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My Soul S Embrace

Author : Rev. Cathi Burke
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My Souls Embrace is an amazing book of Soul discovery, as you learn to embrace your true Soul gifts and Mission. It is filled with personal life changing true stories, and expansive tools and techniques that will enhance and deepen your connection with your Soul, Higher Self, Angels and Soul Guides. My Souls Embrace is a perfect guide for anyone and everyone who is ready to look within as they begin to feel the joy, miracles and mission that their Soul is here to experience. After being given the opportunity to be one of the first to read My Souls Embrace, many new and exciting doors have been opening in my life. This is a book for our times, as it gives the reader the know-how and confidence to look within and begin to spread their wings and fly. I loved each and every page of My Souls Embrace and didnt want it to end.

The Soul Collector

Author : Rulon E. Cammack
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From Rome's Coliseum to the temples of ancient Egypt; with the fiery death of a Templar knight and the escape of concentration camp prisoners in Nazi Germany; Nefaste's journal unveils the unseen battle of good and evil's impact on history before Janis Koppel is drawn into its vortex.

Stepping Into Spiritual Oneness Spiritual Rememberings of the Soul Through Life Experience

Author : DD Dr Patti Diamondlady Diamond
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We are but One Step from Spiritual Oneness Just One Step..... Will you choose to take just this One Step? Come Step Into ~ Living LIFE consciously ~ Aware, awake, and within Divine Free Choice Living LIFE within all inclusive inner wisdom ~ As this wisdom is alive because it is with you and within you! Living LIFE Multi~Dimensionally ~ In-tuned with the energetic, physical, spiritual, cosmic, esoteric, and Divine Multi~Dimensions of All That Is that comprises our Life Experience Living LIFE within a resonance of Absoulute Love, Infinite Light, Peace, and Bliss continuously and harmoniously Come Step Into the Spiritual Oneness Soul that you ARE! Welcome!....... Welcome to the Spiritual Oneness that resides within you and that you ARE!

Living As If Embrace Collapse Heal Your Heart and Soul and Find Sustainable Sanctuary

Author : Wayne Vriend
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This is the story of exodus from an industrial lifestyle to a sustainable one. The authors write about leaving a secure life in Canada to purchase land at an off grid ranch in Mexico. Living as if the collapse of industrial society is coming soon, they set out to sustainable sanctuary, to experience life more in union with nature, and feel their way through all the reactions that come up to this big transition. One aspect of the book is a year-long journal sharing their adventurous and practical journey of exodus and establishing a homestead, including experiences with organic gardening, natural building, animal healing and communication, and much more. It offers teachings of a consciousness expanding way of life called SoulFullHeart. Also, it is a handbook providing specific activities and processes to help you expand your consciousness, take action toward your own sustainable sanctuary, and experience deep healing of your heart, soul, and body through working with parts of yourself.

Reflections of My Soul

Author : Arthur Henn
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A potpourri of romantic poems written by talented hand of Arthur Henn. This book is a delight for the senses and will stir in you the desire to awake the forgotten art of poetry reading. (Bulk Order discount available on 26 or more copies. Please email us at angelpublishing(at)verizon(dot)net to request a quote and place order)

The Riddle of Christian Mystical Experience

Author : Paul Mommaers
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A distinctive feature of mystical experience is that it is "imageless". Mystics of various traditions witness indeed to their going beyond all intermediaries so as to enjoy immediate union. Understandably, the idea of imageless immediacy is attractive, and it is especially in vogue with those who hope to discover that different (religious) spiritualities converge if only the particularity of, say, the Christian way would be left behind. However, a crucial question arises here. If mystical union consists in simply transcending what is part and parcel of the human condition, where is its relevance? Is the mystic as such in a position to be his or her human self - thinking and loving, enjoying and suffering? Can he or she be active in the world of humankind? Obviously, it is especially in the Christian tradition that this matter comes to the fore as a radical difficulty. For here there is the divine Image and Mediator, so much so that the Humanity of Jesus ought to be integral to a person's union with God. Perhaps the Christian mystic is such an extraordinary figure that the Humanity and all other images and intermediaries are, for him or her, at best a stepping-stone that is bound to disappear? The Riddle of Christian Mystical Experience aims to clarify this issue by analyzing the writings of such visionaries as Julian of Norwich, Teresa of Avila and Maria Petyt; of the ecstasy-minded masters Richard of Saint Victor, Bernard of Clairvaux and Bonaventure (describing Francis of Assisi's experience); of the cream of the Flemish mystics, namely Hadewijch and Jan van Ruusbroec. Nevertheless, the preference for the mystical text does not prevent the Riddle from drawing on the insights of modern philosophers such as Jean-Paul Sartre and Jean-Luc Marion when treating of images and idols, or Michael Polanyi and Ludwig Wittgenstein when reflecting on intermediaries. The main result of this procedure may come as a surprise. Far from turning into a detached creature who forgets about the Humanity and the human, the full-fledged mystic is, as a Flemish mystic puts it, "wholly in God, where he rests in enjoyment, and wholly in himself, where he loves with works". Experiencing union "with intermediary and without intermediary", the true Christian mystic is "unimaged" as well as "imaged upon the humanity of our Lord through heartfelt affection".

