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Modern Pharmaceutical Industry

Author : Thomas Jacobsen
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With its expansion into the global marketplace, the pharmaceutical industry of today is uniquely positioned to improve the global health standards of society by saving lives and improving the quality of lives around the world. Modern Pharmaceutical Industry: A Primer comprehensively explains the broad range of divisions in this complex industry. Experts actively involved in each division discuss their own contribution to a pharmaceutical company's work and success. Divisions include regulatory affairs, research and development, intellectual property, pricing, marketing, generics, OTC, and more

Liability of Corporate Groups and Networks

Author : Christian A. Witting
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What happens when a corporate subsidiary or network company is unable to pay personal injury victims in full? This book sets out to tackle the 'insolvent entity problem', especially as it arises in cases of mass wrongdoing such as those involving asbestos exposure and defective pharmaceuticals. After discussing the nature of corporate groups and networks from the perspectives of business history, organisation studies, and social theory, the book assesses a range of rules and proposed rules for extending liability for personal injuries beyond insolvent entities. New proposals are put for an exception to the rule of limited liability and for the development of a flexible new tort based on conspiracy that encompasses not only control-based relationships but also horizontal coordination between companies. The book concludes with a general discussion of lessons learned from debates about extended liability and provides guidelines for the development of new liability rules.

The Competitive Status of the U S Pharmaceutical Industry

Author : National Research Council
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A Primer of Neuroimmunological Disease

Author : Andrew R. Pachner
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A Primer of Neuroimmunological Disease is a significant new resource for anyone interested in conditions such as multiple sclerosis(MS), myasthenia gravis, and neurological infections. It is a practical and balanced guide to the diagnosis and treatment of neuroimmunological disease. A Primer of Neuroimmunological Disease distinguishes itself by providing a range of features not generally included in texts on neuroimmunology. These include broad presentation of information in the form of figures and tables; strong cohesion among topics by focusing on a few prototypic neuroimmunological diseases, which serve as a foundation from which to explore other neuroimmunological diseases; a single author perspective, with references across chapters; and a focus on the overlap between neuroimmunological and neuroinfectious diseases. Neurologists, immunologists, infectious disease specialists, neuroscientists and others interested in neuroimmunological diseases such as MS will find A Primer of Neuroimmunological to be a state-of-the-art resource.

A Software Architecture Primer

Author : John Reekie
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The authors present a fresh, pragmatic approach to the study of software architecture. This edition contains a series of chapters that introduce and develop an understanding of software architecture by means of careful explanation and elaboration of a range of key concepts. (Computer Books)

Medical Informatics An Executive Primer

Author : Ken Ong, MD, MPH, Editor
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The Philosophical Foundations of Modern Medicine

Author : K. Lee
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An exploration of the philosophical foundation of modern medicine which explains why such a medicine possesses the characteristics it does and where precisely its strengths as well as its weaknesses lie. Written in plain English, it should be accessible to anyone who is intellectually curious, lay persons and medical professionals alike.

Pills a go go

Author : Jim Hogshire
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A cultural study of pills and pharmaceutical culture.

The Biofilm Primer

Author : J. William Costerton
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This book details the widely accepted hypothesis that the majority of bacteria in virtually all ecosystems grow in matrix-enclosed biofilms. The author, who first proposed this biofilm hypothesis, uses direct evidence from microscopy and from molecular techniques, arguing cogently for moving beyond conventional culture methods that dominated microbiology in the last century. Bacteria grow predominantly in biofilms in natural, engineered, and pathogenic ecosystems; this book provides a solid basis for the understanding of bacterial processes in environmental, industrial, agricultural, dental and medical microbiology. Using a unique "ecological" perspective, the author explores the commensal and pathogenic colonization of human organ systems.

The Pharmaceutical Industry

Author : John O'Neill Closs
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Food Drug Cosmetic Law Journal

Author :
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Modern Medicine

Author : Alan Ernest Alfred Read
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Chemical Engineering in the Pharmaceutical Industry Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Author : David J. am Ende
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A guide to the development and manufacturing of pharmaceutical products written for professionals in the industry, revised second edition The revised and updated second edition of Chemical Engineering in the Pharmaceutical Industry is a practical book that highlights chemistry and chemical engineering. The book’s regulatory quality strategies target the development and manufacturing of pharmaceutically active ingredients of pharmaceutical products. The expanded second edition contains revised content with many new case studies and additional example calculations that are of interest to chemical engineers. The 2nd Edition is divided into two separate books: 1) Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’s) and 2) Drug Product Design, Development and Modeling. The active pharmaceutical ingredients book puts the focus on the chemistry, chemical engineering, and unit operations specific to development and manufacturing of the active ingredients of the pharmaceutical product. The drug substance operations section includes information on chemical reactions, mixing, distillations, extractions, crystallizations, filtration, drying, and wet and dry milling. In addition, the book includes many applications of process modeling and modern software tools that are geared toward batch-scale and continuous drug substance pharmaceutical operations. This updated second edition: • Contains 30new chapters or revised chapters specific to API, covering topics including: manufacturing quality by design, computational approaches, continuous manufacturing, crystallization and final form, process safety • Expanded topics of scale-up, continuous processing, applications of thermodynamics and thermodynamic modeling, filtration and drying • Presents updated and expanded example calculations • Includes contributions from noted experts in the field Written for pharmaceutical engineers, chemical engineers, undergraduate and graduate students, and professionals in the field of pharmaceutical sciences and manufacturing, the second edition of Chemical Engineering in the Pharmaceutical Industry focuses on the development and chemical engineering as well as operations specific to the design, formulation, and manufacture of drug substance and products.

A Health Economics Primer

Author : Shirley Johnson-Lans
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A Health Economics Primer covers the key areas of health care economics the supply and demand for health care and health insurance, the impact of technological innovation, and the role of institutions and public policy in a brief, flexible format that enables instructors to adapt the course as quickly as this dynamic field is evolving. Instructors will find suggestions for ways to use this text along with essential readings covering recent research and policy debates and companion sections of The Handbook of Health Economics.

Sigma Aldrich Labware

Author :
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Directory of Industry Data Sources

Author : William A. Benjamin
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The Philippine Drug Industry

Author :
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Subject Index of Modern Books Acquired

Author : British Library
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Guide to Rational Drug Use

Author :
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Public Relations for the Pharmacist

Author : William Henry Hull
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