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Ms Simon Says

Author : Mary McBride
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Opposites attract when an advice columnist gets involved with a rogue cop.

Simon Says

Author : Lori Foster
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From the New York Times bestselling author of the Ultimate series, a former MMA fighter returns to the ring while a beautiful investigator watches his every move... With his perfectly chiseled, lava-hot body, Simon Evans, ex-fighter, also has a perfect life—great job, great girl, and more than enough dough. All that changes, though, when he catches his girlfriend cheating. To shake things up, Simon goes full-force back into the ring, ready to take out his rage on his opponents… To make matters worse, the father who walked out on Simon and his mom eons ago wants to be back in the picture. He’s hired his stepdaughter, Dakota, to find Simon. Hot on Simon’s heels, the gutsy P.I. puts love on the back burner. But when attempts are made on Dakota’s life, Simon steps in to protect her, all but putting both their hearts on the line…

Simon Friends and the Dream Stealer

Author : R. E. Brémaud
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It is always summer in the secret town of Dreamville, a small village inhabited by artistic, scientific, and imaginative people dressed in colorful clothing. Simon Dreamlee is a musically dream inclined dreamer of twelve-year-old who has always known his town to be a place where dreams come trueuntil the day he realizes the principal of Dreamtrue School is after him for no reason at all. It is not long before Principal Toombsa man with yellow teeth, a pointy nose, and a mission to torment Simon and his friend, Almont Alldreamconfiscates Simons dreams. While he is banned to the principals office for a day of punishment, Simon observes the secretive secretary, Miss DreamNot, who, for some mysterious reason, is hoarding the computer chips that hold all the students dreams come true instead of recycling them as she should. Simon wonders who Miss DreamNot really is and why she and Principal Toombs are so miserable in such a lively town. Simons troubles are just beginning, though; he will have to stand trial and have his latest dream scrutinized and possibly banned. Before that happens, however, he and Almont must uncover the secret that these two peculiar characters are hiding from everyone in Dreamville.


Author : Lewis Nunn
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This story, although it's not based on anyone’s true life experiences, is a story that deals with thoughts and feelings that so many people have inside of their hearts and minds, especially during the years that have passed some of us by. Family history and pure bloodlines have and will more than likely remain a very proud part of people’s lives. That is why I believe there are a number of people who will be able to see and feel what this story is about. I hope and pray that i

Simon Friends and the Kidnapper

Author : R. E. Brémaud
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In the second book in the Dreamville series, thirteen-year-old Simon Dreamlee's life has returned to normal Dreamvillian standards after he and his friends Jilla MusiDream, Almont Alldream, and Rino DreamScifi finally manage to restore Dreamville's deep dark secrets and save Dreamvillians dreams. Life is peaceful once again in the small town of Dreamville, where artistic, scientific, and imaginative people dressed in colorful clothing roam the streets and their dreams always come true. As Simon and his friends receive their royal invitations to King Régimand DreamRoyal and Miss LossDream's wedding nuptials, Simon is still observing the house on the hill through his telescope and notices bizarre changes in the gargoyle statues that surround the home. When he notes the statues are shifting ever so slightly with each of his observations, Simon suspects something odd is about to occur. After Jilla MusiDream is kidnapped and cannot be found, Simon's dreams begin again and convince him that the gargoyle statues kidnapped his friend. Simon's quest to save Jilla leads him and his friends out of the comfort of Dreamville into the forbidden outsider's world of Newville, where Miss DreamNot makes another appearance to ensure Simon never saves Dreamville again.

Simon Says Mommy

Author : Kay Stockham
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Dr. Ethan Tulane is juggling more than even his type A personality can handle. Between his new job as chief of surgery and learning to be a dad to Simon, his adopted son, Ethan is desperate. Enter Megan Rose, the temporary nanny. Simon bonds instantly with her, which makes Ethan heave a sigh of relief—even as he notices she's very good-looking. It's not long before they're exploring those sparks between them. Megan might be the one woman he could have forever with. Too bad there's something she's not sharing—something that could send her to the door before he can talk commitment. Ethan can't let that happen, so it's time for the big guns—letting Simon persuade her!


Author : Minnesota. Department of Administration
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Simon Says

Author : Roger Simon
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The Things I d Miss

Author : Andrew Clover
File Size : 80.85 MB
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For fans of Maggie O'Farrell and Jojo Moyes. You have to pop out. You leave the kids. The car crashes. When you wake you are 18 and lying next to your first love. You have the chance to change your past. Would you?

When Hurting Turns To Anger

Author : Rosalyn Anstine Templeton
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Warning: If you are a teacher who believes that kids need to be punished in order to curb their angry misbehavior, this book is not for you. For the rest of us teachers who struggle daily with trying to teach kids with anger issues, When Hurting Turns to Anger: Helping Students is the book for you. Dr. Anstine Templeton's mentor Dr. Nick Long taught his graduate students that forewarned is forearmed. That is what using the anger reducing techniques (ART) shared in When Hurting Turns to Anger does for educators, administrators, counselors, and school personnel""it forearms adults from becoming reactive to students' anger. What is ART? It is a seven-step process that helps students talk about their anger and learn ways to handle strong emotions effectively, before they reach the crisis stage. Therefore, ART can be used with any students, in any school. The theory is students can learn skills to handle their anger productively in school rather than becoming overwhelmed, losing control, and cycling into crises. Using anger reducing techniques educators learn to - control their own anger, - look beyond the students' inappropriate behaviors, - calm out of control students, - get students to talk about their problems, - show students how to create plans of success, - teach students how to make amends for misbehavior, and - hold students accountable for following their success plans. Internalizing the anger reducing techniques, students learn that - kids have a right to learn, - kids may not take learning away from others, - it's okay to feel angry, - it's not okay to act out anger inappropriately, - there are many ways to productively deal with anger, - teachers can teach how to problem solve, - it's a must to have a plan of success, - kids must make amends for any hurt they have caused, and - they will be held responsible for following their success plans. In an easy to learn process, Rosalyn Anstine Templeton shows how to master anger that frees teachers to teach students self-control, how to use anger effectively to succeed, and ways to make amends.