The Embrace of Eros

Author : Margaret D. Kamitsuka
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The topic of sexuality intersects directly with the most contested historical, theological, and ethical questions of our day. In this edgy yet profound volume, noted scholars and theologians assay the Christian tradition's classic and contemporary understandings of sex, sexuality, and sexual identity. The project unfolds in three phases: contemporary assessments of the Christian tradition, new thinking about eros and being human religiously, and new perspectives on classic mysteries in light of eros and embodiment.

A Tender Invitation to all to embrace the secret visitation of the Lord to their souls Writ by N Gates With several testimonies relating to his Gospel labours Also an account of some of his dying sayings Edited by John Field

Author : Nicholas GATES
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Embrace Life with Both Hands eBook

Author : Leana Platt
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Very few of us lead truly glamorous lives. A large part of daily life is routine, and it is very easy to get into a rut. To start thinking that our lives are plain and boring, and don’t really matter. Leana Platt shows us that that is not true, and gives us a fresh perspective on many aspects of our lives that we consider ordinary. She helps us to look at our children, our friendships, our marriages and other relationships with new eyes, appreciate and celebrate the life we were given and make the most of what we have received, understand that there is power in the simple things in life, and in living with simplicity, and realise anew that a relationship with our Heavenly Father is the key to enjoying this life to the full. The 60 reflections in Embrace Life with Both Hands will inspire and motivate you, and infuse you with renewed energy to make the most of each new day.

Embrace the Angel

Author : Bernie S. Siegel
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The Journal of Speculative Philosophy

Author :
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Your hand in Mine

Author : Satya
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Beloved Heart, beloved Soul, how many times have you felt alone? You can feel alone even when you are loved by a family, friends and a life partner. Why? Sometimes you feel that, by yourself, you have to react, live, fight even if they can support you. Often, you feel that words do not express your deep feelings, thus you have difficulties in making your innermost part being understood. This book helps you in realizing how your Angel lives in you and for you, reacts and fights in you and for you, knows you so well that he helps you in understanding who you are, your Essence, the treasures of your heart, living your human and Divine potential like that. The book is part of the following series of books containing the channeling given by the Angels. Through these messages, the Angels help us to cross the Path to live in harmony and peace with ourselves and the others, and to have a simple and joyful heart, the heart of a happy child. These books can help you in a Path of growth and development. 1 st book: Your hand in Mine (2 nd edition) 2 nd book: I am beside you 3 rd book: Heal yourself and help heal 4 th book: Helping with Light and Love

Embrace Your Blessings

Author : Robert John Melville-Jones
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The objective of this book is to capture the emotions of the readers, thus hoping they will reflect on their own personal values in an appreciative positive light. “There is always someone else in a much darker place. Find your worth and share it, and you will find your light.”

Release the Pain Embrace the Joy

Author : Michelle McKinney Hammond
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Everyone endures heartbreak at some point, whether it is a schoolgirl crush or a mature commitment. But how do you move beyond the emptiness when it feels as though you can not let go of what you had? Michelle McKinney Hammond offers to hold your hand through the pain leading you to a place of wholeness, a place where love lives and embraces you completely. Discover the wonderful things in store for women who trust God with her most precious possession, her heart.

The Notebooks of Andr Walter

Author : André Gide
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This debut work lays bare the early brilliance and philosophical conflicts of André Gide, a towering figure in French literature André Gide, one of the masters of French literature, captures the essence of the philosophical Romantic in this profoundly personal first novel, completed when he was just twenty years old. Drawing heavily on his religious upbringing and private journals, The Notebooks of André Walter—with its “white” and “black” halves—tells the story of a young man pining for his forbidden love, cousin Emmanuelle. But his evocative memories and devoted yearnings, carefully crafted through quotations and diary excerpts, lead only to madness and death. Annotated with footnotes from translator and scholar Wade Baskin, this story within a story offers a unique portrait of the artist as a young man, as it reveals the key themes of self-analysis and moral conscience that Gide explores in his mature works.

The Embrace

Author : Aphrodite Jones
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Examines the murders of Rick and Ruth Wendorf by Rod Ferrell, a high school classmate of the Wendorfs' daughter and the self-proclaimed leader of a teenage vampire cult, who killed the couple as part of a human sacrifice.


