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Morocco Bound

Author : Brian Edwards
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Until attention shifted to the Middle East in the early 1970s, Americans turned most often toward the Maghreb—Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and the Sahara—for their understanding of “the Arab.” In Morocco Bound, Brian T. Edwards examines American representations of the Maghreb during three pivotal decades—from 1942, when the United States entered the North African campaign of World War II, through 1973. He reveals how American film and literary, historical, journalistic, and anthropological accounts of the region imagined the role of the United States in a world it seemed to dominate at the same time that they displaced domestic social concerns—particularly about race relations—onto an “exotic” North Africa. Edwards reads a broad range of texts to recuperate the disorienting possibilities for rethinking American empire. Examining work by William Burroughs, Jane Bowles, Ernie Pyle, A. J. Liebling, Jane Kramer, Alfred Hitchcock, Clifford Geertz, James Michener, Ornette Coleman, General George S. Patton, and others, he puts American texts in conversation with an archive of Maghrebi responses. Whether considering Warner Brothers’ marketing of the movie Casablanca in 1942, journalistic representations of Tangier as a city of excess and queerness, Paul Bowles’s collaboration with the Moroccan artist Mohammed Mrabet, the hippie communities in and around Marrakech in the 1960s and early 1970s, or the writings of young American anthropologists working nearby at the same time, Edwards illuminates the circulation of American texts, their relationship to Maghrebi history, and the ways they might be read so as to reimagine the role of American culture in the world.

Transactions and Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Library Association of the United Kingdom

Author : Library Association
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The Bibliographer

Author : Henry Benjamin Wheatley
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A Catalogue of books

Author : Bernard Quaritch (Firm)
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Author : JPM Publications
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From the skyscrapers of cosmopolitan Casablanca to ochre villages on the camel route to Timbuktu, discoveries jolt the imagination in the kingdom of Morocco. Horsemen still gallop with rifles ablaze -- just for fun. The patter of salesmen sipping mint tea, and the fragrance of spices, lure you deeper into the maze of the medina. From magic Marrakesh to the endless Agadir beach, This Way Morocco provides all you'll need to know for an enjoyable trip.

Paul Bowles s Literary Engagement with Morocco

Author : Bouchra Benlemlih
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Many American writers visited Morocco. Paul Bowles ended up living there for fifty-two years. This book looks at how Bowles’s preoccupation with Moroccan customs, specifically “meditations and a state of being ‘in-between’” permeated his work.

A Clearance Catalogue of Superior Second hand Books in Literature Science and the Fine Arts

Author : Henry Sotheran Ltd
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Exhibition of Bookbindings

Author : Burlington Fine Arts Club
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A History of Modern Morocco

Author : Susan Gilson Miller
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Morocco is notable for its stable and durable monarchy, its close ties with the West, its vibrant cultural life and its centrality to regional politics. This book, by distinguished historian Susan Gilson Miller, offers a richly documented survey of modern Moroccan history. Arguing that pragmatism rather than ideology has shaped the monarchy's response to crisis, the book begins with the French invasion of Algeria in 1830 and Morocco's abortive efforts at reform, the duel with colonial powers and the loss of independence in 1912, the burdens and benefits of France's forty-four year dominion and the stunning success of the nationalist movement leading to independence in 1956. In the post-independence era, the book traces the monarchy's gradual monopolization of power and the resulting political paralysis, with a postscript bringing events up to 2012. This concise, readable book will inform and enthral students and all those searching for the background to present-day events in the region.

Revisiting the Colonial Past in Morocco

Author : Driss Maghraoui
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Exploring the concept of ‘colonial cultures,’ this book analyses how these cultures both transformed, and were transformed by, their various societies. Challenging both the colonial vulgate, and the nationalist paradigm, Revisiting the Colonial Past in Morocco, examines the lesser known specificities of particular moments, practices and institutions in Morocco, with the aim of uncovering a ‘new colonial history.’ By examining society on a micro-level, this book raises the profiles of the mass of Moroccans who were highly influential in the colonial period yet have been excluded from the historical record because of a lack of textual source material. Introducing social and cultural history, gender studies and literary criticism to the more traditional economic, political and military studies, the book promotes a more complex and nuanced understanding of Moroccan colonial history. Employing new theoretical and methodological approaches, this volume encourages a re-assessment of existing work and promotes a more interdisciplinary approach to the colonial history of Morocco. Revisiting the Colonial Past in Morocco is a highly topical and useful addition to literature on the subject and will be of interest to students and scholars of History, Imperialism and more generally, Middle Eastern Studies.