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Myths on the Map

Author : Greta Hawes
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Polybius boldly declared that 'now that all places have become accessible by land or sea, it is no longer appropriate to use poets and writers of myth as witnesses of the unknown' (4.40.2). And yet, in reality, the significance of myth did not diminish as the borders of the known world expanded. Storytelling was always an inextricable part of how the ancient Greeks understood their environment; mythic maps existed alongside new, more concrete, methods of charting the contours of the earth. Specific landscape features acted as repositories of myth and spurred their retelling; myths, in turn, shaped and gave sense to natural and built environments, and were crucial to the conceptual resonances of places both unknown and known. This volume brings together contributions from leading scholars of Greek myth, literature, history, and archaeology to examine the myriad intricate ways in which ancient Greek myth interacted with the physical and conceptual landscapes of antiquity. The diverse range of approaches and topics highlights in particular the plurality and pervasiveness of such interactions. The collection as a whole sheds new light on the central importance of storytelling in Greek conceptions of space.

Myths on the Map

Author : Greta Hawes
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'Myths on the Map' brings together contributions from leading scholars of Greek myth, literature, history, and archaeology to explore the intricate ways in which myth interacted with the physical and conceptual landscapes of antiquity. It highlights in particular the plurality and pervasiveness of such interactions

Maps Myths and Men

Author : Kirsten A. Seaver
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The "Vínland Map" first surfaced on the antiquarian market in 1957 and the map's authenticity has been hotly debated ever since—in controversies ranging from the anomalous composition of the ink and the map's lack of provenance to a plethora of historical and cartographical riddles. Maps, Myths, and Men is the first work to address the full range of this debate. Focusing closely on what the map in fact shows, the book contains a critique of the 1965 work The Vinland Map and the Tartar Relation; scrutinizes the marketing strategies used in 1957; and covers many aspects of the map that demonstrate it is a modern fake, such as literary evidence and several scientific ink analyses performed between 1967 and 2002. The author explains a number of the riddles and provides evidence for both the identity of the mapmaker and the source of the parchment used, and she applies current knowledge of medieval Norse culture and exploration to counter widespread misinformation about Norse voyages to North America and about the Norse world picture.

The History of the Nordic Map

Author : Ulla Ehrensvärd
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Mapping Myths of Biblical Interpretation

Author : Richard Walsh
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Walsh explores the role that myth has played in the interpretation of the Bible. He sees myth as an empowering, structuring story used either for good or ill and either consciously or unconsciously controlling our world views. Walsh looks for both the empowerment and the marginalization effected by myth as he follows the word through its myriad meanings ('Grasping Proteus'), its use in various disciplines ('Procrustean Mythographers'), its distinctive uses in biblical interpretation ('Mything the Bible'), and, finally, the mythic character of interpretation itself ('The Myth of Interpretation'). The concluding chapter, 'Behind the Mythic Curve', muses on the difficulty of knowing the myths by which we live and reflects hopefully on the possibility of play among the myriad myths in a postmodern, pluralist world.

The Tale is the Map which is the Territory

Author :
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Author : Melissa Wright
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The Hidden Myths in Harry Potter

Author : David Colbert
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Presents a study of J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter tales, providing a look at the mythical creatures, legendary characters, magical places, and autobiographical details that inform the best-selling series.

Myths of Wilderness in Contemporary Narratives

Author : K. Crane
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The concept of 'wilderness' as a foundational idea for environmentalist thought has become the subject of vigorous debates. Myths of Wilderness in Contemporary Narratives offers a taxonomy of the forms that wilderness writing has taken in Australian and Canadian literature, re-emphasizing both country's origins as colonies.

Maps Myths Paradigms

Author : Doug Fisher
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Maps, Myths & Paradigms is a cartographic adventure that begins as a casual investigation into a curious but unlikely claim that an ancient civilization charted the Antarctic continent. The investigation that ensues leads the reader down a trail of mystery and intrigue revealing a series of fresh observations and new discoveries surrounding ancient maps, mythical lost civilizations, and geological paradigms. Among the findings: 1) An accurate depiction of Antarctica's Carney and Siple Islands lying off the coast of a sixteenth century portrayal of Western Antarctica bolsters the possibility that an ancient civilization charted the continent; 2) A copy of a long-lost 2,000-year-old Roman map, Agrippa's Orbis Terrarum, is discovered mysteriously affixed to the bottom of a sixteenth century globe; 3) A new site is posited for Atlantis based on the stringent geographical layout, dimensions, and scale set forth in the writings of Plato; 4) The remains of Genesis, the world's largest impact crater measuring 715 miles in diameter, are discovered lying at the bottom of the Arctic Ocean; 5) The Genesis Hemispheric Impact Structure (GHIS) is revealed-a vast concentric pattern of compression and shear fracturing extending out from and entirely around Genesis that comprises and encompasses nearly half of Earth's continental crust; and finally, 6) A theory for a new Earth dynamic is proposed, Catastrophic Ocean Planet Hydro-Equilibrial Expansion (COPHEE), which may have been responsible for the demise of the Atlantean empire and could prove to be the demise of plate tectonics. These findings and more are spread across 300 pages of clear, engaging text along with 135 complementary images and illustrations.

