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Museum Collections Management

Author : Freda Matassa
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This landmark publication is the first to draw together all aspects of museum collections management in one handbook. It is designed for anyone with responsibility for a cultural collection and covers everything a collections manager needs to know. It describes professional practice in managing cultural objects and works of art, whatever the size and nature of the collection. The book includes essential information on: Legal aspects of collections Ethical issues such as due diligence and immunity from seizure Up to date concerns such as sustainability, crossing borders and financial constraints Loans, acquisitions, inventory and movement. The book describes all collections management procedures in a simple step-by-step process and is clear and easy to use with all procedures based on international museum practice. Examples of real forms, policies and documents drawn from major museums are included throughout the text and act as guides for any transaction. Readership: Packed full of practical information, advice and good practice, this will be essential reading for all museum professionals, curators of private collections and museum studies students.

Collections Management

Author : Anne Fahy
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Collections Management brings together leading papers exploring some of the major issues affecting collections management. Providing information about initiatives and issues for anyone involved in collections management, Fahy identifies the main issues relating to collecting and disposal of collections and discusses why museums should develop appropriate documentation systems. Examining the status of research within museums, the various sources of advice relating to security and addresses the basics of insurance and indemnity, Collections Management is an invaluable and very practical introduction to this topic for students of museum studies and museum professionals.

Collections Management in the National Museums and Galleries of Northern Ireland

Author : Northern Ireland: Northern Ireland Audit Office
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The National Museums and Galleries of Northern Ireland (MAGNI), created in 1998, brought together the Ulster Museum, the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum, and the Ulster-American Folk Park (and it is also responsible for the operation of W5, the first Science Discovery Centre in Ireland, opened in 2001). The collection comprises some 1.45 million artefacts and works of art. The NIAO examined the structure of MAGNI, and the documentation and storage of the collection. Since 1994 all acquisitions have been documented to SPECTRUM (Standard ProcEdures for CollecTions Recording Used in Museums) standards, an internationally recognised standard for museum documentation. Although considerable progress has been made in computerisation, less than ten per cent of records are currently computerised. NIAO recommends: (i) a key performance indicator covering the percentage of the collection documented to international standards, reported annually; (ii) more photographing of important items (for records and internet use); (iii) regular physical inspection of a sample of records. At present only ten percent of the collection is on display. Storage of the remainder in some 50 separate locations was found to be poor or unacceptable in 30 locations, although the main stores holding the bulk of the collection are classed as good to excellent. NIAO welcomes the storage development plan being created, and recommends consideration of a centralized store, and performance indicators on storage conditions and internet accessibility to improve public access to the collections.

A Legal Primer on Managing Museum Collections Third Edition

Author : Marie C. Malaro
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Hailed when it was first published in 1985 as the bible of U.S. collections management, A Legal Primer on Managing Museum Collections offers the only comprehensive discussion of the legal questions faced by museums regarding collections. This revised and expanded third edition addresses the many legal developments—including a comprehensive discussion of stolen art and the international movement of cultural property, recent developments in copyright, and the effects of burgeoning electronic uses—that have occurred during the past twenty-five years. An authorative, go-to book for any museum professional, Legal Primer offers detailed explanations of the law, suggestions for preventing legal problems, and numerous case studies of lawsuits involving museum collections.

The Curation and Care of Museum Collections

Author : Bruce A Campbell
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Museum curators enter the profession with a specialist subject qualification and yet at some point in their career, many curators find themselves in charge of a range of collections outside of their expert knowledge. Interpreting, curating and caring for mixed collections demands of curators a wide range of knowledge and understanding. The Curation and Care of Museum Collections is designed to give curators the fundamental information and confidence they need to manage and care for all of the collections within their responsibility, regardless of their previous training and experience. Comprising two sections – Museum Collections, and Collection Development and Care – the chapters cover archaeology, art, history, military and natural sciences collections, as well as heritage properties. Every chapter in the book is focused on one type of collection, but all chapters in the collection management section contain advice on topics such as organisational philosophy, documentation, legal issues and materials in order to provide a useful and comprehensive guide to managing collections. The collection care section is structured in the same way, considering the issues of storage; display; handling; moving; packing; housekeeping; health and safety; emergency preparedness; and pest, pollution, environmental, light and vibration management. The contributors to this book are experienced museum professionals, each with their own specialism and a deep understanding of what it means to work in the context of mixed collections. Providing a highly practical guide, The Curation and Care of Museum Collections is essential reading for curators working in all types of museums, galleries and heritage sites, and for students of museology courses around the world.

The Handbook for Museums

Author : Gary Edson
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A definitve guide to best practice in museums, at a time in which all museums require ever more innovative solutions to processes of interpreting the world;s cultural and scientific heritage.

Museum Administration

Author : Hugh H. Genoways
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Museum Administration is the handbook for students, new professionals, and anyone who needs to know what goes into running a museum. The authors cover everything from basic organization to human resource management, with case studies and exercises to help reinforce the text. Includes an extensive bibliography and appendices. Visit our website for sample chapters!

Museum Practice

Author : Conal McCarthy
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MUSEUM PR ACTICE Edited by CONAL MCCARTHY Museum Practice covers the professional work carried out in museums and art galleries of all types, including the core functions of management, collections, exhibitions, and programs. Some forms of museum practice are familiar to visitors, yet within these diverse and complex institutions many practices are hidden from view, such as creating marketing campaigns, curating and designing exhibitions, developing fundraising and sponsorship plans, crafting mission statements, handling repatriation claims, dealing with digital media, and more. Focused on what actually occurs in everyday museum work, this volume offers contributions from experienced professionals and academics that cover a wide range of subjects including policy frameworks, ethical guidelines, approaches to conservation, collection care and management, exhibition development and public programs. From internal processes such as leadership, governance and strategic planning, to public facing roles in interpretation, visitor research and community engagement and learning, each essential component of contemporary museum practice is thoroughly discussed.

Library of Congress Subject Headings

Author : Library of Congress. Cataloging Policy and Support Office
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Library of Congress Subject Headings

Author : Library of Congress
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