Author : Society for the Protection of East Asians' Human Rights
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Mystic Wayfarer

Author : Kristina Sanborn
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Faith is the Path Grace is the Bridge Surrender is the Gate Love is the Garden "Over the course of more years than I care to admit, I've been witness to Kristina's multi-faceted talents as actress, musician, writer, composer, fellow spiritual seeker and dear friend. of all of her worthy endeavors, perhaps most compelling is her poetry. It is a reflection of her soul; an out-picturing of her inner and outer travels and, as such, a daily mantra of a visionary creative spirit; an expression for you to share and experience with her in consciousness. Mystic Wayfarer, One Soul's Journey Into Light is powerful, purposeful, intimate, and, like Kristina herself, utterly unique in its power to alter your world. It is profoundly personal, yet it reveals a recognizable, emergent collective wisdom. As you revel in each stanza, you are invited to delight in your own quest for ecstasy, seeking union with the Divine through a discovery of your own unfolding divinity, held in each painful, joyful, cherished moment of humanness." ~ Donna Walker, Host/Producer Pacifica Performance Showcase, KPFK 90.7 FM, Pacifica Radio. "Within the rhythm of her excellent poesy, Kristina Sanborn walks us through a life well-earned. One wants to travel with each individual poem in a front pocket, and take it out to look at its map - which means there will be the pleasure of dancing through its theme once more - and then satisfied, ready oneself for the adventure of the following stride. and though they each stand on their own, I found the collection of poems to be mighty and muscular when read in a conscious promenade, for the complete work engages the reader's mind to an insistent and necessary wayfaring, a forward motion, a need. The prize is a most certain peace of mind, as her beautiful images leap up and encircle you on your walk - like luminous autumn leaves in a very brave wind." ~ Randall Stuart, Founder & Director of CERIMON HOUSE, A Sanctuary for the Humanities "Kristina's poetry, in her new book Mystic Wayfarer, moves in the serpentine ways of women's mystery. Seeping into the soul and dancing you from the inside out. Her journey carries you to places near and far, inside and out and brings you back to the home of your own body with infinite grace and beauty. It has been a joy and a privilege to bear witness to her journey and dance in the mystery with her. May others come to find as much joy, pleasure and value in her words as I have."~ Sandy Pendleton, MFT, Teacher and Coach, Embodied Wisdom

The Modern Middle East

Author : Camron Michael Amin
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The Modern Middle East is a themed collection of translated sources covering official and private archives, the periodical press, memoirs, western journalists' and travellers' accounts, literature, and official reports. Each document is presented and put in its historical context by an expert, providing a highly useful resource for the study of the Middle East from 1700 to the present day.

Psycho Oncology

Author : Thomas N. Wise
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Psycho-oncology integrates research and clinical wisdom across multiple disciplines -- including oncology, psychiatry, psychology, surgery, radiotherapy and palliative care, among others -- in the service of educating oncologists, physicians, psychiatrists and other mental health care providers, and hospital chaplains about the psychological and psychosocial challenges faced by patients with neoplastic disorders. As cancer treatment has improved, the number of patients deemed "cancer survivors" has grown, along with their more complex, long-term mental health issues. This book assists care providers in meeting the challenge presented by this population. Written by international experts in psycho-oncology, the volume offers a compact overview of the clinical elements in this field, with a primary focus on the biopsychosocial aspects of individuals with cancer as well as their families and important people in their lives. Its "bench-to-bedside" approach ensures that the techniques presented are evidence-based, practical, and effective. The following are among the book's many helpful features: The chapters are designed to stand alone, to be shared or consulted as needed, but they also develop a coherent and sequential discussion about management of the patient with cancer, as well as concerns involving the patient's family. Thus, the book as a whole serves as a comprehensive textbook in the field. The book's structure is based on psychosocial staging, much as the disease itself is staged, and progresses from discovery to initial diagnosis, treatment intervention, remission, and so forth. Each phase has its own challenges -- for patient, family, and care provider -- and supportive strategies are offered. Because identifying those patients in need of support and treatment intervention is critical, the authors provide screening techniques, as well as an entire chapter devoted to quality of life assessment, to help clinicians recognize struggling patients and alleviate their distress. A final chapter addresses developing trends in psycho-oncology and suggests that international standards of care for the cancer patient must include competent and compassionate psychosocial assessment and treatment. Concise and clinically focused, yet addressing the broad issues as well, Psycho-oncology offers cutting-edge information and invaluable assistance to physicians and mental health professionals responsible for managing patients, and the families of patients, with neoplastic disorders.