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My Cooking Sucks

Author : Chef Manly
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This blank cookbook makes a great gift! 100 recipe templates! Plenty of space for your directions, ingredients, and more. Order today!

My Cooking Sucks and So Do I

Author : Cheeky Ktp Funny Print
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Is it a CARD? Yes!� � Is it a BOOK? Yes! It�s a cardbook! - an awesome alternative to cards that your receiver can acutally use and won'te be able to deny thinking of you every time they see it. This funny cardbook is filled with 120 blank notebook journal pages with premium quality paper and matte cover. A fun gift for any lover in your matter what the scenario may be.

Pregnancy Sucks For Men

Author : Joanne Kimes
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Sleep on the couch to make room for her gigantic pregnancy pillow Pass up tickets to the game since you'd "rather" register for the baby shower Haven't had sex since there was snow on the ground (and it's July) It may not make you sound like future father of the year, but there's one thing men everywhere can agree on: Pregnancy Sucks—for you. In this complete update of the bestselling first edition, Joanne and Jeff Kimes pair no-holds-barred humor with helpful advice to make sure you actually live to see the birth of your child. So whether you're sick of putting your foot in your mouth when you're trying to compliment her, you want the real scoop on what's going to go down in the delivery room (without the hospital-issued video), or you really just want a laugh (since you "volunteered" to give up drinking for the interminable nine months of her pregnancy), this book will tell you exactly what to do when that miracle of yours is making you totally, completely, just-cut-the-freakin'-cord-already! miserable.


Author : Jo Raven
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The cage is broken… Two years ago, Octavia met her caveman, Matt Hansen, and fell in love. Since then, life has found its rhythm and it’s a good one. Matt and his brother Kaden have opened their own car repair shop—Mancave—and Octavia is expecting her first child. But not everything is perfect in paradise. Mary, Matt’s young daughter, has started having nightmares, Octavia’s sister Gigi is having boy trouble, and Merc, their brother, trouble with girls. Then Evan, Matt’s best buddy back in Destiny, asks for help after an accident—and the trip turns complicated when Octavia makes it her mission to locate and save her half-brother Ross from himself. Octavia wants everyone around her to be happy. Matt is determined to safeguard their family’s happy ending. One way or another, love will find a way…

O Malley

Author : Mr. Paul John Hausleben
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One of Paul John Hausleben’s most iconic characters from the Adventures of Harry and Paul jumps out of the pages of those books and stars in his own novel. Ice hockey superstar, Mr. James T. O’Malley, is everyone’s favorite hockey goon and the on-the-ice nemesis of The Adventures of Harry and Paul’s beloved character of number twenty-seven, Paul John Henson. In later adventures the two former ice hockey stars join forces in mutual calls to serve in the ministry and the irony of their relationship is that it turns from competitive and combative into a deep friendship. First introduced in the novel The Night Always Comes, O’Malley quickly became one of the most popular characters that the author ever created. And there certainly are quite a few of them too! Yet, while O’Malley was Hell on skates on-the-ice, off-the-ice, he was mild-mannered and polite and very well-spoken, and calm. Readers everywhere wondered. What was his story? Why was, O’Malley so mean and filled with anger issues? Why did it seem as if he turned into a wild hockey goon on the ice, but he was a perfect gentleman off the ice? What is his background? Could it be ghosts of his past that haunt him? Is it a deep, dark, family secret that finally surfaced many, many years later? How and why did he end his hockey life and where did his call to serve in the ministry begin? Here is the story where readers find out just what happened to the famous James T. O’Malley that made him the fearless and ferocious ice hockey player that he was, as well as a stalwart and great man. A man who stood fearlessly for his role in an ice hockey game but also in the game of life. The novel has a deal of hockey action but it also tells a story of crime and subterfuge and mixes them with deep insight into the characters and their emotions. Once more, as it seems to be in all of the author’s works, the novel O’Malley introduces more characters that are amazing and this novel introduces Detective Lyle Odell, who stars as a homicide detective in gritty Mohawk City, in upstate New York. The unorthodox, yet brilliant and wily, Detective Odell, makes it his mission to assist the young James T. O’Malley, as together, the two men unravel the hidden secrets of O’Malley past and bring justice and honor to his background. This is another classic tale from the master storyteller; a novel expertly mixed with ice hockey action, and crime and intrigue, but it also has touches of religion and emotions. Most of all, it propels one of the author’s most popular characters out of the pages of various books and into the hearts and minds of the reader. O’Malley is not just a book about a wildly angry and skilled ice hockey player, but it is the amazing story of one man’s journey through life. It is a testimony and a story about how nothing in life is easy, and about how perseverance eventually has glorious rewards. This novel is an instant classic and a story that will stay with you forever in both your heart and your mind.

