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Moods and Moments

Author : Mary Leland Hunt
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Moods and Moments

Author : J. Lindley Stiles
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Moods and Moments is a re-print of a classic best seller of 1955 which was judged by critics as the equal to the poems by the famous English poet A. A. Milne. It is being re-published and distributed by Trafford On-Demand Publishing because of popular demand by purchasers of the first edition who want it for their grandchildren. Included in this version are a few of the author's selected poems from Ideas and Images, published by Dembar Educational Services in Madison Wisconsin. It too was a best seller in its time. Moods and Moments, although written about one family, the author's, deals with the experiences of living together - and growing up - that are typically facecd by children and parents in homes around the world. Some poems are for children, some are for youths, and others, for adults. The charming verses in this collection - and their delightful illustrations - are meant for all ages. They are about children and young people; and the things important to them and their parents. They are for all who are now, or who have ever been young - and remember. Most especially, they are for families. And yes, they are for teachers too. For they as well live and grow up with young people. The rhymes and rhythms in this book touch upon - with sensitive insight and delicate whimsy - events and thoughts of children, and family experiences, that are so universal that they belong to all. They briing to the reader, be he or she young or otherwise, vivid poetic reflections of childhood games, and the sheer wonder and mystery of being young, and the refreshing eagerness of every child to run to meet life. Most importantly, Moods and Moments is wholesome reading. It is a pleasant and effective antidote for the confusion and frusratrions of the times. Its readable and enjoyable poems, characterized by simplicity, variety and lively rhythms, help all ages to appreciate - and perhaps to recapture - the vital experiences that make up the fabric of Happy family life. The content and charm of Dr. Stiles' verses, the delightfulness of Sally Turner's, Clarice George Logan and Lori Musil's illustrations and the artistry of the design of the book by Charles Smith and recreated by Simmie Plummer, all combine to make Moods and Moments a "quality book", a classic for all times and ages. It belongs in every home and is a "must" for collections of children's books in both school and public libraries. It is popular poetry for all ages. Its sparkling rhymes and rythms and delightful illustrations reveal with delicate sensitivities events that most children experience as they are growing up. Written about the life of one family, readers have attested that it belongs to all. From the early childhood expeirence of "Johnny One Hop", through the wonderful reflections about whether "Can God See Me" to the galloping saddle-back rhythms of "Round-up time", no reader - young or old - will be untouched. In store for all who read these verses will be wit and wisdom, wonder and relaxation, as well as tears and laughter found in wholesome family living. It is a book that, once started, is difficult to put down - in the initial and subsequent readings.

The Facets of Human Life

Author : Niranjan Tasnīm
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The Author ..Over The Various Facets Of Human Life. The Focus Is An Various Themes Such As Romantic Love, Domestic Life, Social Hypocrisy, Decline In Values And Manners, Nostalgia, Right Living And Ethics. Contains One Hundred Essays.

Moods Moments and Memories

Author : Ken Kitson
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Most people know Yorkshire-born actor, Ken Kitson for his many appearances on the small screen. As well as having played a record four different characters in Granada's Coronation Street, he is also familiar from more hard-hitting shows such as Thames/Euston's The Sweeney and Minder, and has long been a fixture in Roy Clarke's long running comedy, Last of the Summer Wine for the BBC. This book reveals another side of Ken - the poet. Sensitive and imaginative, Ken's poems are none the less highly accessible. His subjects and messages are drawn from a real world we can all experience and share in. Moods, Moments & Memories draws on material from the whole of Ken's career.

Moments Moods Memories

Author : Nelly Shakespear
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Compilación y crítica de poemas sobre el tiempo de William Blake, T.S. Eliot, Robert Frost, Thomas Hardy, John Keats, William Butler Yeats, etc.

Worded Moments of Wandering Moods

Author :
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Moods and Moments

Author : Ada York Allen
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Magic Moments

Author : Jerome Jay Miller
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Magic Moments is a selection of poetry from the work of three poets. It runs through a gamut of various forms of poetry as it travels a gauntlet of emotions.An adventure awaits you. Let your imagination free as you read poems from the narrative section. Relive the good and bad times as you read from Memories. Exercise and stimulate your mind with selections from Deep Thoughts. Relive love past and dream of love to come and recall those who have gone in Romance, Love and Loss. If you dare, delve the deep in The Dark Side. Maybe your time is short. You have only enough time to read a tiny poem. Beware what take seconds to read could stay in your head all day.Smiling and laughter are healthy. They reduce stress and promote healing. Our doctor proscribes a poem a day from the Humor section.Whatever your tastes, whatever your moods, this collection is one that you'll want to keep and read over and over again.

