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Museum Mediations

Author : Barbara K. Fisher
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First published in 2006. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Museum education M diation culturelle ducation mus ale Educaci n museal mediaci n cultural

Author : Stéphanie Wintzerith
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ICOM Education is the annual journal issued by CECA, the international Committee for Education and Cultural Action of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) network. The journal publishes papers written by museum professionals as well as academic researchers around the world in order to foster the reflection on the themes which are the committee's raison d'être: museum education, cultural action and audience research. This issue is dedicated to museum education, looking into the different meanings and understandings of the words as well as the various implementations in the museums all over the world.

Cultural Mediation for Museums

Author : Michela Addis
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This book presents an innovative application of strategic and experiential marketing in the museum sector, which uses a new cultural mediation model to enrich the visitor experience via increased audience engagement. Leveraging a case study of the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Arts in Rome, the book helps readers understand how to apply marketing management to cultural mediation, enabling museums to segment the visitors’ market to drive improvements to arts accessibility and engagement. By running a comprehensive and multi-method research project, the authors propose a customized cultural mediation model to support museums in facing the current challenges and build their future. Our model supports museums in segmenting the visitors’ market and designing cultural mediation for enriched visitor experiences; readers will also learn how to invest, manage, hire, and train staff members devoted to this service, resulting in more engaging and successful experiences. This book will be a valuable resource for educational services offices at museums worldwide. This book will also be of interest to researchers, academics, and scholars carrying out research in the fields of museum management, cultural mediation and communication, and marketing.

Cultural Mediations of Brands

Author : Caroline Marti
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Brands, which are major economic entities and major symbols of market mediations, are increasingly appearing in the social arena as cultural actors in their own right. Their quest for social legitimacy and to have control over the markets goes beyond the usual framework of their communication with initiatives that have begun to have an impact on the French cultural landscape. Media, digital content, educational kits, museum exhibitions and so on are the actions of an unadvertization, which has the potential to transform not only the rapport brands have with the public but also representations of knowledge and culture. The communicative approach at the heart of this book illuminates the contemporary transformations of communication, highlighting three main types of cultural mediations: media, education, and cultural heritage institutions. Cultural Mediations of Brands thus provides a theoretical and critical analysis of the brand and the symbolic effectiveness attributed to it.

Rethinking the Museum and Other Meditations

Author : Stephen E. Weil
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In these 19 insightful and frequently witty meditations, Stephen E. Weil examines the purposes and functions of the museum in the late 20th century, proposing museums make encounters with a variety of visitors more central to their operation.

Mediation and Multimodal Meaning Making in Digital Environments

Author : Ilaria Moschini
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This collection explores the mediation of a wide range of processes, texts, and practices in contemporary digital environments through the lens of a multimodal theory of communication. Bringing together contributions from renowned scholars in the field, the book builds on the notion that any form of digital communication inherently presents a rich combination of different semiotic modes and resources as a jumping-off point from which to critically reflect on digital mediation from three different perspectives. The first section looks at social and semiotic practices and the implications of their mediation on artistic production, cultural heritage, and commerce. The second part of the volume focuses on dynamics of awareness, cognition, and identity formation in participants to digitally-mediated communicative processes. The book’s final section considers the impact of mediation on shaping new and different types of textualities and genres in digital spaces. The book will be of particular interest to scholars, researchers and students in multimodality, digital communication, social semiotics, and media studies.

From UXD to LivXD

Author : Sylvie Leleu-Merviel
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Living eXperience Design – the design of life experiences – is an extension of user experience design (UXD). The context comprises usage and practice in real contexts in which spatial, urban, social, temporal, historical and legal dimensions are considered. Reflecting upon LivXD is to examine the whole experience of a target audience in a variety of situations – and not only in those involving digital technology. This book begins with the definition of LivXD and its associated epistemology, and proceeds to detail field experiments in certain privileged areas: the relation to creation and works, mediation and adult education.

Museums Migration and Identity in Europe

Author : Christopher Whitehead
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The imperatives surrounding museum representations of place have shifted from the late eighteenth century to today. The political significance of place itself has changed and continues to change at all scales, from local, civic, regional to national and supranational. At the same time, changes in population flows, migration patterns and demographic movement now underscore both cultural and political practice, be it in the accommodation of ’diversity’ in cultural and social policy, scholarly explorations of hybridity or in state immigration controls. This book investigates the historical and contemporary relationships between museums, places and identities. It brings together contributions from international scholars, academics, practitioners from museums and public institutions, policymakers, and representatives of associations and migrant communities to explore all these issues.

Museum Frictions

Author : Ivan Karp
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This third volume in a bestselling series on culture, society, and museums examines the effects of globalization on contemporary museum, heritage, and exhibition practices.

Strategic Communication in Context Theoretical Debates and Applied Research

Author : Sara Balonas
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Strategic communication is becoming more relevant in communication sciences, though it needs to deepen its reflective practices, especially considering its potential in a VUCA world — volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. The capillary, holistic and result-oriented nature that portrays this scientific field has led to the imperative of expanding knowledge about the different approaches, methodologies and impacts in all kinds of organisations when strategic communication is applied. Therefore Strategic Communication in Context: Theoretical Debates and Applied Research assembles several studies and essays by renowned authors who explore the topic from different angles, thus testing the elasticity of the concept. Moreover, this group of authors represents various schools of thought and geographies, making this book particularly rich and cross-disciplinary.