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My Sisters the Saints

Author : Colleen Carroll Campbell
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A poignant and powerful spiritual memoir about how the lives of the saints changed the life of a modern woman. In My Sisters the Saints, author Colleen Carroll Campbell blends her personal narrative of spiritual seeking, trials, stumbles, and breakthroughs with the stories of six women saints who profoundly changed her life: Teresa of Avila, Therese of Lisieux, Faustina of Poland, Edith Stein of Germany, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, and Mary of Nazareth. Drawing upon the rich writings and examples of these extraordinary women, the author reveals Christianity's liberating power for women and the relevance of the saints to the lives of contemporary Christians.

My Sister Saint Therese

Author : Sr. Genevieve of the Holy Face (Celine Martin)
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A little classic that is like a second Story of a Soul! Conversations, anecdotes of St. Thérèse, her teachings, hidden virtues, amusing remarks and beautiful death - recorded by her sister Celine in the convent. Shows the "Little Way" in practice in daily life. A providential book!

Hotel of the Saints

Author : Ursula Hegi
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The bestselling author of Stones from the River and The Vision of Emma Blau renews her reputation as an extraordinary writer of short stories in this major collection that balances her reader on the magical border of laughter and sorrow. In Hotel of the Saints, Hegi enters the perspectives of lovers and loners, eccentrics and artists, children and parents: a musician tries to protect her daughter from loving a blind man; a seminary student yearns for the certainty of faith that belonged to him as a boy; a woman transcends her embarrassment for her first love, who has tripled in size. Ursula Hegi's bicultural background enriches these eleven luminous stories that are set in Europe, Mexico, and the United States. Her characters take risks in searching out the unique places where faith thrives for each of them -- a rundown hotel, the currents of Cabo San Lucas, the embrace of an ex-convict. And once again, she surrounds them with her elegant language and exquisite images.

Trouble the Saints

Author : Alaya Dawn Johnson
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“Juju assassins, alternate history, a gritty New York crime a word: awesome.” —N.K. Jemisin, New York Times bestselling author of The Fifth Season The dangerous magic of The Night Circus meets the powerful historical exploration of The Underground Railroad in Alaya Dawn Johnson's timely and unsettling novel, set against the darkly glamorous backdrop of New York City, where an assassin falls in love and tries to change her fate at the dawn of World War II. Amid the whir of city life, a young woman from Harlem is drawn into the glittering underworld of Manhattan, where she’s hired to use her knives to strike fear among its most dangerous denizens. Ten years later, Phyllis LeBlanc has given up everything—not just her own past, and Dev, the man she loved, but even her own dreams. Still, the ghosts from her past are always by her side—and history has appeared on her doorstep to threaten the people she keeps in her heart. And so Phyllis will have to make a harrowing choice, before it’s too late—is there ever enough blood in the world to wash clean generations of injustice? Trouble the Saints is a dazzling, daring novel—a magical love story, a compelling exposure of racial fault lines—and an altogether brilliant and deeply American saga. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Lives of the Saints July Dec

Author : Francis Xavier Weninger
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The Heart of Perfection

Author : Colleen Carroll Campbell
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Winner of the 2020 Catholic Press Association Book Award In a book hailed as “liberating” (Gary Chapman, New York Times bestselling author), an award-winning author and mother of four weaves her own stories and struggles with those of seven ex-perfectionist saints (and one heretic) who show us how to pursue a new kind of perfection: freedom in Christ. Spiritual perfectionism—an obsession with flawlessness rooted in the belief that we can earn God’s love—is dangerous because so many of us mistake it for virtue. Its toxic cycle of pride, sin, shame, blame, and despair distorts our vision, dulls our faith, and leads us to view others through the same hypercritical lens we think God is using to view us. As a lifelong overachiever who drafted her first résumé in sixth grade and spell-checked her high school boyfriend’s love letters, Colleen Carroll Campbell knows something about the perfectionist trap. But it was only after she became a mother that she started to see how insidiously perfectionism had infected her spiritual life, how lethal it could be to her happiness and her family, and how disproportionately it afflicts the people working hardest to serve God. In the ruins of her own mistakes, Colleen dug into Scripture and the lives of the canonized saints for answers. She discovered to her surprise that many holy men and women were, in fact, recovering perfectionists. And their grace-fueled victory oer this malady—not perfectionist striving—was the key to their heroic virtue and contagious joy. In The Heart of Perfection, Colleen weaves the stories and wisdom of seven ex-perfectionist saints (and one heretic) with Scripture and beautifully crafted tales of her own trial-and-error experiments in applying that wisdom to her life. Gorgeously written and deeply insightful, Colleen Carroll Campbell’s The Heart of Perfection is a “must-read” (Jeannie Gaffigan, executive producer of The Jim Gaffigan Show) that “gives us permission to…walk in the freedom of God’s unconditional love” (Jennifer Fulwiler, author of One Beautiful Dream). For a free Heart of Perfection reading guide for book clubs, visit

The Latter Day Saints Millennial Star

Author :
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Streams of Gold

Author : Joyce Southern Bennett
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At times, in my lifetime, I have had a hunger to write. When I was a teenager, I would sit on the porch at the house (it wasnt that old then) and write poems. I Have been writing songs for years. I have enclosed a lot of them with my Morning Writing. My little sister, Barbara, and I, use to sit on the porch banister and sing. We even, Use to perform on old saw dust piles. Our cousin, Ellen, use to climb up the saw dust Pile and perform with us. I really didnt think I could write a Devotional Book, but felt, I was suppose to try. The inspiration came from someone higher than me. He gives me Strength, Hope and Joy. When the presence of the Lord, closes in, I feel as if, I could still climb, a Saw Dust pile.

