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Maintaining Longcase Clocks

Author : Nigel Barnes
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Longcase clocks were invidually hand-made during the golden age of change that took place between the late seventeenth and mid-nineteenth centuries. Longcase clocks with their seventeenth century clock-making technology were innovative and incorporated an accurate pendulum clock within an attractive piece of domestic furnishing. This invaluable book is essential reading for all those who own and collect longcase clocks as well as clock repairers, horologists and conservationists. The authors provide detailed information about how longcase clocks work and how they are made. They also cover the theory and the 'best practice' practical steps that are required in longcase clock maintenance, restoration and conservation. The book outlines the history and horological development of longcase clocks; describes how longcase clocks can be dated; considers materials, tools and equipment; examines the movement and the associated simple, and more difficult, workshop procedures; covers maintenance and effective repairs; explains the more difficult woodwork procedures. Superbly illustrated with 300 colour photographs. Nigel Barnes and Austin Jordan provide advice and guidance in the field of antique horology and regularly run weekend courses.

A General History of Horology

Author : Anthony Turner
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A General History of Horology describes instruments used for the finding and measurement of time from Antiquity to the 21st century. In geographical scope it ranges from East Asia to the Americas. The instruments described are set in their technical and social contexts, and there is also discussion of the literature, the historiography and the collecting of the subject. The book features the use of case studies to represent larger topics that cannot be completely covered in a single book. The international body of authors have endeavoured to offer a fully world-wide survey accessible to students, historians, collectors, and the general reader, based on a firm understanding of the technical basis of the subject. At the same time as the work offers a synthesis of current knowledge of the subject, it also incorporates the results of some fundamental, new and original research.

Bulletin of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors

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Collecting Clocks Clock Repairs Trademarks Index

Author : Thomas Hodkin
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A comprehensive book on collecting & repairing antique clocks or timepieces written for both the amateur or experienced in mind. How to tell what's wrong, What tools to use, where to get parts and how to fit them, using hundreds of photographs and diagrams making repairs within most peoples reach, a separate section deals with sympathetic restoration of the case. The Trademarks section includes thousands of clockmakers marks from all around the world, usually stamped on the movement itself enabling the reader to accurately not only identify the maker but date and value the clock.

NAWCC Bulletin

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Antique Collector s Guide to Clocks and Watches

Author : Alan Smith
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Author : Richard Good
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Jewelers Circular keystone Directory

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The industry's all-in-one buying guide.

Comtoise 2nd Edition

Author : David Holmes
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If you've just dragged a dusty old Comtoise long case clock from the back of a dusty old French barn, or if you just want to know more of what goes on behind the dial, this book is for you. The 2nd edition of this popular book is a much expanded 94-page run down on where these clocks came from, who built them and why, and practical help in restoring cases and rebuilding movements. Above all it's about the heart and soul of these light-hearted, friendly and functional works of art. It includes a list of parts of themovement, glossary and a list of Makers, Movers and Shakers. You will find useful facts, figures and photographs relating to the different styles of cases, their construction and the (sometimes quite personal) messages scrawled therein. Also detailed and illustrated are pendulum styles throughout the period and 4 pages on the different designs of brass frontons. As well as a section on the Vineyard wall clock, there is a supplement covering the Swedish Mora clock and Danish Bornholm clock."

Watchmakers and Clockmakers of the World

Author : G. H. Baillie
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“Watchmakers and Clockmakers of the World” is a comprehensive reference book of the most notable makers of clocks and watches in the world at the time when this book was first published. It is presented as a series of lists, each containing different information pertaining to the industry and the main companies involved in the manufacture of timepieces. Contents Include: “Conventions Abbreviations”, “List of Names with Alternative Spellings”, “List of Watch and Clockmakers”, “List of Initials and Monograms”, “List of Place Names”, “Maps”, etc. Many vintage books such as this are increasingly scarce and expensive. It is with this in mind that we are republishing this volume now in an affordable, modern, high-quality edition complete with a specially-commissioned new introduction on clockmaking.