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The Mosaics of Antioch

Author : Sheila D. Campbell
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The Mosaics of Antioch

Author : Charles Rufus Morey
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Mosaics of Antioch

Author : Fatih Cimok
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The Hunting Mosaics of Antioch and Their Sources

Author : Irving Lavin
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Antioch Mosaics

Author : Fatih Cimok
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This book includes the most important Antioch mosaic pavements displayed in the Hatay Archaeological Museum at Antakya, Turkey, seventeen different institutions in the USA and the Louvre. The mosaics were brought to light in and around Antioch on the Orantes (Antakya), Seleucia Pieria (Cevlik) and Daphne (Defne) in 1932-37.

Antioch Mosaic Pavements

Author : Doro Levi
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Mosaics of the Greek and Roman World

Author : Katherine Dunbabin
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The first major study in English of the art of mosaics in antiquity.


Author : Christine Kondoleon
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Featuring 118 objects excavated from the city's ruins, all reproduced in full color, Antioch: The Lost Ancient City recreates the spatial sensation, visual splendor, and cultural richness of this urban center."--BOOK JACKET.

The Arts of Antioch

Author : Lawrence Becker
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This book features the first comprehensive interdisciplinary study of the mosaics from Antioch, one of the four capitals of the Roman and Early Christian world. A follow-up to the critically acclaimed Antioch: The Lost Ancient City by Christine Kondoleon, this volume includes the latest scholarly and scientific discoveries that grew out of the Antioch exhibition. For the first time, the research of art historians and archaeologists is combined with that of conservators and scientists to shed new light on mosaic and glass workshops. The authors take an in-depth look at the Antioch excavations, which yielded a range of mosaics, sculpture, and glass- and metalwork spanning four centuries. They also explore the development of mosaic conservation in museums since the 1930s. Included are recent findings on mosaic materials, artistic techniques, glassmaking technology, stone quarries, workshops, trade, and patronage. An introduction by the director of the Worcester Art Museum outlines the history of the museum's involvement with the excavations of Antioch, and gives insight into several personalities who were key to the realization of the project. The catalogue section offers detailed information regarding the archaeological context, art historical significance, and technical study of over 150 objects, including the finest group of Roman and Early Byzantine mosaics in North America, and a chronological series of 106 coins from Antioch. With 400 photographs and illustrations, The Arts of Antioch provides a new basis for future scientific and art historical study. The contributors to the book include Paula Artal-Isbrand (Worcester Art Museum), Anna Gonosová (University of California, Irvine), Florent Heintz (Antiquities Department, Sotheby's), Rebecca Molholt (Columbia University), Richard Newman (Museum of Fine Arts, Boston), Antero Tammisto (Institutum Historicum Universitatis Helsingiensis), Cornelius Vermeule III (Museum of Fine Arts, Boston), James A. Welu (Worcester Art Museum), Anne Leinster Windham (Assumption College), and Mark T. Wypyski (Metropolitan Museum of Art).

The Threshold of the Holy Shrine Observations on Floor Mosaics at Antioch and Bethlehem

Author : Ernst Kitzinger
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Personifications of Abstract Ideas in the Antioch Mosaics

Author : Glanville Downey
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Antioch on the Orontes

Author : Koç Üniversitesi. Anadolu Medeniyetleri Araṣtirma Merkezi
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"Koç University's Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations (RCAC) hosts the exhibition Antioch on the Orontes, Early Explorations in the City of Mosaics. Curated by Murat Akar, the exhibition presents photographs from the first archaeological excavations carried out by Princeton University in Antioch between 1932 and 1939. These eight excavation seasons constitute the most comprehensive archaeological work in the region at the time, and the photographs on display document the discovery of the world-famous mosaics now in the Hatay Archaeological Museum and of other artifacts from Ancient Antioch. Moreover, Antioch on the Orontes, Early Explorations in the City of Mosaics provides clues about the excavation methods and archiving techniques of the 1930s"--Publisher's website.

Roman Paintings and Mosaics

Author : Rhode Island School of Design. Museum of Art
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Jahrbuch f r Antike und Christentum

Author :
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Studies in Textile History

Author : Royal Ontario Museum
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The Grove Encyclopedia of Classical Art and Architecture Abacus to Lyson and Kallikles tomb

Author : Gordon Campbell
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Presents more than one thousand entries covering all aspects of classical art and architecture.

Yale Publications in Religion

Author :
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The Calendar and Hunting Mosaics of the Villa of the Falconer in Argos

Author : Gunilla Åkerström-Hougen
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Paul Between Damascus and Antioch

Author : Martin Hengel
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Of all the early Christian authors before the second half of the second century, we know by far the most about Paul. Of no figure in early Christianity before Tertullian and Origen do we learn so many biographical details and are we given so clear a character sketch. Yet much of his activity as an apostle, which extends from around 33 to 64, i.e. more than thirty years, remains obscure. This important new book, a sequel to Martin Hengel's The Pre-Christian Paul, is about some of that period. It covers the time between Paul's conversion in Damascus and his arrival in Antioch. With an unparalleled wealth of historical material and a reconsideration of Paul's own writings, we are not only given a new picture of Paul's own activity, but also shown in more detail than ever before the background against which it took place; the church in Damascus to which he was introduced on his conversion; the methods of the first Christian mission; the situation in Arabia and King Aretas IV, the Nabataean king who confronted Paul on his first mission; the mission territory in Tarsus and Cilicia to which he then moved; the nature of the church in Antioch. And over all this hovers the question of relations between the Jerusalem church and Paul's own activities. Martin Hengel has always challenged overly sceptical assessments of the New Testament record and accused their authors of insufficient familiarity with the sources. This latest book provides powerful support for his position and is a challenging addition to the literature on Paul. Martin Hengel was Emeritus Professor of New Testament and Early Judaism in the University of Tubingen. Anna Maria Schwemer teaches at the Melanchthon Foundation, Tubingen.


Author : Honolulu Academy of Arts
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