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My Friends the Miss Boyds

Author : Jane Duncan
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Here, seen through the uninhibited eyes of eight-year-old Janet Sandison, is a vanished world-an isolated community living by its own unquestioned code of decency and integrity. Into this remote backwater come the 'Miss Boyds'-a clutch of flighty, townbred sisters. At first they are figures of fun, but the tragedy that overtakes them arouses all the compassion of the highland people. Full of humour, incident and colour, this delightful novel brings a forgotten era vividly to life, captures all a child's excitement as the world expands around her.

When the Rain Came Down in Bayou Town

Author : Schadler, Cherie D.
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The Cajun community pitches in to help out when Mr. Boudreaux's roof needs repairing at the beginning of the rainy season.

A Figure of the Rain There Is Nothing Inside of Him

Author : Clay T. Hensley
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I Made It Through The Rain

Author : Robert E. Sterling
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Being a son of a multi-millionaire and growing up in the Hollywood Golden Era, Robert Sterling had it all—the looks, the wealth, the freedom, and the attitude. The future seemed guaranteed and unquestionable until the life as he knew it began to crumble. At the age of 17, following a routine appendectomy in Burbank, California, Robert developed Panic Disorder and Agoraphobia. Fear became his new dictator, and after being omitted from his father's will, Robert's life began a rollercoaster ride evolution. This book is a diary of quest for survival and the true meaning of success.

My Friend the Murderer and Other Mysteries and Adventures

Author : Arthur Conan Doyle, Sir
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From the pen of the creator of Sherlock Holmes, this is another collection of thrilling adventures. Revolving around themes such as murder, mystery, unsolved crimes, and ghosts, the work depicts Doyle's interest in the supernatural.

A Garden In The Rain

Author : Lynn Kurland
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New York Times bestselling author Lynn Kurland tells the story of Patrick MacLeod—the first MacLeod to discover the secrets of his ancestral land… Patrick MacLeod is haunted by his past, by events he had no control over and wishes desperately he could change. He hasn’t the heart for love, nor the time for rescuing maidens in distress of their own making. Until he sees a woman who touches his heart and stirs his soul…and makes him believe love might be possible again after all. For Madelyn Phillips, Scotland is the land of dreams, filled with magic, romance, and handsome Highland lords. Unfortunately, the reality of her dream vacation is no car, no luggage, and a pesky ex-fiancé determined to shadow her every move. She thinks her dreaming is in vain. Until she sees a man standing on a windswept moor, a Highlander full of secrets and longing, and knows she has seen her destiny. But the past isn’t through with either of them, and it will take all the love both of them possess to make their dreams come true…

Dance in the Rain

Author : Sara Leya
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Little did I know when I was born all the pain I would see and feel. My turbulent journey, seeing my Nana's heartbreak to the day I lost her, through my own teenage heartache where I wanted my life to end, and then to being on a life-support machine after a car accident a few years later. Upon recovery, I entered a dark world of being a victim of domestic violence from which I had to make a dramatic escape. Finally, when things seemed more settled, I fell in love with a guy with a big secret. After many insights, I received from the obstacles that seemed insurmountable on my journey. I always felt in my heart that triumph would overcome adversity Through all troubles, try dancing when it rains, as I have over and over again! The epic, suffocating turmoils of Sara's life all had a gift in them, yet she didn't see clearly until she was much older. The painful experiences of childhood, teenage years, and onwards were all, she realised, created by her thoughts and beliefs. Many years of unfathomable emotional turbulence finally left her with the deep ingrained belief if only we all treated each other as we would wish to be treated, then this world would be a more positive place.

Then Came the Rain

Author : Patti Davy
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My name is Constance L. Aguero. The name of this book is, The Wounded Child, The girl the world forgot! this book consists of poetry that I have been writing since I was about eight years old. These poems express the feelings that this young survivor experienced at the hands of sexual, physical and emotional abuse. These poems talk about the abuse of my father, my uncle Walter, my uncle Raymond, my mother and her previous boyfriends, and my father's tricks that he brought home from the bar. I'm hoping that with me expressing my abuse through my poetry, that I can give a young or old person a chance at some hope. I decided that it was time for the world to know exactly what kind of people my abusers really were. I also figured this was my chance to tell my story, my way, without fearing what my abusers might think. This is my time to stand up and feel proud of the young woman I taught myself to be. My goals for writing this book are to let children know that it is not ok to be abused, that they should tell someone if they are. Also I want a chance to feel proud that I finally finished something that I set out to do. I believe that if people take time to trust their gut instincts that they will be able to find the appropriate treatment for their issues. If they do this, they will feel a huge change in how they feel about themselves.

Reflection Behind the Rain

Author : Robert Clayton Buick
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ROBERT CLAYTON BUICK is described as a Soldier of Fortune and the most successful American bullfi ghter of his time, in Mexico, Central and South America. The writers, aficionados and bullfi ght critics called him “El Ciclon del Norte”, translated: “The Cyclone from the North”. Buick was fearless in the bullring, while adorning his style with spinning and floral passes, always in close proximity to the bull’s horns, thrilling the thousands of people who came to see him perform in his spectacular style.

Boldness Be My Friend

Author : Richard Pape
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"Escape... escape... escape... by God!"' was his constant exhortation. "Never mind hunger pains, discomfort, or any other agony. Let escape become your passion, your one and only obsession until you finally reach home."' Shot down over Berlin in 1941, Richard Pape's saga of captivity is a story of courage unmatched in the annals of escape. Four escapes took him across the breadth of German-occupied Europe; to Poland and Czechoslovakia; to Austria and Hungary. Aggressive and impetuous, his adventures sweep the reader along on a torrent of excitement.

Tiger in the Rain

Author : Robert Clayton Buick
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The Night and the Rain and the River

Author : Scott Sparling
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A current of longing runs through twenty-two short stories by Oregon writers. As the characters strive for connection, they make mistakes, reach out to the wrong people, and recalibrate their lives based on what they desire, whether or not it’s attainable—or even a good idea. Editor Liz Prato has curated a powerful collection of smart, funny, sad, and exquisite stories about the losses that shape our lives.

Repel the Rain

Author : Martina Jacek
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This is My Friend s Chair

Author : Geraldine Halls
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Australian saga. Author also writes thriller as Charlotte Jay.

The Rain Tree

Author : Mirabel Osler
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A beautifully written memoir from the bestselling author of A Gentle Plea for Chaos.

Crying in the Rain

Author : Debbie McGowan
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For many years, Ade Simmons has been an outsider, trapped in an abusive relationship, seeking sanctuary in his job as a radio producer, and in the checklists he makes in an attempt to regain control of his sorry excuse of a life. Actor Kris Johansson is patient, gentle and passionate—everything that Ade’s ex-boyfriend is not. When Kris takes a role in one of Ade’s plays, the attraction is mutual and instant. It is the turning point for Ade. He can either stay on the same path, with Fergus—the bully who has repressed, used and isolated him from his friends and family—or he can look in the other direction, towards Kris—the handsome actor with family and friends who readily accept him. But Fergus will not give up his punchbag so easily—can Ade finally find the strength to fight back?

The Wind spirit and the Rain goddess

Author : M. Schlimpert
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A Dictionary of Oral Literature

Author : Leteipa Ole Sunkuli
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The Book about Friends Stars and Oceans

Author : Darya Jandossova
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Nelson Fire The Curse of The Rain Drop

Author : Nelson Amador
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