The Catholic Church

Author : John L. Allen Jr.
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Roman Catholicism stands at a crossroads, a classic ''best of times, worst of times'' moment. On the one hand, the Catholic Church remains by far the largest branch of the worldwide Christian family, and is growing at a remarkable clip. Yet the Church has also been rocked by a series of scandals related to the sexual abuse of minors by clergy, and, even more devastating, the cover-up by the Church hierarchy. The decade-long crisis has taken a massive financial toll, but the blow to both the internal morale and the external moral standing of the Church has been even steeper. Today, the Church has enormous residual strength and exciting future prospects, but also faces steep internal and external challenges. The question of ''whither Catholicism'' is of vital public relevance, for believers and non-believers alike. In The Catholic Church: What Everyone Needs to Know®, John L. Allen, Jr., one of the world's leading authorities on the Vatican, offers an authoritative and accessible guide to the past, present, and future of the Church What Everyone Needs to Know® is a registered trademark of Oxford University Press.

Praying with the Saints to God Our Mother

Author : Daniel F. Stramara
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Praying--with the Saints--to God Our Mother celebrates the feminine characteristics of God by uncovering a treasury of texts that have been overlooked for centuries. Over 150 scriptural passages, both from the original biblical languages and other ancient translations, radiate the warmth and vitality of the maternal face of God. Additionally, passages from five Ecumenical Councils, all thirty-three Doctors of the Church, another thirty-six Fathers, and a total of seventy-one saints from every century reveal a vast richness of feminine images of God. Stramara's in-depth scholarship, presented in a format of prayer and meditation, makes this book inviting for all readers. Praying-with the Saints-to God Our Mother will be the standard reference for Christians of any tradition for years to come.

Backpacking with the Saints

Author : Belden C. Lane
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Carrying only basic camping equipment and a collection of the world's great spiritual writings, Belden C. Lane embarks on solitary spiritual treks through the Ozarks and across the American Southwest. For companions, he has only such teachers as Rumi, John of the Cross, Hildegard of Bingen, Dag Hammarskjöld, and Thomas Merton, and as he walks, he engages their writings with the natural wonders he encounters--Bell Mountain Wilderness with Søren Kierkegaard, Moonshine Hollow with Thich Nhat Hanh--demonstrating how being alone in the wild opens a rare view onto one's interior landscape, and how the saints' writings reveal the divine in nature. The discipline of backpacking, Lane shows, is a metaphor for a spiritual journey. Just as the wilderness offered revelations to the early Desert Christians, backpacking hones crucial spiritual skills: paying attention, traveling light, practicing silence, and exercising wonder. Lane engages the practice not only with a wide range of spiritual writings--Celtic, Catholic, Protestant, Buddhist, Hindu, and Sufi Muslim--but with the fascination of other lovers of the backcountry, from John Muir and Ed Abbey to Bill Plotkin and Cheryl Strayed. In this intimate and down-to-earth narrative, backpacking is shown to be a spiritual practice that allows the discovery of God amidst the beauty and unexpected terrors of nature. Adoration, Lane suggests, is the most appropriate human response to what we cannot explain, but have nonetheless learned to love. An enchanting narrative for Christians of all denominations, Backpacking with the Saints is an inspiring exploration of how solitude, simplicity, and mindfulness are illuminated and encouraged by the discipline of backcountry wandering, and of how the wilderness itself becomes a way of knowing-an ecology of the soul.

A Continuation of the Rev Alban Butler s Lives of the Saints With

Author : Charles Butler
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The Saint My Autobiography

Author : Ian St John
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This is the life story of the legendary Liverpool and Scotland 1960s footballer known as 'The Saint'. Bought by Bill Shankly from Motherwell in 1961, Ian St John was widely thought of as one of the most significant signings ever made by Liverpool FC, and was a key component in Shankly's first successful team. In his autobiography, he reveals how it felt to play for one of the most successful clubs in Britain, and to be part of one of the greatest moments in the club's history; winning the FA Cup in 1965 after 70 years of trying. In the final against Leeds, Ian was to score the winning goal in extra time. However, after the glory would come pain and frustration, as after serving ten years with Liverpool, he was dropped from the team without warning. Here he describes his anger at the betrayal he felt from Bill Shankly, the legendary master of Anfield, and provides an insight into the character of one of Britain's greatest managers. He reveals how his life after Liverpool has been no less uneventful; his playing days in South Africa, career in management and television days with Jimmy Greaves are also explored at length. From this rich mix of football and life, Ian St John tells the compelling story of his journey through a game which has changed, he says, almost beyond belief.

