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Mormons and Muslims

Author : Spencer J. Palmer
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Empty Churches

Author : Alton Brooks Professor of Religion James L Heft
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"Born out of the view that social phenomena are best studied through the lens of different disciplinary perspectives, this book brings together leading scholars in the fields of sociology, developmental psychology, gerontology, political science, history, philosophy, and pastoral theology to study the growing number of individuals who no longer affiliate with a religion tradition. The scholars not only explore this phenomenon from their respective academic disciplines, but they also turn to each other's work to understand better the multi-faceted nature of non-affiliation today. The data gathered shows that it is best not to use the common expression "Nones" to describe non-affiliates because many of them still believe though they may not belong. The scholars explore the complex impact that non-affiliation has on individuals and the wider society, and what the future looks like for religion in America. Later in the book, there are insightful perspectives from professionals in the field who address how we might address non-affiliation, particularly among young adults. In general, this book provides a rich and thoughtful analysis on non-affiliation in American society from multiple scholarly perspectives. The increasing upward trend in non-affiliation threatens the vitality and long-term stability of religious institutions. Both the opening and closing pages of the book remind the reader that at the heart of religious affiliation is commitment and community, which may be the essence of maintaining these religious institutions"--

Mormons and Muslims

Author : Dennis Kirkland
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Kirkland's short investigation of these two religions uncovers some uncanny similarities. Both beliefs are covered with matching fingerprints in at least six key areas. (Christian)

Anti Mormonism and the Making of Religion in Antebellum America

Author : J. Spencer Fluhman
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Chains of Persuasion

Author : Benjamin R. Hertzberg
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Democratic politics seems to inspire religious conflict - politicians consistently use religious differences for political gain, while religious nationalism and nationalistic reactions to religious diversity are on the rise in much of the world. And yet predominant theoretical accounts of liberal democracy provide citizens precious little applicable guidance in making judgments about religion's proper role in their political societies. Chains of Persuasion provides a new moral framework to guide citizens' evaluations of religious politics. Rejecting claims that religion must be relegated to the private sphere or that all attempts to evaluate its political roles are oppressive, Benjamin Hertzberg argues that democratic ideals are robust enough to assess the full range of ways religion influences democratic political life. Hertzberg's analysis draws on critical theories of religion, philosophical debates about public reason, deliberative and instrumental justifications of democracy, and democratic virtue theory. He argues that citizens must recognize that democracy is a way-of-life, with crucial implications for civic society beyond formal political institutions, in order to attend to the ways in which religion can both enhance and undermine democracy. He applies this framework by criticizing American public discussions of two prominent religious minorities: Mormons and Muslims. If citizens are to make judgments consistent with democratic norms, they must pay more attention to the nature of religions' authority claims instead of merely evaluating the values religions proclaim.

Sociology and Religion

Author : Albert E. Hurd
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The Quarterly Index Islamicus

Author :
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A bibliography of books and index of articles in periodicals on Islam and the Muslim world. Also includes reviews.

Library of Congress Subject Headings

Author : Library of Congress. Subject Cataloging Division
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Historical Dictionary of Mormonism

Author : Davis Bitton
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Provides a chronology, an introductory essay, a bibliography, and hundreds of cross-referenced dictionary entries on crucial persons, organizations, churches, beliefs, and events within the Mormon religion.

An Unclear Roadmap

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Foreign Affairs. Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific
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Author : Library of Congress. Office for Subject Cataloging Policy
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Religion Index Two

Author :
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Author :
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Contemporary Practical vocational Nursing

Author : Corrine R. Kurzen
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This thoroughly updated text provides the most current examination of the foundations of contemporary practical/vocational nursing. Topics covered include: historical observations; a study of nursing theory; nursing process; nursing care plans; health care delivery and nursing care delivery methods; discussion of the LPN/LVN career, including responsibilities of practice and leadership and management skills; a presentation on job-seeking skills and current issues; and more. New to this edition are: a chapter on communication; discussions of community-based practice setting discussion; additional photos, graphics and subheadings; and two new recurring features: Communication Skills and Web-based resources.

Honoring Patient Preferences Includes CD Rom

Author : Anne Knights Rundle
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A Mandarin speaking woman is rushed to the hospital emergency room with a high fever and chest pains--yet refuses to let the doctor examine her. What does the hospital staff do? As patient populations grow more and more diverse, this and thousands of similar situations confront health care providers each day as they attempt to provide care to our country's newest residents. Honoring Patient Preferences is an indispensable manual written for health care professionals who care for patients from diverse religious and cultural backgrounds. Sponsored by Children's Hospital in Boston--the hospital voted number one in pediatrics nine years in a row by U.S. News and World Report--this essential guide contains detailed, practical information for working with dozens of religious and cultural groups. This unique resource is designed to help providers best meet the needs of their ethnically diverse patients while also satisfying stringent new regulatory standards for culturally sensitive care. While drawing on many case studies from the Children's Hospital patient population, the authors help clinicians and other professionals expand their knowledge of the customs and rules for care of the sick, attitudes and beliefs about illness and death, and religious observances in the hospital setting. They provide insight into the basic beliefs, traditions, and practices that influence how people from a wide variety of cultures and religions respond to the U.S. health care environment. Honoring Patient Preferences provides health care professionals indispensable suggestions for meeting Joint Commission on Accreditation standards and includes a CD-ROM containing the entire text of the book. Key-word searchable, this resource can be posted on any computer network, giving easy access to this essential information to those who need it most.

Encyclopedia of Latter Day Saint History

Author : Arnold K. Garr
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An authoritative, thorough, single-volume work on the history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Mormon America Revised and Updated Edition

Author : Richard Ostling
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A look at the Mormon Church in America discusses the history, beliefs, and goals of an institution that has ten million members throughout the world and continues to grow and expand.

Muslims and Mongols

Author : John Joseph Saunders
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First Things

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