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Daily Life in Ancient and Modern Mexico City

Author : Steve Cory
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A historical exploration of events and daily life in Mexico City in both ancient and modern times.

Modern Mexico

Author : James D. Huck Jr.
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This single volume reference resource offers students, scholars, and general readers alike an in-depth background on Mexico, from the complexity of its pre-Columbian civilizations to its social and political development in the context of Western civilization. • Explains how Mexico's modern identity is defined by its status as an economically developing country sharing a large contiguous land border with a highly developed global superpower, the United States • Demonstrates the richness and global reach of Mexico's cultural and linguistic influence through the Western Hemisphere • Enables readers to understand how Mexico's history has been shaped by fierce revolutionary nationalism—a tendency that is now tempered by a desire for integration and leadership in the global community of nations • Includes "Day in the Life" features that portray the specific daily activities of various people in the country, from high school students to working class people to professionals, thereby providing readers insight into daily life in the country

Religious Culture in Modern Mexico

Author : Martin Austin Nesvig
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This nuanced book considers the role of religion and religiosity in modern Mexico, breaking new ground with an emphasis on popular religion and its relationship to politics. The contributors highlight the multifaceted role of religion, illuminating the ways that religion and religious devotion have persisted and changed since Mexican independence. They explore such themes as the relationship between church and state, the resurgence of religiosity and religious societies in the post-reform period, the religious values of the liberals of the 1850s, and the ways that popular expressions of religion often trumped formal and universal proscriptions. Focusing on individual stories and vignettes and on local elements of religion, the contributors show that despite efforts to secularize society, religion continues to be a strong component of Mexican culture. Portraying the complexity of religiosity in Mexico in the context of an increasingly secular state, this book will be invaluable for all those interested in Latin American history and religion. Contributions by: Silvia Marina Arrom, Adrian Bantjes, Alejandro Cortázar, Jason Dormady, Martin Austin Nesvig, Matthew D. O'Hara, Daniela Traffano, Paul J. Vanderwood, Mark Overmyer-Velázquez, Pamela Voekel, and Edward Wright-Rios

Political Intelligence and the Creation of Modern Mexico 1938 1954

Author : Aaron W. Navarro
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"Analyzes the impact of the opposition candidacies in the Mexican presidential elections of 1940, 1946, and 1952 on the internal discipline and electoral dominance of the ruling Partido de la Revolución Mexicana (PRM) and its successor, the Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI)"--Provided by publisher.

Local Democracy in Modern Mexico

Author : Arturo Flores
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This in-depth study of local government in Mexico raises issues which go far beyond the territory it covers. It will be of absorbing interest to all students of local democracy and participatory methods, not only in Latin America, but in Western and Eastern Europe, the USA, Africa, Asia, and elsewhere, where initiatives and experimentation are driven by socio-economic change. Everywhere citizen participation has become an important part of the democratisation debate, and this is certainly the situation in contemporary Mexico. This book presents a revealing insight of the wide range of participatory mechanisms, including plebiscites, referenda and neighbourhood committees, which have been introduced by different political parties at the local level in Mexico. After presenting the overall picture, the author examines the implementation of the participatory agenda in three localities:

Revolution and State in Modern Mexico

Author : Adam David Morton
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Now in an updated edition, this groundbreaking study develops a new approach to understanding the formation of the postrevolutionary state in Mexico. In a shift away from dominant interpretations, Adam David Morton considers the construction of the revolution and the modern Mexican state through a fresh analysis of the Mexican Revolution, the era of import substitution industrialization, and neoliberalism. Throughout, the author makes interdisciplinary links among geography, political economy, postcolonialism, and Latin American studies in order to provide a new framework for analyzing the development of state power in Mexico. He also explores key processes in the contestation of the modern state, specifically through studies of the role of intellectuals, democratization and democratic transition, and spaces of resistance. As Morton argues, all these themes can only be fully understood through the lens of uneven development in Latin America. Centrally, the book shows how the history of modern state formation and uneven development in Mexico is best understood as a form of passive revolution, referring to the ongoing class strategies that have shaped relations between state and civil society. As such, Morton makes an important interdisciplinary contribution to debates on state formation relevant to Mexican studies, postcolonial and development studies, historical sociology, and international political economy by revitalizing the debate on the uneven and combined character of development in Mexico and throughout Latin America. In so doing, he convincingly contends that uneven development can once again become a tool for radical political economy analysis in and beyond the region. A substantive new epilogue engages the main theoretical debates that have emerged since the book was first published, while also exploring the dominant geographies of power and resistance that are shaping state space in Mexico in the twenty-first century. And now a Spanish edition, Revolución y Estado en México moderno (México, D.F.: Siglo XXI, 2017), is available as well. Click here to see the book trailer.

