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Naked at Lunch

Author : Mark Haskell Smith
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“A delightful and informative look at nudism throughout history and around the world.” —Seattle Times People have been getting naked in public for reasons other than sex for centuries. But as Mark Haskell Smith reveals, being a nudist is more complicated than simply dropping trou. “Nonsexual social nudism,” as it’s called, rose to prominence in the late nineteenth century. Intellectuals, outcasts, and health nuts from Victorian England and colonial India to Belle Époque France and Gilded Age Manhattan disrobed and wrote manifestos about the joys of going clothing-free. From stories of ancient Greek athletes slathered in olive oil to the millions of Germans who fled the cities for a naked frolic during the Weimar Republic to American soldiers given “naturist” magazines by the Pentagon in the interest of preventing sexually transmitted diseases, this book uncovers nudism’s amusing and provocative past. Coated in multiple layers of high SPF sunblock, Haskell Smith publicly disrobes for the first time in Palm Springs; observes the culture of family nudism in a clothing-free Spanish town; and travels to the largest nudist resort in the world, a hedonist’s paradise in the south of France. He reports on San Francisco’s controversial ban on public nudity, participates in a week of naked hiking in the Austrian Alps, and caps off his adventures with a week on a Caribbean cruise known as the Big Nude Boat. Equal parts cultural history and gonzo participatory journalism, Naked at Lunch is “an absolute hoot” (Los Angeles Magazine) and “a total joy” (Meghan Daum). “Smith puts on his reporter’s hat and takes off everything else as he explores the history and sociology of nudism.” —Los Angeles Times

Naked Lunch 50

Author : Oliver C. G. Harris
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"This is the first book devoted in its entirety to William Burroughs' masterpiece, bringing together an international array of scholars, artists, musicians, and academics from many fields to explore the origins, writing, reception, and complex meanings of Naked Lunch."--Inside cover.

Naked Lunch

Author : William S. Burroughs
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Bill Lee, an addict-hustler, travels to Mexico and then Tangier in order to find easy access to drugs, and ends up in the Interzone, a bizarre fantasy world

Naked Bunyip Dancing

Author : Steven Herrick
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A novel in verse follows the school year of Australian students in classroom 6C, as their unconventional teacher, Mr. Carey, encourages them to discover their own strengths and talents and perform in a memorable concert.

The Naked Lunch

Author : William S. Burroughs
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Seeing Mona Naked Other Stories

Author : Thomas Fox Averill
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Naked Lens

Author : Jack Sargeant
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A vital collection of essays and interviews exploring the film aspect of Beat culture. Naked Lens also contains the last interview with writer Allen Ginsberg recorded shortly before his death in 1997.

Contemporary Literary Censorship

Author : Michael B. Goodman
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Standing Naked in the Wings

Author : Lynda Mason Green
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This delightful collection is the only work to bring together first-hand stories form Canada's acting community. Funny, shocking, embarassing and poignant, these are the stories actors tell each other, providing an intimate glimpse into the world behind the camera and beyond the footlights.Arranged thematically, it starts with "The BUg Bites", a chapter that focuses on early acting experiences ranging from William Shatner's first stage appearance and the evolution of Martin Short's "Ed Grimley" character, to Wayne and Shuster's initial meeting with Ed Sullivan. Other chapters look atmentor's, directors and producers, working with kids and animals, missed cues and lines, touring, audiences and fans, pranks and escapades, and live radio and T.V. performances. "Big Wigs and Legends" contains anecdotes starring names like Paul Newman, Henry Fonda, Sir John Gielgud, Julie Andrews,Vanessa Redgrave, Steven Spielberg, Richard Burton, Barbra Streisand, Laurence Olivier, and Katherine Hepburn. Included are many stories from the Stratford Festival: Scott wentworth cracking up during Richard III, an actor on stage catching fire during a production of Othello, and William Hutt'sdying in an unconventional manner when Christpher Plummer's Hamlet could not get his sword out of the scabbard (Polonius' death did not look accidental). Along the way you'll find "Bare Bods and Bodily Functions", which includes an anecdote by Bruce Breenwood that begins intriguingly "Standingnaked in the wings before an entrance...," as well as "Stunts and FXS", which includes Timothy Findley's story from the first season of Stratford in 1953, when he had to make a ten-foot leap (from the balustrade) through the dark...and not land on Alec Guiness, whose single spotlight was the onlylight there was." Brought together by two veteran Canadian actors, An Actor, Eh? features a star-studded cast giving the performances of their lives.

Go Naked in the World

Author : Tom T. Chamales
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The Beats

Author : Gale Cengage
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Contains biographical sketches of American avant-garde writers sharing certain diverse aesthetic and social concerns in the mid-twentieth century, not the least a shared mistrust of the American "virtues" of progress and power after the atomic bomb.

The Beats

Author : Ann Charters
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William S Burroughs

Author : Jennie Skerl
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Discusses the development of William S. Burroughs' career as a writer and analyzes the themes and techniques of his novels

The Beats

Author : Lee Bartlett
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Focuses primarily on William S. Burroughs, Gregory Corso, William Everson (Brother Antoninus), Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Allen Ginsberg, John Clellon Holmes, Jack Kerouac, Michael McClure, Gary Snyder, and Philip Whalen.

Naked in December

Author : David Anthony
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Naked Came the Mayor

Author : James E. Stephenson
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Naked to Mine Enemies

Author : Susan Yorke
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Naked Angels

Author : John Tytell
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A handbook for conscious personal and planetary change that will transform the current world crisis into planetary shift toward the mind of God.* Outlines the issue plaguing the world and moving it toward breakdown. * Replaces the limited consciousness of our failing society with the quantum consciousness that is rooted in the new science field.* Provides a specific process to shift consciousness, The Future of the Future.

Magill s Guide to Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature

Author : T. A. Shippey
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"These four volumes cover 791 books or series, 238 of them published during the 1980s and 1990s. the entries are 1,000 words long for single books and 1,500 for series, with a one-sentence summary beginning each entry followed by bibliographical information ... Volume 4 contains an extensive bibliography of critical works on science fiction and fantasy, a list of major award winners, a genre index." Booklist.

The Bohemian Register

Author : Morgen Hickey
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Explores the Beat Movement, encompassing over 700 titles and nearly 200 authors and poets.