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Money Savvy Kids

Author : J. Raymond Albrektson
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Your children can learn to give generously, save wisely, and spend carefully–and you can teach them.Young children are captivated by Saturday morning television commercials pushing the next must-have toy. Older kids think they’re losers if they don’t keep up with the latest fashion trend. Young adults find themselves facing financial temptations–like the lure of credit cards–that seem too good to resist. Behind all these sales pitches lies the dangerous promise: “You can have it all–just buy now and pay later.” Now, Money-Savvy Kids provides a workable strategy you can use–no matter what your financial history–to prepare your children for financial success today that will carry over into financial security for a lifetime.

Money Savvy Kids

Author : Gordon Pape
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Most of us grew up knowing very little about money and how to manage it. The result is the most indebted generation in Canadian history. Don't let your children make the same mistakes. Money Savvy Kids is an indispensible, fun-to-read book by Gordon Pape and his daughter, Deborah Kerbel, that will help you get your children on the right track to understanding all about money. It contains sound, practical information from Canada's most trusted financial writer plus many delightful and humorous personal stories that will leave you laughing while you learn. Money Savvy Kids features timely information on how to teach the "value" of money whether allowances are a good idea and, if so, how much? saving, spending, sharing teaching your kids to shop smart coping with children-directed advertising games that teach money skills great websites and apps-some reviewed by the kids themselves money-smart books for young readers finding that first job saving for college This book is a must-read for all parents with children between the ages of five and seventeen. Whether your kids are toddlers or teens, it's never too early or too late to start talking about money and how to save, spend, and manage it wiseley. Gordon and Deborah make it easy to raise money savvy kids!

The A to Z Money Book from Armchair Millionaire

Author : Lewis Schiff
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Since 2002, Lewis Schiff has published his hit column, "Ask the Armchair Millionaire" in both and, Money Magazine's web site, each week. This column regularly features the collected wisdom and homespun tales of's most savvy community members alongside Schiff's own expert advice. Its easy-to-browse format offers step-by-step solutions so the reader can put their plan into action right away. Published from 2002 to 2004, these 172 columns cover every important financial topic under the sun, from "automobile leasing" to "wills and inheritances." With The A to Z Money Book from Armchair Millionaire, you've got fingertip access to the very best insights, expertise and advice in one place -- a complete solution on your road to financial freedom!

Transition to Parenthood

Author : Roudi Nazarinia Roy
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Transition to Parenthood moves beyond a one-study focus and captures multidisciplinary work on all families making the transition to parenthood. The book covers societal trends, changes, and most importantly expectations. Focus is also placed on how families are impacted by their surroundings and their individual members. Strengths and limitations of current theories are discussed, as well as how the phenomenon of parenthood requires a combination of both macro- and micro-level theories.

Smart Money Smart Kids

Author : Dave Ramsey
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In Smart Money Smart Kids, Financial expert and best-selling author Dave Ramsey and his daughter Rachel Cruze equip parents to teach their children how to win with money. Starting with the basics like working, spending, saving, and giving, and moving into more challenging issues like avoiding debt for life, paying cash for college, and battling discontentment, Dave and Rachel present a no-nonsense, common-sense approach for changing your family tree.

Savings Tips For Kids

Author : Tamra Orr
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Perhaps you’d like to save some money for horseback riding lessons, for college, or for a new music album. In Savings Tips for Kids, find out how to save money, just as Mrs. Bond’s class learns how to save points that they earn in class. Find out about checking, savings, and other types of accounts you can have at your local bank, and discover the difference between simple and compound interest. Then find out why saving first and spending later—instead of borrowing and trying to repay later—is the best way to manage your money. Take the mystery out of money matters, and let your money work for you.

A Kid s Guide to Earning Money

Author : Tamra Orr
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Join Mr. Franks and his class as they try to earn enough cash to get them to the new science museum. Follow them as they find out different ways to earn money—from folding laundry to starting a car-washing business. Find out where to search for jobs, how to know if a job is right for you, and about the laws that dictate what kids can earn, what taxes they may or may not have to pay, and what jobs and hours they are allowed to work. If you’ve ever wished you could earn some extra spending money, this book will help you on the road to putting cash in your pocket.

Make Your Kid A Money Genius Even If You re Not

Author : Beth Kobliner
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The New York Times bestseller that is a must-read for any parent! From Beth Kobliner, the author of the bestselling personal finance bible Get a Financial Life—a new, must-have guide showing parents how to teach their children (from toddlers to young adults) to manage money in a smart way. Many of us think we can have the “money talk” when our kids are old enough to get it…which won’t be for years, right? But get this: Research shows that even preschoolers can understand basic money concepts, and a study from Cambridge University confirmed that basic money habits are formed by the age of seven. Oh, and research shows the number one influence on kids’ financial behaviors is mom and dad. Clearly, we can’t afford to wait. Make Your Kid a Money Genius (Even If You’re Not) is a jargon-free, step-by-step guide to help parents of all income levels teach their kids—from ages three to twenty-three—about money. It turns out the key to raising a money genius isn’t to teach that four quarters equal a dollar or how to pick a stock. Instead, it’s about instilling values that have been proven to make people successful—not just financially, but in life: delaying gratification, working hard, living within your means, getting a good education, and acting generously toward others. More specifically, you’ll learn why allowance isn’t the Holy Grail when teaching your kid to handle money, and why after-school jobs aren’t always the answer either. You’ll discover the right age to give your kid a credit card, and learn why doling out a wad of cash can actually be a good parenting move. You don’t need to be a money genius to make your kid a money genius. Regardless of your comfort level with finance—or your family’s income—this charming and fun book is an essential guide for passing along enduring financial principles, making your kids wise beyond their years—and peers—when it comes to money.

The Inner World of Money

Author : Marty Martin
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"Bookstores are full of titles on improving personal finances, but none focus on the often debilitating worries that can lead to poor money habits. The inner world of money addresses those worries head-on with time-tested strategies for dealing with bill paying, personal debt, splurge spending, investment, and household budgets."--Jacket.

Getting on the MoneyTrack

Author : Rob Black
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Don't miss the PBS series MoneyTrack with financial expert Rob Black "A true financial reality and investor education series featuring real people with real-life problems and solutions. . . . Well worth watching." —Humberto Cruz, LA Times In today's unpredictable financial world, achieving and maintaining financial security is a major concern for many people. Getting on the MoneyTrack shows you how to make the right financial decisions for you and your family. It provides a blueprint of what you need to do to ensure a well-funded life and covers topics such as: Common money management mistakes and how to avoid them How to get and stay out of debt New ways to work Investing in real estate Financial planning essentials for couples How to raise money-savvy kids The best ways to save for college Retirement Filled with in-depth insights and practical advice, Getting on the MoneyTrack provides an accessible and honest look at how you can improve your financial well-being.