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Museums the Media and Refugees

Author : Katherine Goodnow
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Across countries and time, asylum-seekers and refugees have been represented in a variety of ways. In some representations they appear negatively, as dangers threatening to ‘over-run’ a country or a region with ‘floods’ of incompatible strangers. In others, the same people are portrayed positively, with compassion, and pictured as desperately in need of assistance. How these competing perceptions are received has significant consequences for determining public policy, human rights, international agreements, and the realization of cultural diversity, and so it is imperative to understand how these images are perpetuated. To this end, this volume reflects on museum practice and the contexts, stories, and images of asylum seekers and refugees prevalent in our mass media. Based on case studies from Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom, the overall findings are illustrative of narratives and images common to museums and the media throughout the world. They aim to challenge political rhetoric and populist media imagery and consider what forms of dissent are likely to be sustained and what narratives ultimately break through and can lead to empathy and positive political change.

Changes in Museum Practice

Author : Hanne-Lovise Skartveit
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"By examining the ways in which museums involve refugees and asylum seekers, Changes in Museum Practice: New Media, Refugees and Participation explores the opportunities around new media. Leading artists, curators, and academics come together to outline different degrees of participation by audiences and communities and explore a range of topics from video games to theatre, from photography to participatory video and digital storytelling. Case studies are used throughout to highlight the unique ways that various approaches to inclusion and participation can be used successfully." --Book Jacket.

Museums and Racism

Author : Kylie Message
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Racism is a hot topic in museums today, as well as an urgent social issue. Focused on the broad field of multicultural policy, Museums and Racism examines how the Immigration Museum in Melbourne, Australia, has responded to political culture and public debate around racism. Analysis focuses on the conceptualization of the Immigration Museum in the mid-1990s, and on the most recent permanent exhibition to be opened there, in 2011, which coincided with the publication of a new multicultural policy for Australia. The opening of the National Museum of Australia in Canberra in the intervening period is also examined in some detail, as a comparative case study to provide a sense of the broader national social and political context. Message argues that each of the three episodes demonstrates the close relationship between museum and exhibition development on the one hand, and policy, politics, and public opinion on the other hand. Including a discussion of examples from the United States and other relevant contexts, Museums and Racism is key reading for students and scholars of museum studies and cultural studies around the world. The book should also be of great interest to museum practitioners and policymakers in the area of multiculturalism.

Museums Migration and Cultural Diversity

Author : Christina Johansson
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Historically, an important role of museums has been to contribute to national homogenization. The book specifically deals with how the Swedish museum sector of culture and history addresses new demands from a society that is profoundly characterized by migration and cultural diversity. Besides the museums' representations of migration and cultural diversity, the book also examines how changes in the museum sector relate to general policy developments in the fields of culture, integration and minorities. The book also discusses whether and how museums are open for dialogue and collaboration with migrants and ethnic minorities and the kinds of problems museums encounter in their efforts to be more inclusive.

Scandinavian Museums and Cultural Diversity

Author : Katherine J. Goodnow
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Museums face the task of representing the similarities and differences that exist between groups, such as national identities and indigenous and minority voices, material and intangible heritage, and current status and past history. In order to achieve this aim, a complex and not always easily compatible set of interests have to be taken into account, from those of the museum itself, to those of its main audiences, sources of support, and the groups that are, or wish to be, represented. The approach taken by Scandinavian museums in response to this challenge highlights a very active concern for forms of cultural diversity and how they are interrelated. By bringing together debates and discussions of diversity, this volume offers insight into the Nordic region and its diverse peoples, from the Sami and the Inuit to newer immigrants. It presents a set of historical reviews on the formation of national museums and emerging and contested perceptions of national identity. Furthering the general debate on representations of diversity and museums, it also offers museum curators possible ways forward. Katherine Goodnow is Professor at the Department of Information Science and Media Studies at the University of Bergen, Norway. She has published widely on museums and cultural diversity. Her most recent books in the field include Challenge and transformation: Museums in Cape Town and Sydney and Museums, the media and refugees: Stories of crisis, control and compassion. Goodnow combines research with filmmaking and has produced television series and documentaries for Norwegian national broadcasters. Haci Akman is Associate Professor at the Department of Archaeology, History, Culture and Religious Science, University of Bergen. His research interests include migration, diaspora processes, ethnicity, cultural heritage and museums and diversity. Recent publications in these fields focus on Kurdish and Jewish diaspora societies in the United Kingdom and Norway. Akman is currently working on the development of the Norwegian Kurdish Virtual Museum.