For the Right Reasons

Author : Kara Lennox
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Secrets…murder…redemption Dr. Bree Johnson won't let an innocent man rot in jail. Why won't Project Justice's handsome attorney Eric Riggs listen to her when she knows her ex Kelly Ralston did not commit the crime he's been arrested for? Little does she know that Kelly has threatened Eric's daughter and that the secrets in this case go beyond them all. But who is controlling Kelly? Bree and Eric will have to trust one another in order to bring the real criminal to justice. Bree might have met the love of her life, but if she and Eric don't stay ahead of the killer, her life might not be a long one….


Author : Pamela DuMond
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"If Sierra Simone and Skye Warren had a book baby it would be PLAYER." USA TODAY Bestselling author Samanthe Beck —— I'm a 21st CENTURY COURTESAN. I'm down to my last four clients. One wants to play me. One wants to buy me. One wants to marry me. One wants to murder me. Will I get out in time? —— I moonlight at Ma Maison as an escort to pay for Mom's pricey psych treatments. Beautiful, broken billionaires pay ungodly sums of money to be with me because I'm empathic -- I feel in my own body what they feel in theirs. I can heal what broke them. When gorgeous high stakes poker player Dylan McAlister hires me, my empathic ability returns with a fury. I feel the emotions that torment him. His shame roots in my belly. His heartache compresses my chest. His fear stabs me in my back. It’s overwhelming, it's excruciating, but I can't abandon him -- I'm falling in love with him. Will I help Dylan McAlister heal? Or will I break him beyond repair -- just like the first boy I feel in love with? —— 21st CENTURY COURTESAN is a sexy, dark, addictive series filled with love, lust, family loyalty, deceit, revenge, and all the sweet little things in life worth killing for... PRAISE “…breath-taking, beautiful, and brilliant. A must-read…” USA Today bestselling author Maggie Marr “I am ADDICTED! ...” Liz Vrchota “…original, suspenseful, mysterious, sexy, and dramatic… a captivating read.” Angela Hayes “…was completely enthralled and blown away by this book!” Vegas Daisy One click PLAYER now!

Please Be My Valentine

Author : Jennifer Wenn
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Benjamin Emerson is determined to honor the dying Mrs. Brody’s last wish, that her granddaughter shall not spend Valentine’s Day alone. But as the special day is closing in, he still doesn’t know how to reach the stiff, correct librarian. Broken by her psychopathic former fiancée, Leonore Brody moves back into her empty childhood home in Barnesville, numbly taking one day at a time. When Ben asks her to help his daughter, she can’t refuse, knowing how much he meant to her grandmother. Caught at the Emerson Farm by a snow storm, Leonore finds herself drawn to the charismatic Ben. But the scars from her past are deep – can she ever trust a man again?

The Man Translator

Author : Alison Grambs
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Welcome to Manland! Though one of the most highly traveled destinations in the world, Manland is fraught with danger for even the smartest relationship-seeking women. The Man Translator increases your chances of survival 100 percent by translating the often tricky lexicon of manspeak into rational English: Manspeak

Oh My Goth

Author : Gena Showalter
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When fiercely independent Jade Leigh, who assumes a goth appearance, gets into trouble again, her principal decides to teach her a lesson and puts her into an alternate universe where the whole world has gone goth and Jade is now popular.

The Shape of My Heart

Author : Ann Aguirre
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Some people wait decades to meet their soul mate. Courtney Kaufman suspects she met hers in high school—only to lose him at seventeen. Since then, Courtney's social life has been a series of meaningless encounters, though she's made a few close friends along the way. Especially her roommate, Max Cooper, who oozes damaged bad-boy vibes from every pore. Max knows about feeling lost—he's been on his own since he was sixteen. Now it's time to find out if he can ever go home again, and Courtney's the only one he trusts to go with him. But the trip to Providence could change everything…. It started out so simple. One misfit helping another. Now Max will do anything to show Courtney that for every heart that's ever been broken, there's another that can make it complete.

