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Murder During the Hundred Year War

Author : Melissa Julian-Jones
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In 1375, Sir William Cantilupe was found murdered in a field outside of a village in Lincolnshire. As the case progressed, fifteen members of his household were indicted for murder, and his armor-bearer and butler were convicted. Through the lens of this murder and its context, this book will explore violence, social norms and deviance, and crime and punishment 'at home' during the Hundred Years War. The case of William Cantilupe has been of interest to historians for many years, ever since Rosamund Sillem brought it to light in her work on the Lincolnshire Peace Rolls in the 1930s, but this is the first time it has received a book-length treatment, taking relationships between the lords and their servants into account. The verdict – guilty of petty treason – makes this one of the first cases where such a verdict was given, and this reveals the deep insecurities of England at this time, where the violent rebellion of servants against their masters (and wives against their husbands) was a serious concern, enough to warrant death by hanging (for men) and death by burning (for women). The reader is invited to consider the historical interpretations of the evidence, as the motives for the murder were never recorded. The relationships between Sir William and his householders, and indeed with his own wife and , and whether the jury were right to convict him and his alleged accomplice in the first place.

Joan of Arc and the Hundred Years War

Author : Deborah A. Fraioli
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Collects essays on the life of Joan of Arc, discussing her role in the Hundred Years War between France and England, and includes chronologies, genealogies, biographies of key players, and transcripts of primary documents.

The Hundred Years War

Author : David Green
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What life was like for ordinary French and English people, embroiled in a devastating century-long conflict that changed their world. The Hundred Years War (1337–1453) dominated life in England and France for well over a century. It became the defining feature of existence for generations. This sweeping book is the first to tell the human story of the longest military conflict in history. Historian David Green focuses on the ways the war affected different groups, among them knights, clerics, women, peasants, soldiers, peacemakers, and kings. He also explores how the long war altered governance in England and France and reshaped peoples’ perceptions of themselves and of their national character. Using the events of the war as a narrative thread, Green illuminates the realities of battle and the conditions of those compelled to live in occupied territory; the roles played by clergy and their shifting loyalties to king and pope; and the influence of the war on developing notions of government, literacy, and education. Peopled with vivid and well-known characters—Henry V, Joan of Arc, Philippe the Good of Burgundy, Edward the Black Prince, John the Blind of Bohemia, and many others—as well as a host of ordinary individuals who were drawn into the struggle, this absorbing book reveals for the first time not only the Hundred Years War’s impact on warfare, institutions, and nations, but also its true human cost. “[Hundred Years War] makes us care about this long-ago conflict and the society that pursued and was shaped by it. . . . [It is] likely to (and indeed should) become a standard introduction to the war.”—Charles F. Briggs, Speculum

The Clan Na Gael and the Murder of Dr Cronin

Author : John T. McEnnis
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The Hundred Years War Part III

Author :
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In The Hundred Years War: Further Considerations, sixteen essays consider various economic, legal, military, and psychological aspects of the long conflict that touched much of late-medieval Europe.

Invasion Plague and Murder Britain 1066 1485

Author : Aaron Wilkes
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A new approach to studying Britain from 1066 to 1485 with this lively and informative history text book for 11 to 14-year olds. Suitable for mixed abilities, it provides the knowledge and skills combined with an entertaining style to learn and build history skills. Contains clear objectives for students and includes taskwork that develops literacy, numeracy and thinking skills. History was never so entertaining!

Arms Armies and Fortifications in the Hundred Years War

Author : Anne Curry
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`Careful, original and wide-ranging study of many different aspects of late medieval military history.' HISTORY

Murder of Richard Hunne London in the Early Reign of King Henry Viii

Author :
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The Hundred Years War

Author : Desmond Seward
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From 1337 to 1453 England repeatedly invaded France on the pretext that her kings had a right to the French throne. Though it was a small, poor country, England for most of those "hundred years" won the battles, sacked the towns and castles, and dominated the war. The protagonists of the Hundred Years War are among the most colorful in European history: Edward III, the Black Prince; Henry V, who was later immortalized by Shakespeare; the splendid but inept John II, who died a prisoner in London; Charles V, who very nearly overcame England; and the enigmatic Charles VII, who at last drove the English out. Desmond Seward's critically-acclaimed account of the Hundred Years War brings to life all of the intrigue, beauty, and royal to-the-death-fighting of that legendary century-long conflict.

