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China s Domestic Private Firms Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Management and Performance

Author : Anne S. Tsui
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One of the most important outcomes of market reforms in China over the past 20 years has been the emergence of a significant domestic private sector, which now accounts for almost a third of China's GDP and is by far the country's most important source of employment growth. This book is the first in-depth analysis of the management and operation of these domestic private firms, which are defined as companies or organizations created by PRC citizens, including township enterprises and collectives. The book provides a comprehensive and multidisciplinary perspective on the factors important to the successful operation and growth of these firms. It begins with a review of the literature on the topic in three different disciplines - economics, sociology, and management - each followed by several chapters covering recent developments in these areas. Featuring contributions by distinguished scholars and China experts, the work concludes with an insightful chapter on the future of China's public sector in the global economy.

Private Higher Education and the Labor Market in China

Author : Yingxia Cao
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Private Higher Education and the Labor Market in China focuses on Chinese private higher education institutions and investigates their institutional management efforts in linking private higher education to the labor market. The dissertation firstly describes and analyzes how these mostly demand-absorbing institutions include elements aimed at meeting labor market demands in their mission statements, and how they improve student employability and bridge graduates and employers through job-oriented fields of study provision, educational delivery, career services, as well as networking and partnerships. It then examines graduate surveys on initial employment outcomes about employment status, starting salary, job and education match, and job satisfaction, while exploring the associations of these outcomes with managed institutional efforts. Finally, it builds a conceptual model with two dimensions that illustrates institutional variations in management efforts and initial graduate employment outcomes. This dissertation concludes that many of the demand-absorbing Chinese private higher education institutions have managed serious efforts in linking private higher education to the labor market and some of them are even semi-elite in their job-oriented institutional efforts and initial employment outcomes.

Incidents in the China War of 1860 Compiled from the Private Journals of by Harry Knollys

Author : Hope Sir Grant
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Private Education in Modern China

Author : Peng Deng
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Explains the history of private schools in modern China, which are seen as a unique social institution as well as an important component of the country's educational reform movement.

My Life in China 1926 1941

Author : Hallett Abend
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Map on lining-papers."First edition."

My First Impression of China

Author : Wendy Liu
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Praise for My First Impression of China "Today, ... the sense of distance between China and the U.S. has greatly diminished. We remain different societies with at least partially different values and expectations, with each country's citizens feeling pride in their national accomplishments ... and each government looks on the other with what appears to be growing concern and perhaps fear. But these accounts by Washingtonians highlight that that is not all there is to the relationship between the United States and China. And perhaps these recollections tell us that governmental concerns are the least important aspect of the ties between our two countries." -David Bachman, Professor, University of Washington The year 2014 marks the thirty-fifth anniversary of the normalization of the diplomatic relations between the United States and China. Author Wendy Liu chose to honor that relationship by compiling thirty-five essays that detail some Americans' first impressions of their trip to China. "My First Impression of China" presents reflections from a group of prominent Washingtonians, including those who established the Washington-Sichuan friendship-state relationship and the Seattle-Chongqing sister-city relationship. Their first trips to China took place from 1973 to 2008, covering the time the two countries cautiously opened liaison offices in each other's capitals to the time of the Beijing Olympics. "My First Impression of China" provides insight into the changes in American attitudes toward China as well as changes in China's political, cultural, and technological landscape.

My old cousin or A peep into Cochin China by the author of Romantic facts

Author : Cochin China
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China Candid

Author : Ye Sang
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Publisher Description

Shaken by China

Author : Rob Walters
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Shaken by China is a pacey novel based in modern China. It is eventful, thoughtful, and provides an intriguing insight into the modern republic. Very briefly Shaken by China is the story of a young man who escapes his overpowering problems at home by taking a teaching job in the rapidly changing world of modern China. It is targeted at readers who like a fast moving story based in exotic surroundings. The novel has a strong beginning in a Xian hospital where Keith Hackett, the main character, twice attempts suicide. The reader is rapidly hooked into the tale: why is Keith in China, what has he done that he is so ashamed of, and how was he reduced to the very depths of depression? We next launch into Keith’s story: his teaching experience with Mary, his friendship with Peter, their ‘minder’ at the school, his observations of the joy and misery of the impoverished people who live around the school. Then suddenly, mysteriously, Mary disappears and Keith’s life starts to unravel as he becomes entangled with a pretty student. Realising his own stupidity he ends the relationship and slips into less passionate friendships. However, this new found contentment is fragile and is quickly dashed when the affair with his student rebounds with chilling repercussions. The story then develops around Keith’s ignominious escape from the school, his long march across the mountains of Shaanxi province, and his debilitating life as a forced labourer in an illicit brick factory. It ends in the hospital where Keith confronts his failings and reunites with the love he left in fleeing to China. The novel is based around the author’s own experience of living and teaching in China and draws on true accounts of slavery and corruption that have occurred in the republic.

