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Musings of a First Chinese Daughter

Author : Jennifer Lee Robertson
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This book is a memoir of my traditional Chinese parents whose resilience and courage was representative of our pioneering forefathers. With their passing, I see the vanishing of the Old China which philosophical heritage, idealism and romance has shaped the Chinese mind for centuries. Our upbringing highlighted the importance of Respect and Responsibility within the context of a code of conduct. The book is a literary pastiche - a montage of my world in Australia juxtaposed against the exquisite brocade of the other world. Today's China is a vibrant part of our cyber-world, the impact of which could be encompassing on one's individuality. What kind of persons will our young generation and the future generations become.

Musings on the Dark

Author : Silvia Font
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Musings on the Dark is inspired in myth, superstition, and old wives' tales. Add a pinch of truth; fact and fiction coexist in this collection of fantastic accounts. Author Silvia Font sifts the mediocre to find the exquisite, be it darkly humorous or frankly macabre. She believes that wandering away from the light of reality into the dim unknown may actually protect our sanity, or at least provide some poetry in a world of inescapable bad news and pitiless technology. So beauty will marry the beast, and they will have a child. Some of these stories will make you smile. Others, more often than not, will creep you out.

Asian American History and Culture An Encyclopedia

Author : Huping Ling
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With overview essays and more than 400 A-Z entries, this exhaustive encyclopedia documents the history of Asians in America from earliest contact to the present day. Organized topically by group, with an in-depth overview essay on each group, the encyclopedia examines the myriad ethnic groups and histories that make up the Asian American population in the United States. "Asian American History and Culture" covers the political, social, and cultural history of immigrants from East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Pacific Islands, and their descendants, as well as the social and cultural issues faced by Asian American communities, families, and individuals in contemporary society. In addition to entries on various groups and cultures, the encyclopedia also includes articles on general topics such as parenting and child rearing, assimilation and acculturation, business, education, and literature. More than 100 images round out the set.

Musings of a Chinese Mystic

Author : Zhuangzi
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A to Z of American Women Writers

Author : Carol Kort
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Presents a biographical dictionary profiling important women authors, including birth and death dates, accomplishments and bibliography of each author's work.

The Zen Experience

Author : Thomas Hoover
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Some call it "seeing," some call it "knowing," and some describe it in religious terms. Whatever the name, it is our reach for a new level of consciousness. Of the many forms this search has taken, perhaps the most intriguing is Zen. Growing out of the wisdom of China, India, and Japan, Zen became a powerful movement to explore the lesser-known reaches of the human mind. Today Zen has come westward, where we are rediscovering modern significance in its ancient insights. This book is an attempt to encounter Zen in its purest form, by returning to the greatest Zen masters.

Writing China

Author : Peter J. Kitson
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New essays on the cultural representations of the relationship between Britain and China in the nineteenth century, focusing on the Amherst diplomatic problem.

Encyclopedia of Asian American Folklore and Folklife 3 volumes

Author : Jonathan H. X. Lee
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This comprehensive compilation of entries documents the origins, transmissions, and transformations of Asian American folklore and folklife. • More than 600 entries • Contributions from more than 170 expert contributors • Introductory essays covering disciplinary theories and methods in the study of folklore and folklife • An appendix of Asian American folktales

Memories and Musings

Author : Kumara Padmanabha Sivasankara Menon
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Reminiscences of an Indian administrator and diplomat.

Ethnic American Literature An Encyclopedia for Students

Author : Emmanuel S. Nelson
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Unlike any other book of its kind, this volume celebrates published works from a broad range of American ethnic groups not often featured in the typical canon of literature. • Highlights the most important print and electronic resources on multicultural literature through a detailed bibliography • Features entries from 50 contributors, all of whom are experts in their fields • Includes cultural works not often highlighted in traditional textbooks, such as Iranian American literature, Dominican American literature, and Puerto Rican American literature

The Cambridge Guide to Literature in English

Author : Dominic Head
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Gale Biography Presents Literary Figures

Author : Gale, Cengage Learning
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Gale Biography Presents contains content derived from the Encyclopedia of World Biography, a reference title providing biographical information on individuals who have made a lasting contribution to society. Each eBook contains authoritative content covering a broad range of people who have made their mark on the world we live in today. Whether through the written word, science, history, activism, or politics, these individuals have contributed to society and have reputations that stand the test of time. These women and men from around the world have risen above the ordinary and earned a place in the annals of human history. Their life stories will fascinate people of all ages.