Murder in Lascaux

Author : Betsy Draine
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The cave of Lascaux may be closed to the public, but five scholars a day are allowed inside, and Nora Barnes has finagled an appointment. True, she may have fudged a bit in her letter to the authorities, but she does teach art history, and she isn’t about to miss her chance to see the world’s most famous prehistoric paintings. Nora and her high-spirited husband, Toby, are visiting the Dordogne, in the southern French region of the Aquitaine. Aware that the Dordogne’s renown for cave art is matched only by its reputation for delicious cuisine, the couple has also signed up for a cooking class at a nearby château, but they soon find that more than food is on their minds. During their tour of the cave, another visitor is murdered. When the local inspector pegs Nora and Toby as suspects, they embark on a mission to solve the crime, tracing strange links between a Cro-Magnon symbol and a thirteenth-century religious cult. As they match wits with the crusty inspector, Nora finds herself immersed in the notebooks of a forgotten artist who once lived in the château. In sifting through the artist’s papers and uncovering old secrets, she begins to piece together the motives for the murder. But has she cooked up more trouble than she can handle? Best Books for General Audiences, selected by the American Association of School Librarians Best Books for General Audiences, selected by the Public Library Reviewers

Murder Mystery Trails of Northumberland The Borders

Author : Clive Kristen
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Popular TV ghosthunter, Clive Kristen, takes the reader in search of the most notorious murderers in Northumberland's history and tries to unravel the circumstances and mysteries that still surround their crimes. The stories are woven into their historical context within the area. Although the trails are largely rural, we have included the region's capital and some of its most ancient buildings. Many of the stories have never been published before in any format. So get out your boots and brollies and join the author at some of his favourite murder scenes.

Murder at the Blue Boar Inn

Author : B. Ellison
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Shortly after midnight, the blood-soaked body of Sean Makers, the owner of the Blue Boar Inn was found dead; he had been murdered. These are the facts; the question is who did it. In the latest Jim Kirkwood adventure/mystery novel, Murder at the Blue Boar Inn, Jim, a self-indulgent, self-confident, and at times unsympathetic, connoisseur of human nature finds himself endeavoring to uncover the identity a cold-blooded killer, or killers from a cast of employees and patrons. Murder at the Blue Boar Inn is an Agatha Christie style waltz of suspects, ranging from a beautiful and mysterious woman, whom Jim almost met on the train, to the drunken prime suspect. In Murder at the Blue Boar Inn, Jim Kirkwood must overcome deception, and lies as he interlaces the unrelated into the "fabric of truth" and uncovers the murderer.

The Hundred Years War

Author : Christopher Allmand
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A comparative study of how the societies of late medieval England and France reacted to the long period of conflict between them from political, military, social and economic perspectives.

Hundred Years War Vol 2

Author : Jonathan Sumption
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In the second volume of his celebrated history of the Hundred Years War, Jonathan Sumption examines the middle years of the fourteenth century and the succession of crises that threatened French affairs of state, including defeat at Poitiers and the capture of the king.

Medieval history

Author : Israel Smith Clare
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The Hundred Years War

Author : Robin Neillands
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The Hundred Years War was the longest war in European history, a quarrel between two cousins resulting in decades of violence in the battle for the French throne. It was a war which wrought great change in two medieval societies, ushering in the Renaissance and having repurcussions down to the present day.

Discovering the Rommel Murder

Author : Charles F. Marshall
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Marshall recounts how he learned the facts from Rommel's widow while delving into the great general's background and death.

Hundred Year War

Author : Klaus Schwanitz
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Hundred Year War or "The CHRONICLES" is a comprehensive narrative from the distant past. Over a period of 30 years, Jean Froissart collected and noted many historical accounts of life in Europe in the 14th century. FROISSART, priest, canon, and treasurer of the collegiate church of Chimay, historian and poet, was born in Valenciennes, a town in Hainault, about the year 1337. He was a friend, confident and trustworthy acquaintance of many royalties, noble men, and knights. Jean traveled eagerly through Europe, became secretary to the Queen of England and known as an interested listener to all kinds of stories. Here you learn about true history from a person that was a contemporary of many stories in this time line. You will read of good and bad fights, noble behavior and intrigue; slaughter and murder, with hundreds of real names of Kings, nobles and knights and their destinies. The CHRONICLES were original published in four huge volumes and several translations were undertaken during the past 600 years. This book series uses the best French to English version known and was done by Thomas Johnes, Esq, in 1803-1810. In this translation, the original four volumes are divided into twelve volumes with almost 5.000 pages, and a thirteenth volume on the life of Froissart. These volumes were now edited, illustrated, and new published so that this important part of our history will not be forgotten.

The Money Men Capitalism Democracy and the Hundred Years War Over the American Dollar Enterprise

Author : H. W. Brands
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An "insightful" (Publishers Weekly) history of the development of American capitalism and the men who made it great. Most Americans are familiar with the political history of the United States, but there is another history woven all through it, a largely forgotten history—the story of the money men. Acclaimed historian H. W. Brands brings them back to life: J. P. Morgan, who stabilized a foundering U.S. Treasury in 1907; Alexander Hamilton, who founded the first national bank, and Nicholas Biddle, under whose directorship it failed; Jay Cooke, who helped to finance the Union war effort through his then-innovative strategy of selling bonds to ordinary Americans; and Jay Gould, who tried to corner the market on gold in 1869 and as a result brought about Black Friday and fled for his life.

One Hundred Years of Medical Murder

Author : John Camp
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