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More what Works when with Children and Adolescents

Author : Ann Vernon
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Presents approximately eighty activities for counseling children and adolescents, which address such issues as anxiety, depression, stress, grief, low frustration tolerance, anger, bullying, and acting out.

What Works when with Children and Adolescents

Author : Ann Vernon
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Designed for counselors, school psychologists and others, this practical handbook offers creative, useful interventions for problems children and adolescents commonly experience.

What Works with Children and Adolescents

Author : Alan Carr
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What Works with Children and Adolescents? fulfils the need for a concise, empirically-based study of the types of psychological treatments that may be effective for common psychological problems in childhood and adolescence. Providing a solid foundation for evidence-based practice in the treatment of children and adolescents, the book offers evidence from over 150 rigorously conducted research trials. Examining problems which are of central concern to practising clinicians - including child abuse, enuresis and encopresis, ADHD, childhood conduct problems, adolescent violence, drug abuse, anxiety and depression, anorexia and bulimia nervosa, paediatric pain, and post-divorce adjustment problems - it also highlights priority areas for future research on the treatment of children and adolescents' psychological problems. What Works with Children and Adolescents? complements The Handbook of Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychology (Carr, 2006), and will be valuable to professionals in training.

Handbook of Evidence Based Therapies for Children and Adolescents

Author : Ric G. Steele
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The comprehensive coverage in this hugely important and timely handbook makes it invaluable to clinical child, school, and counseling psychologists; clinical social workers; and child psychiatrists. As a textbook for advanced clinical and counseling psychology programs, and a solid reference for the researcher in child/adolescent mental health, its emphasis on flexibility and attention to emerging issues will help readers meet ongoing challenges, as well as advance the field. Its relevance cannot be overstated, as growing numbers of young people have mental health problems requiring intervention, and current policy initiatives identify evidence-based therapies as the most effective and relevant forms of treatment.

Counseling and Psychotherapy with Children and Adolescents

Author : H. Thompson Prout
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Covering all the major approaches to counseling children and adolescents—including psychodynamic, Adlerian, person-centered, cognitive-behavioral, rational-emotive, reality therapy, solution focused, and family systems—Counseling and Psychotherapy with Children and Adolescents, Fourth Edition equips you to become familiar with the latest thinking and practice in counseling and psychotherapeutic interventions with children and adolescents.

The Clinical Assessment of Children and Adolescents

Author : Steven R. Smith
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This book highlights assessment techniques, issues, and procedures that appeal to practicing clinicians. Rather than a comprehensive Handbook of various tests and measures, The Clinical Assessment of Children and Adolescents is a practitioner-friendly text that provides guidance for test selection, interpretation, and application. With topics ranging from personality assessment to behavioral assessment to the assessment of depression and thought disorder, the leaders in the field of child and adolescent measurement outline selection and interpretation of measures in a manner that is most relevant to clinicians and graduate students. Each chapter makes use of extensive case material in order to highlight issues of applicability.

Parents Children and Adolescents

Author : Anne-Marie Ambert
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Parents, Children, and Adolescents presents an integrative perspective of the parent-child relationship within several contexts. You can expand your empirical and theoretical knowledge of the parent-child relationship and child development through the book's unusually holistic, theoretical perspective that integrates three main frameworks: interactional theories on parents, children, and development; contextual (ecological) models; and behavior genetics.This insightful book's empirical scope is broader than that of most books in that it considers the parent-child relationship throughout the life course as well as within a great variety of contexts, including interactions with sibling and peers, at school, in their neighborhoods, and with professionals. You'll gain immeasurable knowledge about: parents'child-rearing styles and how they are affected by environmental variables the interaction between parents and children, and between their personalities behavior genetics as one of the explanatory frameworks for the role of genetics and environment negative child outcomes--emotional problems, conduct disorders, and delinquency poverty and other stressors affecting parents and children problematic-abusive, emotionally disturbed, alcoholic parents siblings and peers as contexts for the parent-child dyad the effect of the school system on the family, with a focus on minority families family structure--divorce, remarriage, and families headed by never-married mothers adolescent mothers and their own mothers the psychogenetic limitations on parental influence and cultural roadblocks to parental moral authorityComplete with an Instructor's Manual, Parents, Children, and Adolescents is ideal for advanced undergraduate and graduate classes in family studies and human development, sociology of the family, interdisciplinary developmental psychology, and social work classes that need a thorough perspective on the parent-child relationship. Professionals and scholars in these fields seeking an interdisciplinary framework as well as research suggestions and incisive critiques of traditional perspectives will also find this innovative book a valuable addition to their reading lists.

Play Therapy with Children and Adolescents in Crisis Fourth Edition

Author : Nancy Boyd Webb
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This widely used practitioner resource and course text, now significantly revised, is considered the most comprehensive guide to working with children who have experienced major losses, family upheavals, violence in the school or community, and other traumatic events. Leading experts present a range of play and creative arts therapy techniques in chapters organized around in-depth case examples. Informed by the latest knowledge on crisis intervention and trauma, the fourth edition encompasses work with adolescents as well as younger children. Each chapter concludes with instructive questions for study or reflection. New to This Edition *Expanded age range: now includes expressive therapy approaches for adolescents. *More attention to traumatic stress reactions and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD); several chapters address complex trauma. *Extensively revised with the latest theory, practices, and research; many new authors. *Additional topics: parental substance abuse, group work with adolescents, chronic medical conditions, animal-assisted play therapy and courtroom testimony, and more.

Strengthening Child and Adolescent Mental Health CAMH Services and Systems in Lower and Middle Income Countries LMICs

Author : Manasi Kumar
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Handbook of Evidence Based Practice in Clinical Psychology Child and Adolescent Disorders

Author : Michel Hersen
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Handbook of Evidence-Based Practice in Clinical Psychology, Volume 1 covers the evidence-based practices now identified for treating children and adolescents with a wide range of DSM disorders. Topics include fundamental issues, developmental disorders, behavior and habit disorders, anxiety and mood disorders, and eating disorders. Each chapter provides a comprehensive review of the evidence-based practice literature for each disorder and then covers several different treatment types for clinical implementation. Edited by the renowned Peter Sturmey and Michel Hersen and featuring contributions from experts in the field, this reference is ideal for academics, researchers, and libraries.