Worded Moments of Wandering Moods

Author : Robin Dridge
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Step into the distinctively different and fascinating world of dridge. Unique twists of descriptive poetry and "out of the box" quotes meticulously tapped from the extreme mind of dridge will have you utterly entranced in the superlative logic and imagination beyond traditional boundaries.

Toward a Meaningful Mood

Author : Simon Jacobson
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Everyone has moods - good moods, bad moods, highs and lows. A big part of life is balancing our moods, appreciating the bright moments and dealing with the duller and darker ones. Toward a Meaningful Mood is a revolutionary take on moods in general, and specifically how to transform the bad ones into good. By analyzing and addressing the core issues at the heart of a bad mood, it offers meaningful solutions to a very personal and pertinent issue. Toward a Meaningful Mood will supplement your self-help and self-betterment arsenal so that next time you are faced with a dark disposition you will be armed with illuminating skills to understand and transform it. By bringing more meaning into your personal life, you will make a more meaningful impact on the rest of the world. Toward a Meaningful Mood includes over 90 pages of insights, Meaningful exercises (MeXercises) and Tranquil meditations (MeDitations). It will change the way you see moods -- and eBooks -- forever!

Introductory Papers on Dante

Author : Dorothy L. Sayers
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Introducing the Dante Papers Trilogy: Introductory Papers on Dante Further Papers on Dante The Poetry of Search and the Poetry of Statement This introductory volume of essays on Dante by Dr. Dorothy L. Sayers will be eagerly sought by the many thousands of readers who already know her vigorous and vivid translation of the Inferno. As those who have heard Miss Sayer's lectures on Dante can testify, she brings to the interpretation of the Divine Comedy a vitalizing power of analysis and re-creation. Readers of Dante often become discouraged by the mass of factual detail which the older school of historical criticism has made available; mere aestheticism, however, unrelated to the time and space, is nor likely to satisfy them either. They will find in Miss Sayers' essays enough scholarly assistance to put themselves in the position of a contemporary reader; but their attention will chiefly be drawn to the relevance of the Divine Comedy to our present day world and way of life. Miss Sayers' emphasis on the ethical, rather than on the aesthetic, or historical, significance of Dante's work, comes as a welcome and bracing challenge to the confusion regarding values, whether of literature or of life, which characterizes the present age.

Catalog of Copyright Entries Third Series

Author : Library of Congress. Copyright Office
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Includes Part 1, Number 1: Books and Pamphlets, Including Serials and Contributions to Periodicals (January - June)

The iPhone Photographer

Author : Michael Fagans
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The iPhone camera is a sophisticated device. It has compelled millions of people worldwide to take a new or renewed interest in photography. Let’s face it: most of us now have a tiny yet highly competent camera in a pocket or purse at all times these days, and we use it to grab shots of people, places, and things more and more often as the technology improves—and you know what? We’re largely pleased with those captures. If you’re a SERIOUS photographer, you may be wondering just how much mileage you can get out of your “simple,” ever-ready iPhone camera. Well, the answer may surprise you. In this book, Michael Fagans deconstructs photos taken in 60 scenarios—with a diverse array of subjects, in changing lighting conditions, in places that present unique challenges—showing you how to use solid, traditional photographic techniques to create great shots. Yes, Fagans will teach you the basics of creating a great photo. But there’s far more: He’ll show you that an iPhone, with the aid of apps, can mimic looks achieved by vintage cameras, a range of lenses, and countless filters. In this book, Fagans teaches you how to use free and low-cost apps and Instagram options to create (or, rather, re-create) beloved vintage-photo effects that you’d achieve with the Holga (a plastic vintage camera known for its unexpected lens distortion) and medium-format-camera looks. You’ll learn how to choose and use digital lenses, filters, and effects—and combine and re-combine them–to intensify color and contrast, de-saturate color, introduce lens aberrations, play with the grain and color cast in the image, and much, much more. What to emulate the look of vintage film stock to create a photo with an aged, time-worn feel? No problem. Want to introduce a little focusing inaccuracy for effect? Easily done. Want to do these things AND use traditional, professional artificial lighting sources (think a large softbox), a professional image-editing platform (Photoshop), and really refine your message while pulling out all the stops? Fagans shows you how. The deconstruction of the images in this book makes it worth the price of admission. Still, however, there is far more: Fagans is a photographer’s photographer. The book is peppered with inspiring quotes from Ansel Adams, Minor White, and countless other photographic visionaries that speak to the heart of photography.

