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Multivariable Control

Author : Kurt Johannes Reinschke
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Multivariable Control

Author : K. J. Reinschke
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Multivariable Control a Graph theoretic Approach

Author : Kurt J. Reinschke
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The author's main objective is to present a graph-theoretic approach to the analysis and synthesis of linear time-invariant control systems. Although all the relevant concepts of applied graph theory are introduced, the emphasis is on problems of controller synthesis: appropriate state enumeration in case of large-scale systems, structural controllability and observability, pole assignment under state feedback, disturbance rejection, noninteracting control, pole assignability by static output feedback, decentralized control and output feedback under structural constraints, and dynamic compensators. The book provides both original contributions and a comprehensive survey of the subject under consideration. Numerous examples and many figures are included to illustrate the material of the text. This research monograph is addressed to engineers engaged in control systems research and development, to graduate students specializing in control theory and to applied mathematicians interested in control problems.

Design Methods of Control Systems

Author : D. Franke
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These Proceedings contain a selection of papers presented at the first IFAC Symposium on Design Methods of Control Systems. The volume contains three plenary papers and 97 technical papers, the latter classified under 15 section headings, as listed in the contents.

Nonlinear Systems

Author : A.J. Fossard
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Nonlinear Systems is divided into three volumes. The first deals with modeling and estimation, the second with stability and stabilization and the third with control. This three-volume set provides the most comprehensive and detailed reference available on nonlinear systems. Written by a group of leading experts in the field, drawn from industry, government and academic institutions, it provides a solid theoretical basis on nonlinear control methods as well as practical examples and advice for engineers, teachers and researchers working with nonlinear systems. Each book focuses on the applicability of the concepts introduced and keeps the level of mathematics to a minimum. Simulations and industrial examples drawn from aerospace as well as mechanical, electrical and chemical engineering are given throughout.

European Control Conference 1995

Author :
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Proceedings of the European Control Conference 1995, Rome, Italy 5-8 September 1995

Applied Mechanics Reviews

Author :
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Theory and Practice of Control and Systems

Author : A Tornambe
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This volume gathers together all the lectures presented at the 6th IEEE Mediterranean Conference. It focuses on the mathematical aspects in the theory and practice of control and systems, including stability and stabilizability, robust control, adaptive control, robotics and manufacturing; these topics are under intense investigation and development in the engineering and mathematics communities. The volume should have immediate appeal for a large group of engineers and mathematicians who are interested in very abstract as well as very concrete aspects of control and system theory. Contents: Quantified Multivariate Polynomial Inequalities: The Mathematics of (Almost) All Practical Control Design Problems (P Dorato)Digital Second Order Sliding Mode Control with Uncertainties Estimation for a Class of SISO Nonlinear Systems (G Bartolini et al.)Development and Identification of a Hierarchical System of Models for Rapid Prototyping of Si Engines (I Arsie et al.)Identification of Uncertainty Models for Robust Control Design (S Malan et al.)Second Order Chattering-Free Sliding Mode Control for Some Classes of Multi-Input Uncertain Nonlinear Systems (G Bartolini et al.)Sliding Mode Output Regulation of Linear and Nonlinear Systems with Relative Degree One (L Marconi et al.)Output Control of Nonlinear Systems with Multiple Discrete Delays (M Dalla Mora et al.)Analytical Synthesis of Least Curvature 2D Paths for Underwater Applications (G Indiveri et al.)Modelling and Control of Nonsmooth Hybrid Mechanical Systems (B Brogliato)Global Temperature Stabilization of Chemical Reactors with Bounded Control (R Antonelli & A Astolfi)Detection and Accommodation of Second Order Distributed Parameter Systems with Abrupt Changes in Input Term: Existence and Approximation (M A Demetriou et al.)Discrete-Event Models of Manufacturing Systems (E Canuto)Optimization of Internal Forces in Force-Closure Grasps (A Bicchi et al.)Loading Parts and Tools in a Flexible Manufacturing System (D Pacciarelli)and other papers Readership: Researchers in control & system theory, electrical & electronic engineering, mechanical & knowledge engineering and robotics.

Computer Intensive Methods in Control and Signal Processing

Author : Kevin Warwick
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Due to the rapid increase in readily available computing power, a corre sponding increase in the complexity of problems being tackled has occurred in the field of systems as a whole. A plethora of new methods which can be used on the problems has also arisen with a constant desire to deal with more and more difficult applications. Unfortunately by increasing the ac curacy in models employed along with the use of appropriate algorithms with related features, the resultant necessary computations can often be of very high dimension. This brings with it a whole new breed of problem which has come to be known as "The Curse of Dimensionality" . The expression "Curse of Dimensionality" can be in fact traced back to Richard Bellman in the 1960's. However, it is only in the last few years that it has taken on a widespread practical significance although the term di mensionality does not have a unique precise meaning and is being used in a slightly different way in the context of algorithmic and stochastic complex ity theory or in every day engineering. In principle the dimensionality of a problem depends on three factors: on the engineering system (subject), on the concrete task to be solved and on the available resources. A system is of high dimension if it contains a lot of elements/variables and/or the rela tionship/connection between the elements/variables is complicated.

Diagnosis and Fault Tolerant Control

Author : Mogens Blanke
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The book presents effective model-based analysis and design methods for fault diagnosis and fault-tolerant control. Architectural and structural models are used to analyse the propagation of the fault through the process, to test the fault detectability and to find the redundancies in the process that can be used to ensure fault tolerance. Design methods for diagnostic systems and fault-tolerant controllers are presented for processes that are described by analytical models, by discrete-event models or that can be dealt with as quantised systems. Four case studies on pilot processes show the applicability of the presented methods. The theoretical results are illustrated by two running examples which are used throughout the book. The book addresses engineering students, engineers in industry and researchers who wish to get a survey over the variety of approaches to process diagnosis and fault-tolerant control.