Your Guardian Angel s Guide to Hospitals

Author : Stacey Friedlander
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My sister, Stacey Lynn Friedlander, the author of this humorous yet informative book, died on April 26, 2004 at the young age of 41. Four years before her death, Stacey was in a terrible car accident which led to many hospital stays, numerous surgeries, and too many medications. THOUGH STACEY LEFT US MUCH TOO SOON, HER WORDS OF WISDOM CONTINUE TO INSPIRE US THROUGH THIS CLEVER AND WITTY HOSPITAL SURVIVAL GUIDE. Stacey would be happy to know that since 2004, there have been many changes in healthcare focusing on patient satisfaction. She is right on when she says in her introduction that efficiencies are created by people divorced from patient care who obsess about ways to deliver that care in the least costly way . This is one of the greatest challenges for a healthcare staff member. Her Think in Shifts Chapter is definitely on target. Your healthcare team should check on you before going off shift, to make sure your needs are met for the next half hour. Stacey's insight has helped me to see the hospital experience from the patient's point of view, and will help me be a better caregiver. Aimee Hueber, RN Aimee is a registered nurse in the largest hospital system in Indiana. She works on one of the busiest medical units in Indianapolis, and would like to give a copy of this book to patients upon their admission to the hospital.

I Married My Mother in law

Author : Ilena Silverman
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A provocative anthology of seventeen original essays in the tradition of The Bitch in the House includes contributions by such figures as Michael Chabon, Kathryn Harrison, and Martha McPhee. 30,000 first printing.

Solo Food 72 recipes for you alone

Author : Janneke Vreugdenhil
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“It was in the kitchen that I learned to take care of myself after my separation. I was used to cooking for others, for my husband, my family and friends – I sometimes cooked for the whole street! Cooking was my way of making other people happy. The sudden change in my circumstances taught me to enjoy cooking for myself.”

Building Houses Out of Chicken Legs

Author : Psyche A. Williams-Forson
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Chicken--both the bird and the food--has played multiple roles in the lives of African American women from the slavery era to the present. It has provided food and a source of income for their families, shaped a distinctive culture, and helped women defin

Toddlers Are A holes

Author : Bunmi Laditan
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At last, the book that answers the question on every parent’s mind: Why does my toddler hate me? Okay, it’s not really hate. It’s just that a little psychopath who walks through life 100% convinced that he or she is the center of the universe does not care that you have a heart, a mind, or a soul. You are simply a skin-covered robot tall enough to reach the candy on top of the fridge. And clean up the rage-vomit when you make the fatal mistake of cutting off the crust on your toddler’s toast. (Or not cutting it off—seriously, you can’t win.) Includes: The theory of toddler evolution Mealtime (AKA Hell) Your unraveling life And how not to die inside


Author : Jamie Campbell
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Aliens Rise Project Integrate has not gone according to plan. No alien is more aware of this fact than Amery Jones. She is desperately trying to cling to everything she loves most. With her boyfriend, Lochie, away at university and ignoring her calls, Amery and her best friend, Lola, are commiserating with their broken hearts. But, with a deadly disease wiping out thousands of humans, Amery quickly becomes entangled in a plot that extends far beyond the alien integration. What happens when the aliens fight back? Find out in the final instalment of the Project Integrate Series. Also in the Project Integrate series: Ignite (Short Prequel) Unite Divide Conquer Soar Rise Broken (Short Story Special Release) The Project Integrate Boxed Set (All stories in one place. Save money by buying all in one)

Cooking for Mr Right

Author : Susan Volland
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Seattle chef Kate Linden feels life's opportunities are slipping away at the ripe old age of twenty-six, after she is suddenly fired from the city's hottest restaurant and her ex-boyfriend, Gaston, announces his forthcoming wedding to a woman he just met, and comes up with a grand--if misguided--scheme to transform her life. Original.

The Session

Author : Judith Kelman
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The national bestselling author returns with "The Session," as a female therapist finds herself in an elaborate cat-and-mouse game with a clever, cold-blooded killer.

Food Arts

Author :
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