The Art of Chinese Management

Author : Kai-Alexander Schlevogt
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This ground-breaking book is the first in-depth empirical study of Chinese organizational design in state and private enterprises. Web-based Chinese management, a new paradigm in business studies, explains the dynamism of private Chinese enterprises and demonstrates the crucial role of micro-level organizational practices for economic development. It can be used anywhere in the world to help deal with the increasing uncertainty and complexity for the next millennium and can also be used as a framework for economic policy.

Manager Empowerment in China

Author : Ray Yep
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Institutional changes in rural China caused by the economic reforms of the post-Mao era have led to a new pattern of state-society interaction in the rural polity. Central to this is the spectacular rise of a group of managerial elites. Contrary to economic predictors, this has been accompanied by the development of an interdependence between these managers and the state. This book provides an analysis of the new state-society relationship and demonstrates the complexity and fluidity involved in institutional development and market transformation.

Confessions An Innocent Life in Communist China

Author : Kang Zhengguo
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“A mesmerizing read.... A literary work of high distinction.” —William Grimes, New York Times This “gripping and poignant memoir” (New York Times Book Review) draws us into the intersections of everyday life and Communist power from the first days of “Liberation” in 1949 through the post-Mao era. The son of a professional family, Kang Zhengguo is a free spirit, drawn to literature. In Mao’s China, these innocuous circumstances expose him at age twenty to a fierce struggle session, expulsion from university, and a four-year term of hard labor. So begins his long stay in the prison-camp system. He finally escapes the Chinese gulag by forfeiting his identity: at age twenty-eight he is adopted by an aging bachelor in a peasant village, which enables him to start a new life.

Our Opium Trade with China

Author : Samuel S. Mander
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Art of Chinese Cooking

Author : Rebekah Lin Jewell
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In this collection of four stories the bond of friendship and love between the human villagers of Wishland and the mystical Wish Fairies remain strong as they lead us into lands of mystery and magic. The Amulet: An evil wizard arrives in Wishland in search of a magical amulet. The wizard believing a young boy carries the charm, imprisons Xandor and his friend Brandon in the Mystic Forest. The boys fight to survive the evil that lurks at every turn. Desperate, Brandon's father King Vallon, calls upon the Wish Fairies to help locate the boys and bring them safely home. Vectra: The evil witch Vectra escapes from the Mountain Land seeking revenge. Her ultimate goal is to destroy Wishland. The Wish Fairies help protect the land as King Vallon fights pure evil to save his Kingdom. Within A Dream: An unknown source has opened the passageway into Dream Land. Our friends Brandon, Kristie and Xandor find themselves living within some young girl's dream. Wish Fairies Tinker and Pixie set out to uncover the identity of the dreamer and awaken her before they are trapped forever within the mystic realm of dreams and nightmares. &nb

Private Placement of Public Equity in China

Author : Pengcheng Song
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By retrieving entries from the financial-data vendor Wind and collecting relevant data from private placement statements, the author builds a proprietary database and studies five aspects of private placement in China. He examines which listed firms are more likely to choose private placement over SEO in refinancing; he looks into the controlling shareholder’s decision on whether or not to purchase privately placed shares; he investigates how the offer discount is determined; he calculates announcement periods for abnormal returns on private placements. Where the abnormal return is significantly positive, he documents positive long-run abnormal return on private offerings and evidence supporting the under-reaction hypothesis. Finally, he concludes that the largest shareholders tunnel by means of excess discounts from which they benefit but which is harmful to other shareholders.

China in My Eyes

Author : Robert Stanelle
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Most Americans and people all over the world have grown up with an image of China that is vastly different from what is the real China of today. The author, a "senior" American" has lived and taught in China for five years and, through his teaching and travels all around the country, tells the story of those incredible five years. What he experienced, discovered and learned during that time will at times have you laughing, smiling, thinking, wondering or amazed at the China of today. Some stories may bring tears to your eyes. Whatever you may think and feel as you read this fascinating tale, you will thoroughly enjoy "China: In My Eyes."

Correspondence Relative to the Earl of Elgin s Special Missions to China and Japan 1857 1859

Author : Great Britain. Foreign Office
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China s Millions

Author :
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China Through the eyes of young foreigners

Author : JoungBum Park
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This book is written by young korean writer, and there are a various of perspective through 17countries of 19 young foreigners about China. They represent each country with their direct experienced from China and their perspective about China. They mention about subjects which are related to China and their countries such as k-pop and human relationship, Historical and territorial problems between China and Japan, China's Beijing cough and Chinese people's private lives, China's political system and human right in China etc. And their own experience and ideas about China.

Law and Morality in Ancient China

Author : R. P. Peerenboom
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Huang-Lao thought, a unique and sophisticated political philosophy which combines elements of Daoism and Legalism, dominated the intellectual life of late Warring States and Early Han China, providing the ideological foundation for post-Qin reforms. In the absence of extant texts, however, scholars of classical Chinese philosophy remained in the dark about this important school for over 2000 years. Finally, in 1973, archaeologists unearthed four ancient silk scrolls: the Silk Manuscripts of Huang-Lao. This work is the first detailed, book-length treatment in English of these lost treasures.