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My Homophobic Dad

Author : Brad Gosse
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A story about a dad who uses homophobic slurs and thinks god hates same sex couples.

Heat Wave Colorado Springs

Author : Michael P. Thomas
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Just when barbecue boss Spencer Worthington is convinced nothing in the world could be hotter than Colorado Springs this summer, along comes Ethan, sizzling ribs with his dad at a rival booth. Just looking at him makes Spencer sweat, and when Ethan’s dad reveals himself to be a homophobic heckler, Spencer’s temper flares. Conflict erupts, and a passerby proposes a civilized solution: a reality TV cook-off -- such as the one she happens to produce -- to settle the score. May the best meat win. Seeing an opportunity to win a cash prize and Ethan, Spencer signs on. But when his secret sauce goes missing at the height of the competition, all signs point to sabotage, and he neglects to look before he leaps to conclusions. Now the money and Ethan are both on the line, but how can Spencer keep his cool in this heat?

Hottest Heat Wave

Author : J.M. Snyder
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JMS Books brought you hot tales of summer love in their popular Heat Wave series in the form of first crushes, fleeting affairs, and longtime romances that bubbled over into hot flashes with the soaring heat. In the Hottest Heat Wave anthology, which combines the six best-selling titles in the series, gay men are driven to distraction by the heat and each other, seeking solace anyway they can. With stories by Drew Hunt, J.D. Walker, J.M. Snyder, Jeff Adams, Terry O'Reilly, and Michael P. Thomas, this sizzling anthology of M/M romance and erotic romance will have your temperature through the roof all summer long! Contains the stories: Heat Wave: Newark by Drew Hunt, Heat Wave: Stone Mountain by J.D. Walker, Heat Wave: Richmond by J.M. Snyder, Heat Wave: Tuscaloosa by Jeff Adams, Heat Wave: Traverse City by Terry O'Reilly, and Heat Wave: Colorado Springs by Michael P. Thomas .

Vivaldi in the Dark

Author : Matthew J. Metzger
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Out-and-regretting-it comprehensive attendee Jayden Phillips turns his cast-iron plans for life upside-down by falling in love with private-school violinist Darren Peace, a sardonic boy with the craziest hair Jayden's ever seen. But all is not what it seems, and Jayden's bullying problem becomes meaningless when he is confronted with what the music does to Darren. How do you stop a dangerous depression rooted in the same thing that makes someone what they are? Dark moods, blank apathy, and the undertow of self-loathing all simmer beneath Darren's dry and beautiful veneer, and Jayden feels powerless to stop them. Then a mugging gone wrong takes the music forcibly away, and Jayden is finally given the chance to change Darren's life -- and, quite literally, his mind.

Vivaldi in the Dark Box Set

Author : Matthew J. Metzger
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The best-selling gay romance series by Matthew J. Metzger is now available in a box set! Contains the stories: Vivaldi in the Dark: Jayden's course changes when he falls for dry violinist Darren. But all is not what it seems, and Jayden is confronted with a dangerous depression that has brought Darren to the edge more than once, and undoubtedly will again. Darren's talent is his own undoing -- until a mugging takes the music forcibly away, and Jayden has the chance to change Darren's life and, quite literally, his mind. The Devil's Trill Sonata: Jayden is going to university. Dream-chasing and distance have Jayden thinking a break-up with his boyfriend is inevitable -- but they've weathered worse storms, right? Wrong. As their relationship fractures, Darren's depression strengthens -- until one night, a rejected call, and drastic action. Too late, Jayden learns where his heart truly lies. The dream is over -- and the reality is far, far worse. Rhapsody on a Theme: Their relationship has been repaired since Darren's overdose, but Darren has not. When two attempts at medication fail badly, his partner Jayden fears that the end of this depression will only come with the end of Darren himself. Until Darren is asked to play at Ethan's upcoming wedding. As Darren slowly returns to the music that never quite left him, the shadows finally begin to fade.