Greek and Roman Mythology A to Z

Author : Kathleen N. Daly
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Alphabetically listed entries identify and explain the characters, events, important places, and other aspects of Greek and Roman mythology.

The Sky Atlas

Author : Edward Brooke-Hitching
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The Sky Atlas unveils some of the most beautiful maps and charts ever created during humankind's quest to map the skies above us. This richly illustrated treasury showcases the finest examples of celestial cartography—a glorious art often overlooked by modern map books—as well as medieval manuscripts, masterpiece paintings, ancient star catalogs, antique instruments, and other curiosities. This is the sky as it has never been presented before: the realm of stars and planets, but also of gods, devils, weather wizards, flying sailors, ancient aliens, mythological animals, and rampaging spirits. • Packed with celestial maps, illustrations, and stories of places, people, and creatures that different cultures throughout history have observed or imagined in the heavens • Readers are taken on a tour of star-obsessed cultures around the world, learning about Tibetan sky burials, star-covered Inuit dancing coats, Mongolian astral prophets and Sir William Herschel's 1781 discovery of Uranus, the first planet to be found since antiquity. • A gorgeous book that delights stargazers and map lovers alike With thrilling stories and gorgeous artwork, this remarkable atlas explores our fascination with the sky across time and cultures to form an extraordinary chronicle of cosmic imagination and discovery. The Sky Atlas is a wonderful book for map lovers, history buffs, and stargazers, but also for those who are intrigued by the many wonderful and bizarre ways in which humans have sought to understand the cosmos and our place in it. • A unique map book that expands beyond the terrestrial and into the celestial • A wonderful book for map lovers, obscure-history fans, mythology buffs, and astrology and astronomy lovers • Great for those who enjoyed What We See in the Stars: An Illustrated Tour of the Night Sky by Kelsey Oseid, Maps by Aleksandra Mizielinska and Daniel Mizielinski, and Atlas of Remote Islands: Fifty Islands I Have Never Set Foot On and Never Will by Judith Schalansky

There s No Beach In Texas A Guide to Debunking Travel Myths and Planning the Most Awesome Family Vacation EVER

Author : Shauna Armitage
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Astronomical Myths

Author : John Frederick Blake
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The Phantom Atlas

Author : Edward Brooke-Hitching
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Discover the mysteries within ancient maps — Where exploration and mythology meet This richly illustrated book collects and explores the colorful histories behind a striking range of real antique maps that are all in some way a little too good to be true. Mysteries within ancient maps: The Phantom Atlas is a guide to the world not as it is, but as it was imagined to be. It's a world of ghost islands, invisible mountain ranges, mythical civilizations, ship-wrecking beasts, and other fictitious features introduced on maps and atlases through mistakes, misunderstanding, fantasies, and outright lies. Where exploration and mythology meet: Author Edward Brooke-Hitching is a map collector, author, writer for the popular BBC Television program QI and a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. He lives in a dusty heap of old maps and books in London investigating the places where exploration and mythology meet. Cartography’s greatest phantoms: The Phantom Atlas uses gorgeous atlas images as springboards for tales of deranged buccaneers, seafaring monks, heroes, swindlers, and other amazing stories behind cartography's greatest phantoms. If you are a fan of this popular genre and a reader of books such as Prisoners of Geography, Atlas of Ancient Rome, Atlas Obscura, What If, Book of General Ignorance, or Thing Explainer, your will love The Phantom Atlas

Myths of greece and rome

Author : H. A. Guerber
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The Power of Maps

Author : Denis Wood
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This volume ventures into terrain where even the most sophisticated map fails to lead--through the mapmaker's bias. Denis Wood shows how maps are not impartial reference objects, but rather instruments of communication, persuasion, and power. Like paintings, they express a point of view. By connecting us to a reality that could not exist in the absence of maps--a world of property lines and voting rights, taxation districts and enterprise zones--they embody and project the interests of their creators. Sampling the scope of maps available today, illustrations include Peter Gould's AIDS map, Tom Van Sant's map of the earth, U.S. Geological Survey maps, and a child's drawing of the world. THE POWER OF MAPS was published in conjunction with an exhibition at the Cooper Hewitt Museum, the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Design.

TIGER the Coast to coast Digital Map Data Base

Author : J. Paul Wyatt
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Map is Not Territory

Author : Jonathan Z. Smith
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In Map Is Not Territory, Jonathan Z. Smith engages previous interpretations of religious texts from late antiquity, critically evaluates the notion of sacred space and time as it is represented in the works of Mircea Eliade, and tackles important problems of methodology.

Scotching the Myths

Author : Jim Hewitson
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This is a collection of historical anecdotes based on the author's "Bicycle Accident" column in The Herald. Exploring the byways of Scottish history, this book answers questions such as why did medieval Scots dance the funky salmon, and what was Butcher Cumberland's most embarrassing moment.