Criminal and Citizen in Modern Mexico

Author : Robert Buffington
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Criminal and Citizen in Modern Mexico explores elite notions of crime and criminality from the late eighteenth to the early twentieth century. In Mexico these notions represented contested areas of the social terrain, places where generalized ideas about criminality transcended the individual criminal act to intersect with larger issues of class, race, gender, and sexuality. It was at this intersection that modern Mexican society bared its soul. Attitudes toward race amalgamation and indios, lower-class lifestyles and läperos, women and sexual deviance, all influenced perceptions of criminality and ultimately determined the fundamental issue of citizenship: who belonged and who did not. The liberal discourse of toleration and human rights, the positivist discourse of order and progress, the revolutionary discourse of social justice and integration sought in turn to disguise the exclusions of modern Mexican society behind a veil of criminality?to proscribe as criminal those activities that criminologists, penologists, and anthropologists clearly linked to marginalized social groups. This book attempts to lift that veil and to gaze, like Josä Guadalupe Posada, at the grinning calavera that it shields.

Masculinity and Sexuality in Modern Mexico

Author : Víctor M. Macías-González
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In Masculinity and Sexuality in Modern Mexico, historians and anthropologists explain how evolving notions of the meaning and practice of manhood have shaped Mexican history. In essays that range from Texas to Oaxaca and from the 1880s to the present, contributors write about file clerks and movie stars, wealthy world travelers and ordinary people whose adventures were confined to a bar in the middle of town. The Mexicans we meet in these essays lived out their identities through extraordinary events--committing terrible crimes, writing world-famous songs, and ruling the nation--but also in everyday activities like falling in love, raising families, getting dressed, and going to the movies. Thus, these essays in the history of masculinity connect the major topics of Mexican political history since 1880 to the history of daily life. Part of the Diálogos Series of Latin American Studies

Technology and the Search for Progress in Modern Mexico

Author : Edward Beatty
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In the late nineteenth century, Mexican citizens quickly adopted new technologies imported from abroad to sew cloth, manufacture glass bottles, refine minerals, and provide many goods and services. Rapid technological change supported economic growth and also brought cultural change and social dislocation. Drawing on three detailed case studies—the sewing machine, a glass bottle–blowing factory, and the cyanide process for gold and silver refining—Edward Beatty explores a central paradox of economic growth in nineteenth-century Mexico: while Mexicans made significant efforts to integrate new machines and products, difficulties in assimilating the skills required to use emerging technologies resulted in a persistent dependence on international expertise.

Honor and Personhood in Early Modern Mexico

Author : Osvaldo F. Pardo
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An examination of the concept of honor as essential to both colonial Spaniards and indigenous Mexicans