The Book of the Saints of the Ethiopian Church

Author :
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Truly Our Sister

Author : Elizabeth A. Johnson
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Permissible Praise

Author : Zillary Easter
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No more, Mr. Cocaine; do you stress me out. No more is my life a rout. No more can you win. God has the key and you can’t win. “Permissible Praise” was written under the function of the Holy Spirit. After much prayer and seeking the right name for this book, it was given to me. These deep, heart searching and touching poems, prose, writings, etc tells the story of man’s struggle from infancy through manhood. You’ll experience man’s struggle from drugs, alcohol, sex abuse, aids, and the love of money to the position of happiness, marriage, family and home life. The soul of a people is expressed in poetry and song, writing and speaking. “Permissible Praise” illustrates the heart of man’s inner connection to the Creator. To the old, and young, and all in between, the daily problems that confront everyone; can or will make each of these poems come alive; whatever the situation. “Permissible Praise” addresses a controversial and exciting style of poetry, inspires the spiritual mind, and motivates the uninspired to search the book for hope and solutions. The excitement within these pages will keep you reading; for it is hard to put down. When downloaded on your cell, IPad, or notebook, be careful, reading and walking can be hazardous to your health.

And All the Saints

Author : Michael Walsh
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A “compelling” novel based on the life of Irish American gangster Owen Madden, from a New York Times–bestselling author (Booklist). Winner of the American Book Award for Fiction His life of crime began at the age of ten, after he crossed the Atlantic with his family and landed in America. Starting as the leader of the most violent Irish street gang in Hell’s Kitchen, the young immigrant rose to prominence as the leading brewer and bootlegger in Prohibition-era New York. In due course, he also became Mae West’s lover; the founder and proprietor of the Cotton Club; the owner of five heavyweight champions; the man who gave his childhood friend George Raft his big break in Hollywood; and more. This vivid historical novel, written in the form of a fictionalized memoir, uses Madden’s voice to trace his life from his boyhood in England to his early twentieth-century heyday and beyond. “A bright romp, with enough period detail and dialogue to fill ten Cagney films.” —Kirkus Reviews “Reminiscent of Roddy Doyle's novel A Star Called Henry.” —Booklist “A tale that feels remarkably authentic.” —Hartford Courant

In the Closet of Prayer

Author : Mother Pauline Gentry
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"Mother Pauline Gentry is a modern day Deborah, willing to tackle any obstacle with the weapon of prayer. She is a living testimony of how the Lord has worked miracles as she dedicated her life to consecration and prayer." --Mother Maxine Billingsley, International President-Young Women's Christian Council-Church Of God In Christ. "Mother Pauline Gentry has been proven in prayer. In reading this book your prayer life will soar to new heights; seeing that breaking through barriers, Demonic forces, and pulling down strong holds are possible. This book is a must read." --Dr. Lathan Archie Jr., Author of "Navigating Through Transition." "In the Closet of Prayer is a book written by Evangelist Pauline Gentry, filled with life changing Spiritual revelations and prophesies. It is perhaps one of the best and most authentic books on the market today with a unique compilation of Miraculous testimonies from real people, by name, in real time. These testimonies give a glimpse of the incredible mysteries of God. The author is uniquely gifted to pray, see Spiritual visions and dream dreams of things and events to come. It is a must read, particularly for those seeking healing and deliverance from depression, addictions etc." --Rev. Dr. Charlene Hill-Hogan, assistant dean, Howard University

Miracles of the Saints

Author : Bert Ghezzi
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Bert Ghezzi introduces readers to the wonderful ways God works through healing and miracles in the lives of those who love him. Each reading focuses on a miracle in the life of a saint and contains biographical information about such saints as Francis of Assisi, Patrick of Ireland, Teresa of Avila, Joan of Arc, Catherine of Siena, and many others. Woodcut illustrations of selected saints enhance the beauty of this book.

The Thrill of the Chaste Catholic Edition

Author : Dawn Eden
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Dawn Eden, internationally known speaker and author, presents a completely revised Catholic edition of her bestselling work, The Thrill of the Chaste. In this version, Eden shares her story of conversion to Catholicism and invites readers into a Catholic understanding of chastity and its spiritual benefits. When Dawn Eden released The Thrill of the Chaste in 2006, she was a Jewish convert to Protestant Christianity, preparing to make the final leap into Catholicism. Now, nine years later, Eden has extensively updated The Thrill of the Chaste, sharing how her Catholic faith, the lives and intercession of the saints, and the healing power of the sacraments have led her to find her true identity in Christ. This revised, Catholic version offers spiritual and practical advice for both men and women seeking to live chastely in a world that glorifies sex. Eden offers tips to help readers avoid temptation and live faithfully—including dressing modestly, but not being afraid to feel good about the way they look; trusting that God has a plan for their life and relationships; and making sure their “yes” comes from the heart.