Life Honestly

Author : The Pool
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Life Honestly is a complete guide to modern life from some of today's most talented and insightful writers including Bryony Gordon, Dolly Alderton, Natasha Devon, Lauren Laverne and Yomi Adegoke. Within these pages you’ll find an un-airbrushed selection of advice, comment and opinion. These are intimate stories from bad sex to bad boys, from workplace inequality to the sheer joy of learning something new, that will spark hope, triumph and occasionally outrage. In Life Honestly you will find fresh perspectives on everything from age milestones and friendship, motherhood and weddings, and why you should always, always, tell someone when you like their earrings. This book will make you feel empowered, supported and more prepared than ever to take on anything life has to offer because, honestly, we're all in this together. Featuring an introduction by The Pool co-founder Sam Baker, this fabulous collection is full of articles to inspire you. The pieces vary in length, which makes this a perfect collection to dip into for a few minutes while you wait for the kettle to boil, or something meatier for your morning commute. Some are long and some are short but they all pack a punch. From Sali Hughes on blended families to Viv Groskop offering fresh perspectives on daily problems, Life Honestly is a collection of advice, comment and opinion that acts as a complete guide to modern life. These writers are empowering, engaging and unapologetic about their views: Life Honestly is full of lessons and observations on what it means to be a woman or non-binary person now.

Star of the Show Psychoses of a Vampire

Author : Klei Nightwriter
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After Alucard's mother has passed away, he gained her inheritance to go to Manila City and gain fame, glory and fortune, however, there are some mental dilemmas he had to discuss with his psychotherapist. Here we unveil the true Mental Diagnosis of the Vampire Alucard in the end.

Fin Rye Fireflies

Author : Harry Cook
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Fin Whittle is sixteen and he likes guys. A fact which seems to be complicating his life. One minute Fin's kissing the godlike Jesse; the next he s been cruelly outed. His family's response? To up sticks in search of a 'fresh start'. A fresh start won't change the truth of who Fin is. Obviously. But it does introduce him to the best squad in town: kick-ass Poppy, her on-off girlfriend June and the super cute, super irresistible Rye. Fin soon has a serious crush. And Rye might just feel the same way. But Fin's parents aren't happy. If their son won't change his 'lifestyle', they ll force him onto the straight and narrow . . . by way of 'conversion therapy'. An outrageous plan is needed to face down the haters and to give Fin and Rye (and their fireflies) a chance at the happy-ever-after their story deserves . . . From moonlit meet-ups to vintage diners, pride parades to a passion for old vinyl, Fin & Rye & Fireflies is a gloriously upbeat tale of being true to yourself no matter what.

What Makes You Beautiful

Author : Bridget Liang
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Logan Osborne knows he likes boys, but has not come out to his family or at school, and no one knows that he likes to sometimes wear girls' clothes and makeup. When he starts at a school for the arts he finds a wider range of gender and orientation being accepted. Logan is attracted to Kyle, who has gay dads. But Kyle is straight. Logan finds he doesn't like the way gay boys treat him, and a disturbing hookup with a boy who is fetishistic about Logan's half-Asian background makes Logan even more confused about what he wants and who he is. Encouraged and supported by his friends at school, Logan experiments with nail polish and more feminine clothes in public. Logan begins questioning his gender and decides to use they pronouns while trying to figure things out. Logan meets a classmate's chosen mother, who is a transgender Chinese woman, and begins to come to terms with their gender identity. Realizing they are not a gay boy, but a transgender girl, Logan asks for people to call them Veronica. As a girl, does Veronica stand a chance with Kyle?

