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The Best Mistake Ever and Other Stories

Author : Richard Scarry
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Three stories about Lowly Worm and his friends include "The Best Mistake Ever," "A Visit to Mr. Fixit," and "Best Friends."

My Best Mistake

Author : Terry O'Reilly
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The host of CBC Radio’s Under the Influence, Terry O’Reilly, uncovers the surprising power of screwing up The Incredible Hulk was originally supposed to be grey, but a printing glitch led to the superhero’s iconic green colour. NHL hall-of-famer Serge Savard’s hockey career nearly ended prematurely, not because of an injury, but because of an oversight. And the invention of a beloved treat, the Popsicle, began with a simple mistake. In his fascinating and meticulously researched new book, Terry O’Reilly recounts how some of the biggest breakthroughs and best-loved products originated with a mistake. Some people’s “mistakes” led to dramatic life changes--losing their jobs, their companies and often their credibility--only for them to discover new opportunities on the other shore. Other people’s mistakes seemed minor, almost insignificant--until they led to a famous brand, a legendary band or a groundbreaking work of art. And in a few instances, a mistake actually saved lives. The fear of failing often holds us back. My Best Mistake will change how you think about screwing up and will encourage you to accept mistakes and embrace the obstacles that may arise from these errors, leading you to unexpected breakthroughs and silver linings of your own.

The Best Mistake Mystery

Author : Sylvia McNicoll
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Anxious Stephen Nobel has a habit of overanalyzing things. When the bomb squad searches his school and a car crashes into the building, Stephen can’t leave it alone. But now his new friend Renée and his furry clients Ping and Pong are wrapped up in a dangerous mystery with a real criminal!

My Best Mistake

Author : Carole Wolfe
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Happily-ever-afters aren't guaranteed. Tasha Gerome has a good life. Being a single mom of twins wasn't what she expected, but she makes the best of it. The problem is life keeps happening. Her ex-husband's antics are exhausting. Tasha's mother conspires to get her back into the dating scene. Her sister has to dig her out of a legal minefield. Tasha needs help. Check out My Best Mistake to find out who Tasha count can count on when things get tough. The answer might surprise you.

Her Best Mistake Contemporary Romance

Author : Donna McDonald
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Maybe other forty year old divorced women were different, but Lisa Dennison was not the kind of woman to climb into bed with every guy she dated. Actually, she should never even have agreed to date younger man, Eric Roberts at all. She was flattered by the attention, but as a person, Eric never really interested her. So how can rationalize sleeping with Eric's Harvard Professor of Archeology twin? What she did with Finn was a mistake--a big mistake--even if it doesn't feel like one.

His Best Mistake

Author : Kristi Gold
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Learning he might be incapable of fathering children turns hotshot sportswriter Kevin O'Brien's world upside down. The news is bad enough, but the impact on his relationship with Dr. Leah Cordero…? Well, it's best if he exits right now before he really wants what he can't have. So imagine his surprise months later when Leah appears on his doorstep with a baby—his baby. Once his shock subsides, Kevin insists on being a part of his daughter's life. The best way to do that? Move her and Leah into his house. It doesn't take long for him to fall head over heels for his little girl and remember everything he loves about her mother. Now he has to show Leah they can become a forever family.

The Great Mistake Mysteries 3 Book Bundle

Author : Sylvia McNicoll
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Anxious young Stephen Noble and his friend Renée are the dogwalking detectives! This special three-book bundle collects the first three book in The Great Mistake Mysteries. Includes The Great Mistake Mystery Dogwalker Stephen Nobel has a habit of overanalyzing things. When the bomb squad searches his school and a car crashes into the building, Stephen can’t leave it alone. But now his new friend Renée and his furry clients Ping and Pong are wrapped up in a dangerous mystery with a real criminal! The Artsy Mistake Mystery Renée and Stephen team up when Renée’s brother Attila is accused of stealing the outdoor art that’s been disappearing all over the neighbourhood. Convinced that Attila is innocent, Renée and Stephen set out to find the truth about the missing art. The Snake Mistake Mystery In the third Great Mistake Mystery, Stephen and Renée investigate a recent robbery that has been pinned on the Noble Dogwalking Agency. The crime involves a missing python and a key that Stephen says he lost. Stephen and Renée need to solve this case or the Noble Dogwalking Agency will go under!

The Best Mistake

Author : Nora Roberts
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A single mother finds her heart tempted by an unlikely father figure in The Best Mistake, a novella from #1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts. Zoe Fleming left behind her modeling career to raise her son Keenan in an atmosphere less consumed with surface appearances. But her post-model jobs barely cover expenses, so she opens her home to a tenant, sportswriter J. Cooper McKinnon. For a man who likes to talk a big game, Zoe must admit that Coop knows how to score by genuinely befriending Keenan. And when Coop turns his attention—and affection—to Zoe, she finds herself more than willing to engage him in the sport of love.

The Best Mistake

Author : Linda Kage
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Her biggest mistake might be the best thing ever to happen to him. Deri "The Mistake" Crandall wants nothing more than the love and acceptance from a family. After her mother dies, she finally discovers who her father is--except he and his family aren't exactly everything she's dreamed of. Not about to let a little thing like that bother her, she strives her hardest to fit in. Though honest to a fault, she even lies to gain their affection. But who could have predicted the one man with whom she immediately clicks is the very millionaire her grandfather orders her to betray? Cole Harrety's life is all about work and ignoring play, until a petite, curvy bundle of quirky woman literally tumbles into his lap. From the moment he loses a staring contest with her, he knows Deri is exactly what's been missing from his mundane life and no other woman will ever compete with her. With a web of deception already woven, can their new bond survive a shattered trust?

His Best Mistake

Author : Diane Alberts
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Former military man and single dad Mark Matthews is focused on making his daughter’s life the best he possibly can. Between work and taking care of his little girl, dating and any kind of love life is off the table. Until his one-night stand with the quiet but sexy Daisy O’Rourke, who is as secretive as she is beautiful. So when he runs into her at their friends’ wedding, Mark realizes Daisy is worth the chase... Each book in the Shillings Agency series is STANDALONE: * Temporarily Yours * Stealing His Heart * Seducing the Princess * Taking What's His * Say You're Mine * His Best Mistake