History Memory and Migration

Author : Irial Glynn
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By conversing with the main bodies of relevant literature from Migration Studies and Memory Studies, this overview highlights how analysing memories can contribute to a better understanding of the complexities of migrant incorporation. The chapters consider international case studies from Europe, North America, Australia, Asia and the Middle East.

Kristeva in Focus

Author : Katherine J. Goodnow
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How can museums move beyond simply raising awareness and establish a dialogue both within and across communities and cultural boundaries? By examining the ways in which museums can involve refugees and asylum seekers Museums, New Media and Refugees explores this key question. Leading artists, curators, and academics come together to outline different levels of participation by audiences and communities and explore a range of topics from video games to role-play and theatre; and from photography to participatory video and digital storytelling. Case studies are used throughout to highlight the various ways that different participatory approaches can be used successfully.

Refugees Theatre and Crisis

Author : A. Jeffers
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Using examples of refugee arts and theatrical activity since the 1990s, this book examines how the 'refugee crisis' has conditioned all arts and cultural activity with refugees in a world where globalization and migration go hand in hand.

Oral History

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National Guide to Funding for Libraries and Information Services

Author : Foundation Center
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Grants for Minorities

Author :
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Remembering Refugees

Author : Tony Kushner
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Refugee crises are one of the gravest problems facing the modern world. This book explores the paradox of why countries such as Britain pride themselves on their past treatment of refugees yet are suspicious and hostile towards asylum seekers trying to gain entry. It explores the contemporary treatment and representation of refugees ranging from the Huguenots in the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries through to the many groups that have gained entry more recently. Was the treatment of refugees such as Jews escaping Tsarist and later Nazi persecution as welcoming as politicians and others now make out? Why have some groups been remembered positively, while others have been forgotten?

The Rescue and Achievement of Refugee Scholars

Author : N. Bentwich
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This little book has been written at the suggestion of the Society for the Protection of Science and Learning. That body was the successor of the Academic Assistance Council which was formed in 1933 by heads of British Universities and learned Societies to assist scholars and scientists and investigators "who, on grounds of religion, political opinion or race, were unable to carryon their work in their own country". They were, at the time of the formation of the Society, particularly, but not exclusively, refugees from Nazi oppression, and deprived of their academic posts on one of these grounds. But they soon embraced refugees from other tyrannies. The British example was followed by similar efforts in many countries. The National and International effort, initiated in 1933 on behalf of academic freedom, is still far from completed. For the persecution of free thought and research has become an endemic ill of our time, and calls for a continuous activity of the free Universities. The major task, however, of saving for science and scholar ship the victims of Nazi persecution has been accomplished, and most of the academic societies which were formed in the Thirties to take up the challenge have been dissolved. It seems opportune then to place on record this effort of cultural soli darity for the displaced scholars, and the contribution which has been made to the world's intellectual life by those who were rescued.

Photography Memory and Refugee Identity

Author : Lynda Mannik
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In 1948, a small ship carrying Estonian refugees arrived at Pier 21 in Halifax. In this absorbing work, anthropologist Lynda Mannik analyzes the refugee experience through the photographic record of those who made that harrowing voyage. Drawing on a collection of photographs taken during the voyage and at Pier 21, Mannik asks surviving passengers to describe their journey, their reception in Canada, and to what extent the photos reflect their experiences as they remember them. The photographs in the SS Walnut collection, she argues, bear witness to the refugee experience even as the meanings attached to them have changed over time and in shifting contexts.

Depiction and Interpretation

Author : Ziva Amishai-Maisels
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A study of the extent to which the Holocaust - as a major historical event - influenced Western art. Pt. I (pp. 3-127), "Depiction, " discusses many artists and their works. Pt. II (pp. 131-366), "Interpretation, " analyzes primary Holocaust symbols, biblical imagery, "the crucified Jew, " myths, abstraction, and Jewish identity. Pp. 367-509 contain notes to the above chapters, and pp. 511-546 give an extensive selected bibliography. The plates contain reproductions of 560 paintings and drawings.

Debates of the Senate Official Report Hansard

Author : Canada. Parliament. Senate
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Royalist Refugees

Author : Ben van Beneden
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Grant for Film Media Communications

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Remembering the German Democratic Republic

Author : D. Clarke
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Memories of and attitudes to the German Democratic Republic (GDR), or East Germany, within contemporary Germany are characterized by their variety and complexity, whilst the debate over how to remember the GDR tells us a lot about how Germans see themselves and their future. This volume provides a range of international perspectives.


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