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My Life My Favorites My Dreams

Author : Karen Wagdy Aldy Tanious
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Karen Wagdy Aldy Tanious, a native of Cairo, Egypt, shares her dreams and aspirations for her future and of one day having all her family from Egypt here in the United States. Karen now lives in America with her parents and has proven to be an outstanding leader and actively and passionately involved in her church choir.

My Favorites Your Favorites

Author : Rozanne Lanczak Williams
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Describes in words and pictures children's favorite toys, games, foods, colors, animals, and books.

Hazan Family Favorites

Author : Giuliano Hazan
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The tradition of tasty Italian food continues with this beautifully illustrated collection of creative recipes, from primo to dolci! As a child in America, Giuliano Hazan’s mother, Marcella, packed him meatballs with potatoes and peas, veal stew with mushrooms, and other homemade dishes for lunch—dishes that in no way resembled the peanut butter sandwiches his classmates enjoyed. And so began his appreciation of great food. Hazan Family Favorites celebrates delicious recipes from the Hazan family, prepared just as Giuliano prepares them for his own family today. Here are 85 recipes for every course in the Italian meal, including Appetizers, Soups, Pastas and Rice, Meats and Seafood, and Sides and Desserts. With recipes from Swiss Chard Tortelloni to Strawberry Gelato and everything in between, Hazan Family Favorites offers an intimate look at this iconic family and their most beloved recipes.

Fishy s Favorites for Bass Trout and Salt Water

Author : Jay Fullum
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25 new flies. How to use the most unconventional materials to create the most effective flies.

Jackie s Country Family Favorites

Author : Jacqueline Schaar
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While growing up in Ellsworth, Wisconsin, Jacqueline Schaar created both wonderful memories and delicious dishes while sharing the kitchen with her grandmothers and mother. In "Jackie's Country Family Favorites, " she recreates the recipes that have been tried and perfected by family members over the years and today, bound together in a family cookbook sure to be cherished by many generations to come. From Grandma Theis's recipe for the blueberry dessert she made every Sunday to Grandma Doty's fried potatoes made with soaked bread, bacon grease, and fried onions, Schaar shares a timeless compilation of recipes for tasty appetizers, unforgettable main dishes, and mouthwatering desserts-all easy to prepare ahead of time and made from basic ingredients found in nearly every pantry. The diverse collection of recipes included in "Jackie's Country Family Favorites" is sure to please today's busy cooks who want to serve their family the kind of comfort food that reminds them of days gone by, when Sunday dinner at their grandmother's house was a time to share fellowship, laughter, and best of all, scrumptious food.

Jo s Little Favorites

Author : Jo Morton
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Easy to start, even easier to complete! Top-selling designer of reproduction fabric Jo Morton makes creating small quilts almost effortless with expert techniques for accurate piecing and helpful tips on choosing and using fabric. Discover how to display small quilts in your home with Jo's advice for incorporating quilts into your personal decorating scheme. What will you do with all the little quilts you'll make? Fans of Jo Morton's fabric designs will love this curated collection of her favorite timeless patterns Go small with 13 classic quilts (most under 36" square) that you can stitch in no time Delightful photos of quilts in beautiful settings bring each exquisite detail into focus

Off the Wall Favorites

Author : Paul J. Volkmann
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Paul J. Volkmann has entertained readers throughout the world for over ten years with his weekly newspaper columns consisting of light-hearted stories, imaginary articles and controversial subjects. Off the Wall Favorites contains some of his best work. His writings are easy reading, are characterized by wit, wisdom and whimsicality and end with food for thought whether bordering on the sublime to the ridiculous. Presented by categories, one will find oneself engrossed in philosophy of thought as the author touches upon such subjects as holidays, faith, and the little challenges of life that we all experience. And most of all, this book is proof that God, in His omnipotence, instills in us a sense of humor, whereby, throughout our lives, we can learn to live and laugh as we go. It is hoped that is book will be a blessing to all who read it.

Destiny Has No Favorites

Author : Dieter Klett
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This is a story of a person arriving in this country in this country and in this city where he eventually ended up in the middle of the night, not knowing a soul in Canada and having just about $10.- in his pocket. Using my imagination I let this imaginary person - Peter- show the reader the adventures and misadventures he and eventually his family experienced in this for him so strange and at the same time exciting new place. I decided to cover a period of roughly the first 25 years Peter spent in his new chosed homeland. I could have continued showing the development of his and his family's life after the 25 year period, but I decided against that. I wanted this story to have closure. Another possible book would show the reader how Peter's life continued after 25 years and would show us how he and his loved ones continued with their lives with its ups and downs. The gist of the events occured from the mid 1950's until the early 1980's. I actually completed this book in 1982. It was lying in my filing cabinet for 30 years, because I never had either the time or inclination to publish in writing. The title of this publication: "Destiny has no Favorites" is correct. Destiny, or fate, has no favorites and we all are at the mercy of this destiny destined for us by that higher power we may call God, Nature, the Absolute Being, the Creator, Providence, the Omnipotent, Being the Supreme Soul or whatever mage us feel better to accept the unacceptable.

Windows XP Timesaving Techniques For Dummies

Author : Woody Leonhard
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Computers were supposed to save us time, but Windows XP users knowhow often the opposite seems to be true. What if you could get alist of shortcuts that would save you time every single day?Windows XP Timesaving Techniques For Dummies, 2nd Editionincludes 70 of them, great tips and tricks that make Windows workfaster, more reliably, and more like the way you work. Collected and tested by Windows guru Woody Leonhard, thesetimesavers are organized into groups of related tasks so you canquickly find the ones that will help you at any given time. You canset up your desktop and launch your programs in the way that makessense for you, take back control of the Internet and e-mail, manageyour music and visual media, and protect your system in a fewsimple steps. You’ll find no-nonsense advice on Eliminating irritating programs that start automatically Speeding up the restart or shutdown process Streamlining searches, the Start menu, and Outlook Express Strengthening your firewall and zapping scumware Adjusting your monitor to reduce eyestrain Reducing download time for photos Enhancing the performance of your network Making online shopping faster as well as safer Scheduling maintenance chores to run while you sleep From the most basic to somewhat advanced tricks designed forpower users, this grocery list of timesavers has something forevery Windows XP user— including you!

Fiddler Magazine s Favorites

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Fiddler Magazine in conjunction with Mel Bay Publications, Inc. has compiled a wonderful collection of tunes and interviews with contributions from 36 of the world's greatest fiddlers. The featured artists are Charlie Acuff, Paul Anastasio, Randal Bays, Byron Berline, Kevin Burke, Vassar Clements, Michael Doucet, Jackie Dunn, J.P. Fraley, Johnny Gimble, Bruce Greene, John Hartford, Richard Greene, Ivan Hicks, Jerry Holland, Olav Johansson, James Kelly, Barbara Lamb, Laurie Lewis, Sandy MacIntyre, Natalie MacMaster, Frankie McWhorter, Bruce Molsky, Juan Reynoso, Dale Russ, Oliver Schorer, Pierre Schryer, Bjorn Stabi, Alicia Svigals, Athena Tergis, & Laura Risk, Jay Ungar, Jean-Marie Verret, Claude Williams, George Wilson and Jennifer Wrigley. Includes access to online audio