed information and latest information along with drama filming spots in Seoul. There's also inspiring advice and wisdom for going to a country you've never been to but always wanted to go - Seoul, Korea. So you can learn more about the Korean culture and would be moved by memories of "My Love from the star". if you're still saving up for that trip to self from years ago, this book will give you a glimpse of the city and Beyond. You'll hopefully gain a deep understanding and appreciation so you can discover and enjoy Seoul to the fullest. There's no question why it's cool so. Enjoy!

Modern Korean Literature

Author : Peter H. Lee
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The history of Korea in the twentieth century has been a grim succession of oppressions, humiliations, and betrayals. Yet through it all, modern Korean writers have been able not only to find their own distinctive voices but to forge a national literature that speaks eloquently of the survival of the human spirit in times of crisis. This anthology includes the finest translations available of representative works in all the major genres, including poetry, fiction, essays, and drama. Readers will gain a clear sense of the development of twentieth-century Korean literature and a vivid impression of the resilience, strength, and tenacity of modern Korean writers.

East Asian Pop Culture

Author : Beng Huat Chua
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The contributors analyse the subject of Asian pop culture arranged under three headings: 'Television Industry in East Asia', 'Transnational-Crosscultural Receptions of TV Dramas' and 'Nationalistic reactions'.

Voices from the Straw Mat

Author : Chan E. Park
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Her "performance-centered" approach to p'ansori informs the discussion of a wide range of topics, including the amalgamation of the dramatic, the narrative, and the poetic; the invocation of traditional narrative in contemporary politics; the vocal construction of gender; and the politics of preservation."--BOOK JACKET.

Irish Influences on Korean Theatre During the 1920s and 1930s

Author : Wŏn-jae Chang
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It is well known that through their plays and lecture tours the dramatists of the Irish Literary Revival influenced and inspired those of America and elsewhere to set up their own national theatres and theatre movements, but most students of the Revival are unaware of just how far this influence extended. It would surely have surprised the founders and early playwrights of the Abbey Theatre to learn that their plays were not only being published in Japan (which they knew), but were also influencing translators, playwrights, critics and theatre associations in Korea - though it is hardly surprising that with little knowledge of Irish culture the translators often misinterpreted the plays and gave them political or social slants entirely lacking in the originals. In the present work, Won-Jae Jang describes the development of Korean theatre societies such as the Theatre Arts Association, the Earth Moon Society, and the Theatre Arts Research Association during the first quarter of the 20th century, how plays by Lady Gregory, J.M. Synge, Lord Dunsany, Sean O'Casey and T.C. Murray were interpreted - or misinterpreted - by Korean translators, and then describes their impact on Korean dramatists, showing in particular how the work of Synge and O'Casey influenced Chi-Jin Yoo (translations of three of whose plays - The Cow, The Mud Hut and The Donkey - are published in a companion volume, ISBN 978-0-86140-452-0), and Murray influenced Se-Deok Ham. This work therefore opens up Irish Drama's hitherto little-known influences on a region of the Eastern hemisphere.

Korean Musical Drama P ansori and the Making of Tradition in Modernity

Author : Dr Haekyung Um
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P’ansori is the quintessential traditional Korean musical drama, in which epic tales are sung and narrated by a solo singer accompanied by a drummer. Drawing on her extensive research in Korea and its diasporas, Haekyung Um describes and analyses the creative processes of p’ansori, weaving into her discussion musical, social and cultural aspects that include the evolution of p’ansori performance, origins and historical development, textual and musical materials, stylistic features of different p’ansori schools, transmission of knowledge, aesthetics, and changing interpretations of tradition.

DMZ Crossing

Author : Suk-Young Kim
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The Korean demilitarized zone might be among the most heavily guarded places on earth, but it also provides passage for thousands of defectors, spies, political emissaries, war prisoners, activists, tourists, and others testing the limits of Korean division. This book focuses on a diverse selection of inter-Korean border crossers and the citizenship they acquire based on emotional affiliation rather than constitutional delineation. Using their physical bodies and emotions as optimal frontiers, these individuals resist the state's right to draw geopolitical borders and define their national identity. Drawing on sources that range from North Korean documentary films, museum exhibitions, and theater productions to protester perspectives and interviews with South Korean officials and activists, this volume recasts the history of Korean division and draws a much more nuanced portrait of the region's Cold War legacies. The book ultimately helps readers conceive of the DMZ as a dynamic summation of personalized experiences rather than as a fixed site of historical significance.

South Korean Golden Age Melodrama

Author : Kathleen Anne McHugh
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Examining the theoretical, historical, and contemporary impact of South Korea's Golden Age of cinema.

Korean Mask Dance

Author : Tong-il Cho
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The Columbia Anthology of Modern Japanese Drama

Author : J. Thomas Rimer
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This anthology is the first to survey the full range of modern Japanese drama and make available Japan's best and most representative twentieth- and early-twenty-first-century works in one volume. It opens with a comprehensive introduction to Meiji-period drama and follows with six chronological sections: "The Age of Taisho Drama"; The Tsukiji Little Theater and Its Aftermath"; "Wartime and Postwar Drama"; "The 1960s and Underground Theater"; "The 1980s and Beyond"; and "Popular Theater," providing a complete history of modern Japanese theater for students, scholars, instructors, and dramatists. The collection features a mix of original and previously published translations of works, among them plays by such writers as Masamune Hakucho (The Couple Next Door), Enchi Fumiko (Restless Night in Late Spring), Morimoto Kaoru (A Woman's Life), Abe Kobo (The Man Who Turned into a Stick), Kara Juro (Two Women), Terayama Shuji (Poison Boy), Noda Hideki (Poems for Sale), and Mishima Yukio (The Sardine Seller's Net of Love). Leading translators include Donald Keene, J. Thomas Rimer, M. Cody Poulton, John K. Gillespie, Mari Boyd, and Brian Powell. Each section features an introduction to the developments and character of the period, notes on the plays' productions, and photographs of their stage performances. The volume complements any study of modern Japanese literature and modern drama in China, Korea, or other Asian or contemporary Western nations.

The Book on Korean Studies

Author :
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The Methuen Drama Anthology of Modern Asian Plays

Author : Kevin J. Wetmore, Jr.
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A companion volume to Modern Asian Theatre and Performance 1900?2000, this anthology contains nine emblematic scripts from twentieth and twenty-first century Asian theatre. Opening with a history of modern Asian drama and a summary of the plays and their contexts, it features nine works written between 1912 and 2009 in Japan, China, Korea, India, Indonesia and Vietnam. Showcasing fresh contemporary writing alongside plays central to the established canon, the collection surveys each playwright's work, and includes: Father Returns by Kikuchi Kan Hot Pepper, Air Conditioner and the Farewell Speech by Okada Toshiki Sunrise by Cao Yu I Love XXX by Meng Jinghui, Huang Jingang, Wang Xiaoli, Shi Hang Bicycle by O Tae-sok The Post Office by Rabindranath Tagore Hayavadana by Girish Karnad The Struggle of the Naga Tribe by W. S. Rendra Truong Ba's Soul in the Butcher's Skin by Luu Quang Vu The chronological and geographical breadth of the anthology provides a unique insight into modern Asian theatre and is essential to any understanding of its relation to Western drama and indigenous performance.

New Theatre Quarterly 79 Volume 20 Part 3

Author : Simon Trussler
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Provides an international forum where theatrical scholarship and practice can meet.