The Bloomsbury Companion to Existentialism

Author : Felicity Joseph
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The Bloomsbury Companion to Existentialism is the definitive guide to this key area of modern European philosophy. Now available in paperback, the book covers the fundamental questions asked by existentialism, providing valuable guidance for students and researchers to some of the many important and enduring contributions of existentialist thinkers. Chapters from an international team of experts explore existentialism's relationship to philosophical method; ontology; politics; psychoanalysis; ethics; religion; literature; emotion; feminism and sexuality; emotions; authenticity and the self; its significance in Latin American culture; and its contribution to the development of post-structuralism and cognitive science. In addition, five short chapters summarize the status of canonical figures Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Heidegger, Sartre and de Beauvoir, delineating the historical approach to their work, while pointing to new directions contemporary research is now taking. Featuring a series of indispensable research tools such as an A to Z glossary, a timeline of key events, texts and thinkers in existentialism, a list of resources, and an annotated guide to further reading, this Companion is an essential resource to help the new reader navigate through the heart of Existentialism and modern European philosophy.


Author : Iain McCalman
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Throughout history, gold has been the stuff of legends, fortunes, conflict and change. The discovery of gold in Australia150 years ago precipitated enormous developments in the newly settled land. The population and economy boomed in spontaneous cities. The effects on both the environment and indigenous Aboriginal peoples have been profound and lasting. In this book, a team of prominent historians and curators have collaborated to produce an innovative cultural history of gold and its impact on the development of Australian society.

Defining Moments

Author : P. Shaw
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Our lives are full of defining moments, but do we recognize them? We often fail to appreciate the significance of these moments. At work the pressure can be relentless and we can fail to enjoy these moments. The author shows how to recognize and appreciate these moments, which in turn helps us to better cope during more difficult times.

German Grammar in Context Second Edition

Author : Carol Fehringer
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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German Grammar in Context presents an accessible and engaging approach to learning grammar. Each chapter opens with a real-life extract from a German newspaper, magazine, poem, book or internet source and uses this text as the starting point for explaining a particular key area of German grammar. A range of exercises follow at the end of the chapter, helping students to reinforce and test their understanding, and an answer key is also provided at the back of the book. This second edition features: Updated texts with current newspaper and magazine articles and new extracts from digital media such as chatrooms or blogs Inclusion of a wide-ranging selection of sources and topics to further students’ engagement with issues relevant to contemporary Germany and Austria Clear and user-friendly coverage of grammar, aided by a list of grammatical terms A wide variety of inventive exercises designed to thoroughly build up grammatical understanding, vocabulary acquisition and effective comprehension and communication skills Helpful 'keyword boxes' translating difficult vocabulary in the texts A recommended reading section offering advice on additional grammar resources and website links German Grammar in Context will be an essential resource for intermediate to advanced students of German. It is suitable for both classroom use and independent study.

The Power of Positive Anecdotes

Author : Rakesh K Mittal
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Every meaningful life is a series of trials and triumphs both have to be accepted with equal poise for perennial joy. The Power of Positive Anecdotes explains that no matter how much one may try or wish, there is no real control over the events of life and one has to face them as they come. A positive person accepts these gracefully and grows wiser in the process. However, the reverse is that what befalls upon a negative person with negative thoughts and actions. In this motivational book, the author has narrated several anecdotes from his own life or from those closely connected to him. From every incident he draws a positive inspiration for himself as well as others. Very applied titled, each incident has been described in a simple, short and lucid manner which keeps the reader engaged throughout the book. A very powerful and moving book that provides ample scope for self development.

Baby Bummer

Author : DA Joe III
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The boomer generation of which the fell right in the middle of. A fictional account of real life story of an average yet not so average Joe, born and raised in the 50s, grew up in the 60s, blossomed in the 70s, maintained through the 80s. Each decade filled with hopes and aspirations, goals and achievements and setbacks that come with making an attempt to attain the American dream. But then came the 90s and a life once of takes a truly traumatic turn leaving Joe struggling to find direction in an unknown environment due to his turn to experiencethat most recent round of lay off.


Author : Oscar Wilde
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