Greetings From Janeland

Author : Candace Walsh
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In an increasingly common phenomenon, women who once identified as straight are leaving men for women?and they have fascinating stories to tell. In this sequel to Lambda Literary Finalist Dear John, I Love Jane: Women Write About Leaving Men for Women, writers who come from a diverse array of perspectives open up and bare their souls. Essays on subjects such as repercussions, both bad and good; exes, both furious and supportive; bewildered and loyal family and friends; mind-blowing sexual and emotional awakenings; falling in the deepest of love; and finding a sense of community fill the pages of this anthology. One story is as different from the next as one person is from another. With a foreword by former Editor in Chief of AfterEllen and Trish Bendix, and essays by acclaimed writers including BK Loren, Louise A. Blum, and Leah Lax, relax, sit back and take a journey into Janeland-?a very special place where women search for, discover, and live their own personal truths.

Money Pizza Respect

Author : The Fat Jew
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From the creator of the hugely popular @thefatjewish Instagram comes an outlandish collection of hilarious personal essays and images, which might be the most ridiculous book in the history of arts and letters. If Steven Seagal and Barbara Streisand had drunken sex and conceived a baby boy, he would have show business chops and be proficient in martial arts. That boy would become Josh Ostrovsky, often known as "The Fat Jew." Born and bred in New York City, Ostrovsky's overbearing mother entered him into "the biz" as an 8-year old with exquisite cheekbones and the singing voice of an angel. He appeared in a plethora of television commercials, and after his child-acting career fizzled, Ostrovsky took 20 years away from the limelight to focus on finding himself, eventually opening a yoga center in Toronto, and receiving his MFA in pottery at Middlebury College. JK, he mostly just did drugs. But in 2009, when social media became a thing, he triumphantly returned to a life in the spotlight. He exfoliates daily, plays the harp, bakes his own croutons for every salad he eats, once saved a baby deer with a broken leg who had fallen into a stream, and speaks fluent Portuguese. With an army of followers on social media that often border on fanatical and creepy, he is a "rising" "star" whose backup plan is to marry Suri Cruise when she's of legal consenting age. Channeling the brilliance of his online presence, Money Pizza Respect rolls out one ludicrous story after another-from puking on his grandfather after a debaucherous drunken night to saving his deaf neighbor from a burning building, to hiring prostitutes for the sole purpose of reenacting scenes from Mel Gibson's Braveheart. In this, the next milestone of his glorious life, Ostrovsky will attempt to reinvigorate the dying medium of print. Writer. Plus Size Model. Horseback riding enthusiast. Instagram Legend. Josh Ostrovsky: The Fat Jew.

My Child is Gay

Author : Bryce McDougall
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Each year a number of brave men and women will sit down and tell their parents that they are gay. By the time they tell their parents they will have lived with this knowledge for some time. It is often the parents who have only a split second to react. My Child is Gay is a compilation of letters written by parents who have a gay or lesbian child. The letters have been written to be shared - both to help parents cope with and come to term with their feelings, and for gay men and women who are contemplating sharing the truth. Few parents are accepting from the start and many feel perplexed. They are unsure where to turn to for help and how to deal with their feelings of grief and loss. Here the parents talk about how they dealt with the many emotions they experienced - anger, embarrassment, guilt and confusion. Together these letters reaffirm the regenerative power of love and allow those with first hand experience to outline the important steps on the road to understanding. My Child is Gay shows how ordinary families have found love and happiness again.

Out in the Pulpit

Author : Pamela Pater-Ennis PhD
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Lesbian clergy today face a multiplicity of challenging issues. In Out in the Pulpit, author Dr. Pamela Pater-Ennis utilizes the intersecting concepts found in social work and theology as an interpretive framework to dissect and discuss these issues. Pater-Ennis addresses the questions of the theoretical constructs of the social identity theory, ecological theory, and the anti-oppressive theory. She’s compiled the data from interviews, utilizing modified grounded theory and listening guide methodologies to give “voice” to the lesbian clergy and the challenges they faced because of their religious, spiritual, and sexual identities. Out in the Pulpit, a qualitative study, offers new insights into the current debate about the inclusion or exclusion of lesbian clergy in four Protestant, mainline denominations: The Reformed Church in America, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the Presbyterian Church in the United States, and the United Church of Christ. While lesbian clergy remain marginalized in each of these denominations, this study reveals the positive contributions made to the church and society by those who remain active in their denominations and utilize their abilities to benefit their congregations. It is an encouraging book of redemption for lesbians and their allies who have struggled to find their place in the church.