Understanding Gish Jen

Author : Jennifer Ann Ho
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Jennifer Ann Ho introduces readers to a “typical American” writer, Gish Jen, the author of four novels, Typical American, Mona in the Promised Land, The Love Wife, and World and Town; a collection of short stories, Who’s Irish?; and a collection of lectures, Tiger Writing: Art, Culture, and the Interdependent Self. Jen writes with an engaging, sardonic, and imaginative voice illuminating themes common to the American experience: immigration, assimilation, individualism, the freedom to choose one’s path in life, and the complicated relationships that we have with our families and our communities. A second-generation Chinese American, Jen is widely recognized as an important American literary voice, at once accessible, philosophical, and thought-provoking. In addition to her novels, she has published widely in periodicals such as the New Yorker, Atlantic Monthly, and Yale Review. Ho traces the evolution of Jen’s career, her themes, and the development of her narrative voice. In the process she shows why Jen’s observations about life in the United States, though revealed through the perspectives of her Asian American and Asian immigrant characters, resonate with a variety of audiences who find themselves reflected in Jen’s accounts of love, grief, desire, disappointment, and the general domestic experiences that shape all our lives. Following a brief biographical sketch, Ho examines each of Jen’s major works, showing how she traces the transformation of immigrant dreams into mundane life, explores the limits of self-identification, and characterizes problems of cross-national communication alongside the universal problems of aging and generational conflict. Looking beyond Jen’s fiction work, a final chapter examines her essays and her concerns and stature as a public intellectual, and detailed primary and secondary bibliographies provide a valuable point of departure for both teaching and future scholarship.

Asian American Literature An Encyclopedia for Students

Author : Keith Lawrence
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This volume collects, in one place, a breadth of information about Asian American literary and cultural history as well as the authors and texts that best define it. A dozen contextual essays introduce fundamental elements or subcategories of Asian American literature, expanding on social and literary concerns or tensions that are familiar and relevant. Essays include the origins and development of the term "Asian American"; overviews of Asian American and Asian Canadian social and literary histories; essays on Asian American identity, gender issues, and sexuality; and discussions of Asian American rhetoric and children's literature. More than 120 alphabetical entries round out the volume and cover important Asian North American authors. Historical information is presented in clear and engaging ways, and author entries emphasize biographical or textual details that are significant to contemporary young adults. Special attention has been given to pioneering authors from the late 19th century through the early 1970s and to influential or well-known contemporary authors, especially those likely to be studied in high school or university classrooms.

Flickering Flame

Author : DR. K.H. LIM
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Flickering Flame: Poetic Echoes presents a collection of poetry written by a doctor on the verge of retirement. Writing under the pen name Wonky Wizard, he divides his work into several sections, including musings, relationship, social and political topics, and children. He also provides four translations of Chinese classical poems into English. Most of his original works-personal musings on life and family-were written over the course of a year, between consultations at his clinic. He wrote in response to his friends' comments and clients' problems and to consider family events, revealing his honest thoughts and feelings on these and other topics. From an examination of his feelings about death and dying in "Bucket List" and "Farewell to a Friend" to his feelings about children in "Sharing" and "Why," he offers his perspective on a wide range of subjects. Writing to evoke interest in English among students in Malaysia, to connect with other poets, and to offer a gift to his daughter and grandchildren, the poet turns to the universality of poetry-the shared pool of emotions from which it is drawn-to help us see echoes of ourselves in other narratives. And now he invites you to be a spectator of his journey.

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Women in World History

Author : Bonnie G. Smith
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This encyclopedia captures the experiences of women throughout world history and illuminates how they have influenced and been influenced by these historical, social, and demographic changes. It contains over 1,300 signed articles covering six main areas: biographies; geography and history; comparative culture and society; organizations and movements; womens and gender studies; and topics in world history.

US China Review

Author :
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Historical Dictionary of Asian American Literature and Theater

Author : Wenying Xu
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The Historical Dictionary of Asian American Literature and Theater covers the history of Asian American literature and theater through a chronology, an introductory essay, and an extensive bibliography. The dictionary section has over 600 cross-referenced entries on authors, books, and genres. This book is an excellent access point for students, researchers, and anyone wanting to know more about this important topic.

Book of Awesome Women Writers

Author : Becca Anderson
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“A testament to the relationship and contributions of women writers, lest we forget their impact and inspiration . . . [an] amazing journey.” —Ntozake Shange, author of For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide/When the Rainbow is Enuf From the first recorded writer to current bestsellers, Becca Anderson takes us through time and highlights women who have left their mark on the literary world. This expansive compilation of women writers is a chance to delve deeper into the lives and works of renowned authors and learn about some lesser-known greats, as well. Some of the many women writers you will love learning about are: Maya Angelou, Jane Austen, Judy Blume, Rachel Carson, Nadine Gordimer, Margaret Mead, Joyce Carol Oates, and many, many more. This feminist book is a beacon of brilliance and a celebration of the journeys and accomplishments of women who have worked to have their voices heard in black and white letters across the world. Open The Book of Awesome Women Writers today, and you will find: Engaging chapters such as “Prolific Pens,” “Mystics, Memoirists, and Madwomen,” and “Banned, Blacklisted, and Arrested” A plethora of necessary new additions to your reading list Confirmation that the female voice is not only awesome, but an essential part of literary culture “So go on, do some guilt-free indulging in the pages of Becca Anderson’s basket of literary bonbons. She has gathered a wealth of delectable stories in which to immerse ourselves, a bit at a time. Let’s hear it for bibliophiles and book ladies—our richest yet most non-fattening vice.” —Vicki León, author of Uppity Women of Ancient Times

Our Missions

Author :
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