The Birth of Modern Mexico 1780 1824

Author : Christon I. Archer
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The Birth of Modern Mexico, 1780-1824 investigates the roots of the Mexican Independence era from a variety of perspectives. The essays in this volume link the pre-1810 late Bourbon period to the War of Independence (1810-1821), analyze many crucial aspects of the decade of conflict, and illustrate the continuities with the first years of the independent Mexican nation. Christon I. Archer has assembled the most important scholars of the Independence era in Mexican history. Each essay addresses a central theme and brings new perspectives to the topics under consideration. They all contribute to a nuanced view of the period from roughly the 1790s to the 1830s: the different conceptions of legitimacy between the popular masses and the elite; the skill and importance of pro-Spanish propaganda; the process of organizing conspiracies; the survival and thriving of a mercantile family before, during, and after the creation of the republic; the causes of failing mines; the role of religious thought in the supposed secular state; an exhortation to recall the positive contributions of Iturbide; the viceroy's military strategy; and differing conceptions of authority by the legislature and the executive. The authors address the basic issues that are key to students' understanding: Who fought in the Independence movement, why, and where? Yet the cutting-edge interpretations in the essays make the book equally valuable for more advanced study. In addition, information is provided on the major personalities, including Augustín Iturbide, Félix Calleja, and Father Hidalgo, giving The Birth of Modern Mexico a fascinating human dimension. Unlike many edited volumes, the essays in this book offer a seamless approach to the period that underscores new research and innovative ideas that will reinforce the significance of the Independence era. One of the few readable, concise books on the topic of independence, this volume probes the birth of modern Mexico in a crisply written style that is sure to appeal to historians and students of Mexican history. Contributions by: Timothy E. Anna, Christon I. Archer, Virginia Guedea, Hugh M. Hamill, John E. Kicza, Jaime E. Rodríguez O., Anne Staples, Paul J. Vanderwood, and Eric Van Young.

A Descriptive Catalogue of the Exhibition entitled Ancient and Modern Mexico Now open at the Egyptian Hall etc

Author : William BULLOCK (F.L.S.)
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Modern Mexico

Author :
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Elena Garro and Mexico s Modern Dreams

Author : Rebecca E. Biron
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Blending cultural studies, literary analysis, and political history, this book shows how Elena Garro’s life and work expose the impasses inherent to the concept of Mexican modernity. This study explores her critique of Mexican modernity and its apologists, as well as her critique on the nation's crisis of globalization, state power, and violence.

Anahuac or Mexico and the Mexicans Ancient and Modern

Author : Edward B. Tylor
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"Anahuac : or, Mexico and the Mexicans, Ancient and Modern" by Edward B. Tylor. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten−or yet undiscovered gems−of world literature, we issue the books that need to be read. Each Good Press edition has been meticulously edited and formatted to boost readability for all e-readers and devices. Our goal is to produce eBooks that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone in a high-quality digital format.

Mexico Ancient and Modern

Author : Bancroft Library
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Crafting the Modern Mexico

Author : Mauricio Tenorio Trillo
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Author : Enrique Krauze
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The concentration of power in the caudillo (leader) is as much a formative element of Mexican culture and politics as the historical legacy of the Aztec emperors, Cortez, the Spanish Crown, the Mother Church and the mixing of the Spanish and Indian population into a mestizo culture. Krauze shows how history becomes biography during the century of caudillos from the insurgent priests in 1810 to Porfirio and the Revolution in 1910. The Revolutionary era, ending in 1940, was dominated by the lives of seven presidents -- Madero, Zapata, Villa, Carranza, Obregon, Calles and Cardenas. Since 1940, the dominant power of the presidency has continued through years of boom and bust and crisis. A major question for the modern state, with today's president Zedillo, is whether that power can be decentralized, to end the cycles of history as biographies of power.

The Pursuit of Ruins

Author : Christina Bueno
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Famous for its majestic ruins, Mexico has gone to great lengths to preserve and display the remains of its pre-Hispanic past. The Pursuit of Ruins argues that the government effort to take control of the ancient remains took off in the late nineteenth century during the dictatorship of Porfirio Díaz. Under Díaz Mexico acquired an official history more firmly rooted in Indian antiquity. This prestigious pedigree served to counter Mexico’s image as a backward, peripheral nation. The government claimed symbolic links with the great civilizations of pre-Hispanic times as it hauled statues to the National Museum and reconstructed Teotihuacán. Christina Bueno explores the different facets of the Porfirian archaeological project and underscores the contradictory place of indigenous identity in modern Mexico. While the making of Mexico’s official past was thought to bind the nation together, it was an exclusionary process, one that celebrated the civilizations of bygone times while disparaging contemporary Indians.

Mexico Otherwise

Author : Jürgen Buchenau
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A diverse collection of observations on nineteenth- and twentieth-century Mexico by non-Mexican authors.