Blood Money Murder

Author : Jessie Chandler
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Secrets. It all begins with secrets. A long-held secret is about to implode with potentially catastrophic results. It’s St. Paddy’s Day, and Shay O’Hanlon is finishing her shift at the Rabbit Hole, anticipating the grand reopening of her father’s bar, the Leprechaun. Two suspicious-looking strangers show up at the Hole demanding to speak to Eddy Quartermaine, the closest person Shay has to a mother. That visit sparks a firestorm spanning twenty-five years in a deadly mix of love gone wrong, stolen money, murder, and betrayal. Will Shay and her sister Lisa pay the ultimate price for Eddy’s sins, or will Eddy confront her twenty-five year secret head-on before time runs out? “Blood Money Murder is fast-paced and skilled—and the ending comes all too soon.” -Lee Lynch, award-winning author of An American Queer

Overcoming Heterosexism and Homophobia

Author : James Thomas Sears
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Providing strategies fhat can be adopted by educators, counselors, community activists and leaders, and those working in the lesbian and gay community, the contributors discuss role-playing exercises, suggestions for beginning a dialogue, methods of "coming out" effectively to family members and coworkers, and outlines for workshops.

Baby Donor

Author : Beau Brown
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Omega Ace Hamilton has a horrible case of baby fever. Working as a receptionist at a fertility clinic only makes things worse because he sees pregnant omegas day in and day out. It’s agony watching those happy couples glowing with excitement when the odds of him ever having a baby are slim to none. He could never afford the artificial insemination procedure, and no alpha will ever get him pregnant the old-fashioned way because his younger brother was born with a birth defect. Ace is considered damaged goods by default. Alpha Wyatt Williams is a donor at the fertility clinic where Ace works. The sexy receptionist catches Wyatt’s eye, and when Ace shares his sad predicament, Wyatt offers to help him out by giving him a baby the natural way. Wyatt doesn’t admit it, but he’s thrilled at the idea of sleeping with the irresistible omega. However, Wyatt makes it clear he wants nothing to do with the pregnancy or the baby after the deed is done. Ace really wants a baby and he really wants to sleep with the sexy alpha too. But he’s not sure whether he’ll be able to keep his feelings out of the equation. What he truly wants is a real family of his own, complete with an alpha and a baby too.


Author : P. W. Walters
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In this riveting coming-of-age story, one man turns abuse into power—and hate into love. From the moment he’s born, Owen Crowley knows nothing but neglect and cruelty until he’s finally rescued by a loving couple. But when tragedy strikes, he’s left once again at the mercy of a violent, sexually abusive adult—and a long-buried secret that changes everything he thought he knew about his adoptive family and himself. Only one thing pulls Owen through the darkest times: books. As his extraordinary intelligence reveals itself, Owen begins using it to gain the power and love he’s always wanted. He enters high school popular, handsome, and outspoken, attracting the attention of friends, teachers, and even a girlfriend. But he soon discovers the dangers of opening himself up to others. In the wake of a heartbreaking loss, Owen becomes close friends with a gay student named Shawn. As rumors spread that Owen and Shawn are more than just friends, Owen finds himself back in a dark, violent place he thought he’d left far behind. Many years later, Owen has done his best to rise above the past, using his keen intelligence to help abused children like himself. But with his thirty-year high school reunion approaching, he realizes he may finally have an opportunity to get revenge on the classmates who altered his life forever... What he finds instead is a stunning truth that could set him free.

