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Hippos The Ultimate Hippo Book for Kids

Author : Jenny Kellett
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“Learn more about the majestic hippo…” Is your child obsessed with hippos? Then they’ll love learning more about their favourite mammal in Hippos: The Ultimate Hippo Book for Kids! Featuring over 100 exciting hippo facts illustrated with beautiful hi-res photos and a fun quiz and word search puzzle, this interactive book is perfect for animal-loving readers aged 9+. Topics include: Hippo Characteristics Hippos and Humans The Daily Lives of Hippos Birth to adulthood Pygmy hippos—are they just small hippos? And more… The content is challenging enough for curious older readers aged 9+, while the visual imagery bring the more challenging concepts to life, making it suitable for earlier readers. Hippo facts sample: Hippos have very dense bones, which help them sink to the bottom of the water easily. Despite having such huge teeth, hippos don’t use them for eating—only for fighting. It gets scorchingly hot in Africa, so hippos spend most of their days in the water or mud to help stay cool and hydrated. Hippos’ poop is full of nutrients, which is an essential part of the food chain. Learn these facts and many more in Hippos: The Ultimate Hippo Book for Kids. Scroll up to order your copy today. Check out our other animal books by clicking on ‘Jenny Kellett’ or visit us at

Wild West Legends Trivia Quiz Book

Author : Jack Langtree
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What do you really know about the wild west era and the legends that populated it? Do you know fact from myth? Careful, chances are you don't in many cases. This book has 15 legends and 60 questions about them. There are photos of each one except Davey Crockett, where we found a dandy illustration. Jump on board and find out more about the lawmen and the outlaws of the old wild west, one of the more fascinating eras of our rich American History.

American English File 3E Level 5 Student Book

Author : Christina Latham-Koenig
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American English File Second Edition retains the popular methodology developed by world-renowned authors Christina Latham-Koenig and Clive Oxenden: language + motivation = opportunity. With grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation practice in every lesson, students are equipped with a solid foundation for successful speaking. Plus - an array of digital resources provides even more choice and flexibility. Students can learn in the classroom or on the move with Online Practice. language assessment. The first goal is to explore the difference between fairness and justice in language assessment. The authors distinguish internal and external dimensions of the equitable and just treatment of individuals taking language tests which are used as gatekeeping devices to determine access to education and employment, immigrant status, citizenship, and other rights. The second goal is to show how the extent of test fairness can be demonstrated and improved using the tools of psychometrics, in particular the models collectively known as Rasch measurement. “This book will have an enormous impact on the field of language assessment. Using Rasch analysis models to explore and identify sources of unfairness, the authors make a compelling case for fairness in the design and implementation of language assessment instruments and for justice in the interpretation and use of test results. A real strength of the book is that it guides readers through analytical techniques in an accessible way.” Dan Douglas, Professor Emeritus, Applied Linguistics Program, Iowa State University.

Boys Life

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Boys' Life is the official youth magazine for the Boy Scouts of America. Published since 1911, it contains a proven mix of news, nature, sports, history, fiction, science, comics, and Scouting.

Software and CD ROM Reviews on File

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Striking a Balance

Author : Nancy L. Cecil
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Striking a Balance explores a comprehensive program of early literacy instruction through a balanced approach to reading and writing for both enjoyment and information. The fifth edition retains the special features that adopters have come to appreciate: classroom vignettes, discussion questions, field-based activities, a student website, and study guide. This latest edition offers expanded content on differentiating instruction for diverse learners, including working with English Language Learners and students with special needs. Also new to this edition is greater coverage on integrating state standards with early literacy instruction. The book’s practical approach fundamentally demonstrates how children develop authentic literacy skills through a combination of direct strategy instruction and motivating contexts.


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Children s Books in Print 1982 1983

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Children s Books in Print

Author : R R Bowker Publishing
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Clinician s Guide to Treating Companion Animal Issues

Author : Lori R. Kogan
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Clinician’s Guide to Treating Animal Companion Issues: Addressing Human-Animal Interaction is the first of its kind—a groundbreaking resource for mental health professionals who want the knowledge, skills and awareness to successfully work with pet-owning clients. The book trains clinicians across multiple disciplines to feel more comfortable and confident addressing companion-related issues—both when those issues are the primary reason for seeking therapy or a critical component in better understanding client needs. The book uses current human-animal interactions theories as a foundation to explore pet-related issues utilizing behavioral, cognitive behavioral, family systems, humanistic and contemporary psychodynamic therapeutic orientations. Users will find sections on the many issues that arise during the lifespan of pet owners (e.g., children, young adults, elderly), as well as issues pertinent to specific populations (e.g., men, homeless, ethnically diverse). Additional topics include the violence link, pet death and bereavement, and behavioral issues. As the first book to approach human-animal interactions (HAI) from a multi-theoretical perspective, it helps clinicians appropriately acknowledge and incorporate relevant HAI issues within therapy to achieve goals. Provides practical information for immediate use in practice Focuses on common issues relating to companion animals Addresses bereavement, attachment, behavior, and more Includes interactive readings, case studies and therapeutic exercises Contains multiple theoretical orientations (behavioral, cognitive behavioral, family systems, humanistic and psychodynamic approaches)