A Midnight Thanksgiving Gay Romance

Author : Trina Solet
File Size : 22.41 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Alex and Vaughn have been frenemies for a while, but they never spent any time alone together. That all changes on Thanksgiving night. When they become concerned about a friend in crisis, Alex and Vaughn are thrown together as they go in search of him. The guys make an unlikely team. Alex thinks Vaughn is too uptight and would never be interested in a carefree guy like him. Vaughn thinks Alex is irresponsible, but being around him breaks down his resistance. The more time they spend together, the closer they get. By the end of the night, they can't keep their hands off each other. But will they admit how they really feel or will it all be over when their mission ends?

Real Boys Voices

Author : William Pollack
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"In my travels throughout this country, I have discovered a glaring truth: America's boys are absolutely desperate to talk about their lives," says Dr. William Pollack, author of the bestseller Real Boys. Now, in Real Boys' Voices, Pollack lets us hear what boys today are saying, even as he explores ways to get them to talk more openly with us. "Boys long to talk about the things that are hurting them—their harassment from other boys, their troubled relationships with their fathers, their embarrassment around girls and confusion about sex, their disconnection from and love for their parents, the violence that haunts them at school and on the street, their constant fear that they might not be as masculine as other boys." In Real Boys' Voices we hear, verbatim, what boys from big cities and small towns, including Littleton, Colorado, have to say about violence, drugs, sports, school, parents, love, anger, body image, becoming a man, and much, much more. Real Boys' Voices takes us into the daily worlds of boys not only to show how society's outdated expectations force them to mask many of their true emotions, but also to let us hear how boys themselves describe their isolation, depression, longing, love, and hope. How can you get behind the mask of masculinity many boys wear? How can you tell whether a "bad boy" is actually a "sad boy"—and how do you spot the danger signals of depression? How can you grow closer to the boy you love? Pollack explores how to create safe spaces and engage in "action talk," how to listen so a boy will speak the truth about, and be, himself. In the real boys' voices here, boys speak eloquently and truthfully about such topics as shame, bullying and teasing, the pressure to fit in, addictions, how they see the lives of the men they know, the importance of their mothers and fathers, their own spiritual and creative experiences, friendships with other boys and with girls, being gay, and coping with divorce and other losses, including the death of a friend or parent. We also hear what boys from Columbine High School and other places say about fear and violence in their lives. Full of insights from and about young and adolescent boys, William Pollack's Real Boys' Voices is an important, illuminating, and invaluable book, for boys themselves and for all the people in their lives. From Real Boys' Voices " Boys are supposed to shut up and take it, to keep it all in." —Scotty, from a small town in New England " What I hate about this school is that I am being picked on in the halls and just about everywhere else." —Cody, from a suburb in New England " Sometimes people say there are two me's, like I have a dual personality. . . . The public persona is not really who I am. It's a tool . . . to be who everyone wants me to be." —Raphael, from a city in the West " If you see [abuse] coming, just walk out of the room or walk out of the house or go somewhere, go to a friend's house, go for a walk, take your dog for a run, whatever. Just try to get away from that situation before it actually explodes." —Paul, from a suburb in the West " Maybe a couple of times I used to bully some kids. I haven't bullied anyone since the shooting. I try to be nicer to people even if I don't like them." —John, from Littleton, Colorado

Inside Relationships

Author : Sandra L Faulkner
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The second edition of this book again uses original case studies as a means to bring home to students, through lived experiences, the theories and concepts of interpersonal communication. Each piece takes an arts-based approach—spanning essays, short stories, scripts, photographs, poetry— and has been newly written for this edition by communication researchers, writers, and artists. The case studies focus on the aesthetic dimensions of relating to illustrate to students the workings of relationship management with regards to friendship, race, class, gender, family interaction, sexuality, and other key topics in relational communication. The case studies are framed from a critical interpersonal perspective to encourage students to consider how power and cultural discourses about relationships influence their relating. Faulkner’s introduction to each section provides important pedagogical content to give context and meaning to the cases that follow. Each case closes with questions for discussion, activities, and additional resources to help students analyze the material. The book is suited as core or supplemental reading for courses in interpersonal or relational communication.